Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fertilization Report

The egg retrieval yesterday went really well.  Sis did fantastic, with minimal pain during the procedure.  Actually, the worst was when she got the IV put in.  There were 14 eggs retrieved.  14!!  We were hoping for 12, so we were very happy with that number.

When we were all done, we stopped to get something to eat on the way home.  I was really impressed with how well Sis was feeling.  After my egg retrieval previously, I had no interest in eating at all, but she was starving!  Then we went back to her place.  She put some laundry in - again I was impressed.

Then she did what I expected her to do.  We went and laid down in her bedroom, put in a season of Bones, and took a nap.  Yay for naps!

I just got the call from the embryologist with the fertilization report.  Out of the 14 eggs retrieved, 9 of them were mature.  Out of the 9, we have 5 fertilized eggs.  Only 5.  Which is better than 3 or 2 or 1.  Or none at all.  But I was really hoping we'd have a good 8 fertilized embryos at this point, knowing that most likely they all wouldn't make it to blast.

We have 5.  I'll be honest, this number scares me because I was really REALLY hoping we'd have embryos left to freeze for another attempt down the road.  Now I feel like we are putting all our hopes and dreams on this attempt, which would make this our last ditch effort.  If this cycle doesn't work, if I don't get pregnant, or even if I do but then miscarry, this is it.  We can't afford to go through this anymore.  We have stretched our debt as far as we can and even if we could afford it, I don't feel like I could ask Sis to go through this again.  The ARC package we used to take out our loan included one FET, but we may not have any embryos to freeze, so it won't matter.

I know this isn't very positive thinking, because I do know that this all could still work and we end up with our take home baby.  But that doesn't stop me from being scared.  We've been married for 15 years.  We've been wanting to start a family for 13 of those years.  That is a LONG time.  This is the end of the road for us.  It HAS to work!

Now, I wait until Monday to know if I will go in that morning for transfer or if we can wait for a 5 day transfer.  Just depends on how the embryos are progressing.  Come on babies, GROW!  I'm scared.

I do get a good distraction today.  Our 7 year old niece spent the night last night and we are taking her to her first Beaver football game.  Last night I taught her a cheer:  O......S.......U.....Oregon State, fight, fight, fight!!  Hopefully, she has fun.  Hopefully, it doesn't rain too much (but it IS Oregon).  Hopefully, the Beavers win (they should!).

Hopefully, we can have a baby......

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  1. God bless Sis and all of you! And thank goodness for little ones to keep us distracted during the anxious, hard times. You will have a story to share with her someday about her Aunt and Mom that she will gain strength from. Auntie