Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good News!

Noooo...... It's not a BFP.  It's still too early for that.

I wasn't going to post anything today, but then I got good news from the embryologist!  Both Hubby and I left the clinic on Monday after our transfer pretty much convinced that this was it.  If this IVF via egg donor doesn't work, we would be done if we didn't have any left to freeze.  They didn't seem too optimistic about the other two embryos making it.

Today is day 6 of fertilization, which is how far they let the embryos develop to see if they will develop enough to meet the freeze criteria.  I knew that I would be getting a phone call today, but I fully anticipated it being that our other two little embabies didn't make it.

Well, guess what!!?!??  One of the embryos met all the criteria and is going strong so definitely will be cryopreserved (frozen).  The other one was borderline, not quite reaching the milestone they were looking for, but since it is close they went ahead and froze it too!  They usually freeze the embryos in pairs, so since we already had one good one, they decided it wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead and freeze the other one too.

I have two thoughts in all of this:

  1. If both the unused embryos made it this far, hopefully the ones I had transferred to my uterus are also growing strong and result in pregnancy.
  2. If we don't get pregnant this go around, it's not all over.  We would still have one more shot at it.
Thank you God!

The ARC loan package we took out, was good for one IVF via egg donor and one FET cycle (only to be used if the fresh cycle doesn't result in a live birth).  If we didn't end up with any frozen embryos, Hubby and I are at the end of the road.  We cannot financially afford to continue pursuing infertility treatments as we have put ourselves in enough debt as it is.

Actually, a side note, Hubby has been doing some research on states that mandate insurance coverage for infertility.  The thought HAS crossed our mind to move, at least temporarily long enough, to take advantage of that.  I don't know if we ever would, but it's at least a thought.  But maybe one we don't even have to put too much thought into.  Maybe I am already pregnant and I just don't know it yet?

11 more days until we know for sure....


  1. Great news! I know you must be so excited.

  2. This is amazing news! I am thrilled for you! My husband works in a state with mandated coverage.. There's all of these loopholes... Like if your company has headquarters outside of the state, they don't need to pay out, etc. look into that as well. I really hope these babies are burrowing into the ute as we speak.

    1. Thank you! That's good advice about the insurance. It's really crazy how they work so hard to get out of covering you for things you are supposed to be covered for. Like insurance companies don't make enough money as it is.

  3. Yea for frosties! Now some of the pressure is off this cycle. The last hope cycles suck. Hope this one is it though!

  4. Okay, now I'm hopeful?!!!!!! There are more eggs, another chance?!!!!
    Anxious to read more and praying for a yes answer to be found here in your book soon!!!! Auntie