Friday, June 9, 2017

Right Now

Reading: We gave Ayden the Big Book of Big Dinosaurs for Easter and he has requested it Every Single Day since, sometimes several times a day, with last night being the first and only exception. I love that he loves the book, but I am over it already! lol. Here's the thing, he has deemed me to be the ONLY person capable of reading that book to him. He won't even let his daddy touch the book. Our knowledge of dinosaurs right now is through the roof. I can even tell you which ones are carnivores or and which ones are plant eaters. I can tell you which is the fastest (Ornithomimus) and which is the biggest (Supersaurus). Ayden can also tell you these things. It's quite impressive actually. I mean, the kid is only 3.5 years old. Maybe he's going to be the next Ross Geller.

Watching: Just finished up watching the Women's College World Series for softball. The first game of the championship was an impressive 17 innings long! Wow! We're also watching the Oregon State Beavers in the playoffs and hoping they make the College World Series. Although, breaking national news about their #1 pitcher is putting a big damper on that. Outside of sports, we are watching a lot of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Ayden is obsessed!! Rylee is still a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Listening: Yesterday I found 52 Sing-A-Long Silly Songs on Amazon Prime and the kids and I had a dance party.

Drinking: Always water. I've also recently found that Minute Maid makes a light lemonade that actually tastes pretty good. I love lemonade but never drink it because it's so high in sugar. I also make it a rule never to drink my calories (not that I'm counting calories or anything right now). It's only 15 calories/serving and 2 grams of sugar. I can handle that for something as a treat other than water.

Eating: I just finished off the last of the leftovers from a chicken pot pie casserole I made the other night. Also, now that warmer weather is here, I've been eating a lot of banana popsicles. I know it's a ridiculous contradiction to trying to not drink my calories by eating popsicles loaded with sugar instead, but hey, it's better than not eating a huge bowl (or two) of ice cream every night, right? I really need to get a handle on my eating. Once we get moved and settled into our new house, I plan to tackle making healthier choices for myself.

Wearing: Black capri pants and a blue t-shirt. Nothing exciting, but at least I'm not still in my pj's.

Loving: Picking out paint colors for our new house.

Anticipating: Getting the keys to our new house next Wednesday! It won't be ours yet, but we are lucky to be able to rent it from the current owners until the sale is final, which gives us time to move out of here and get settled without a huge rush at the end of the month.

Hoping: That the sale of our house goes through without any major hiccups. So far it's been fairly smooth sailing.

Following: The Oregon State baseball team. They are the #1 team in the country right now and have been something of a dream team. Until yesterday. I sure do hate the media. The timing of this story coming out right now, at this point in the playoffs, is not an accident.

Wondering: If potty "training" will ever end. I know it will, someday. I use the term training lightly, because most accidents at this point are definitely NOT accidents. It's so frustrating. It's one of those things that make me think, "it's a good thing you're so cute." haha

Trying: To spend more quality time with my children and stay off my phone. I want to be more present for them.

Worrying: That we will get moved into our new house and for some reason the sale ends up falling through. That would be a nightmare. I cannot wait to sign the papers and have the sale be final.

Planning: Our move. I've been busy the last few days trying to coordinate everything. We get the keys on Thursday, and then I will spend the next two days trying to get the necessary rooms painted that need to be done before we move in. We have friends (more like acquaintances) that will help us next Saturday to move our beds, couches, and some essentials. Then we have lined up professional movers to help with everything else for the following Tuesday (we couldn't get them sooner). And then we are doing a garage sale here in our current house that weekend. It should be perfect, because the only things left should be the things we don't want!

Contemplating: What I'm going to do with myself while the kids are in preschool starting in the Fall! I'm looking forward to having the free time every morning, but I also might try to find a job for in the morning. The only thing is that Tony would have to take the kids to school in the mornings, and I'm skeptical of him being able to handle that. He has enough trouble getting himself out the door everyday, let alone the kids. Also, he sometimes has morning meetings and has to go out of town occasionally. How would that work???