Monday, May 23, 2016


Is anyone out there?  Hello?  Hello?  Hello???  

It's been a little over two months since I've written anything!  How did that happen?  Is anyone still even interested in reading anymore?  I have no idea, but I've missed this space. This is my 300th blog post.  I had planned on that being a special post about something.  I don't know what, but something.  I suppose me writing a post at this point is pretty special though, huh?  lol

So here's what we've been up to:

We moved back to home!  But you knew that already because that's where I left off.  We haven't unpacked all our boxes or hung any pictures on the wall.  There literally is not enough space for us to unpack everything.  The house is small, but I do finally feel like we are starting to at least feel comfortable here somewhat.

Not that that means much because guess what?  We are moving BACK to the Eugene area! Yes, you read that right.  We are moving back.  Sigh.  After only being here for 2.5 friggin months, we are moving back.  When we moved back to our home area, Tony was supposed to be getting a promotion as well as taking over the Salem office here.  Well, since then, his company merged with another and that promotion is no longer available.  That particular position is no longer a job.  Without the promotion, we take a huge financial hit because the Salem office without the promotion does not generate as much business as the office in Eugene.  Besides that, the guy that was hired to take over his job there is getting fired this week.  Tony has been driving back and forth to Eugene (1.5 hours, 3 hours round trip) at least 3 days a week this WHOLE time!

Soooo, we are moving back just as soon as we can find another house to rent.  Oh, did I mention that somewhere in the next 12-18 months we will be buying a house (somewhere), so we will have ANOTHER future move to look forward to as well?  Yes folks, that would make four freaking moves in a 2-3 year period with two toddlers.

In all fairness, I do miss some things about the Eugene area, particularly the friends we made.  I am excited to be closer to them again, but sad to be further from family again.  We will settle.  Someday.

In other big news, I now have one potty trained toddler!  Last Monday began our potty training adventure.  Prior, I read the Oh Crap! Potty Training book and followed that.  Rylee has been ready for awhile, but I wanted to wait until after we got settled in here.  I am happy to say that all poo has been in the toilet (or potty chair) since day one.  We had several pee accidents (or learning experiences) the first few days, but by day 6 she was going completely unprompted and all on her own.  The only accidents since Saturday have been from not quite getting her pants pulled down all the way and peeing on them because she was sitting on them partially.  I don't really consider that an accident.  We even took a trip out to the grandparents house yesterday with full success!

My plan was to start the same potty training method with Ayden this morning, but after 3 hours of complete chaos I threw in the towel and quit.  This story deserves it's own post. Believe me, it's a good one.

Ayden has also had a big change since our move though!  He now is in a toddler bed.  About 1.5 months ago, he finally crawled out of his crib.  There was NO keeping him in his crib after that!  The first week in his new, but same bed (his crib converted to a toddler bed), was rough.  He didn't take a nap at ALL the first 3 days.  We had to go in and get him back in bed several times, and even sat on the floor for an endless amount of time a few times, but we now finally have that down to only having to go in once or twice at both nap and bedtime.

Oh!  Tony and I also committed to changes for ourselves personally as well.  We signed up to do the 21 day fix with Beachbody.  I actually signed up as a coach, although I haven't done anything with that yet.  I'd love to help other people and it's right up my alley from being a personal trainer and softball coach for years, but I just don't feel like I have time to invest in it other than for myself right now.  Tony and I both felt it was way past time to get serious about taking care of ourselves.  We've both had some success, and I feel so much better in my own skin now.  Still have a long way to go, but it's a start.

Lot's of changes for us and more to come.  I can't wait for the day we can just buy our own house and stay put for awhile.

Here's a few pictures, just in case you've forgotten what we look like!  haha  That is, if anyone is still reading....

Mother's Day

My babies are getting so big!

*Okay, I've tried to edit this whole thing a half a dozen times so the font will be normal sized instead of so friggin small, but blogger won't save it!  I'm sorry for the eye strain, for anyone who happens to read this.