Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Making Day

Big day today!  In about 30 minutes, I leave to go pick up Sis and we are heading to the clinic for her egg retrieval.  Hubby will meet us there so he can give his sample.  (I know this is immature, but that still makes me snicker.  I can't help it!)  We are driving separate because Hubby will go on to work when his part is done.  We have to pay for all of this some how!

I am crossing my fingers tight that good quality eggs are retrieved, in addition to perfect little swimmers that go on to make beautiful little babies.  Today is the day that our embabies will be given a chance at life.  Amazing!

I will be spending the day with Sis just in case she needs anything.  When I went through egg retrieval previously, I mostly just slept all day.  I didn't experience a lot of side effects.  But I will be there for her to help out in any way I can.

As for the PIO injection last night?  I'm sure we were pretty comical.  Thank goodness nobody else was here to watch!  We did get it done though.  Thank you SO much to everyone that left such encouraging words and advice.  It really did help to calm me down in preparation for it.
At least I thought I was calm and ready for it.  Until it came time to hand the needle over to Hubby.  Then I held it hostage for a little bit. lol  I was so nervous for him to give it to me, but he did great!!  I got it all ready, then of course I had to review with him how to do it.  (I really didn't, but it made me feel better and he humored me).
He didn't want to do it anymore than I did.  Actually, he was quite nervous himself at the thought of inflicting pain on me and the needle is just so damn big!  See previous post for a picture.
We started out in the kitchen at the counter.  I pulled my pants down just enough so he could get to the injection site.  Then I looked over and realized there is a window right there.  It's on the side of our house, so the chances of someone being out there are slim, but just in case!  Nobody else needed to see the show.
So we moved to the living room.  I made Hubby pray with me, which has been my ritual every night before injections.  We got all settled and ready to do it.  Both of us finally built up the nerve, and when he started, I flinched.  I mean my butt cheek flinched!  And he pulled back because it scared him.  Then....we had to start the whole thing all over!  I told him he can't expect me not to flinch a LITTLE bit!!  Plus, he can't start to put the needle in and then pull it out!  He said he hadn't even gotten the needle there yet.  I just flinched when he touched me!  Oh goodness. 
So then we got settled down to do it once again, and we got the deed done.  The needle actually did NOT even hurt at all going in.  It DID take forever for the actual injection.  Because it's oil, it moves slowly through the syringe.  The only part that remotely hurt was when he pulled the needle out.  Hubby said he can do better at that part next time.  He pulled it out too slow because he was trying NOT to hurt me.  Overall, it was pretty painless.  Other than the fact that it DID bleed quite a bit.  Hubby almost fainted over that until I reminded him that we were told that sometimes happens.
However, I think it's still going to take awhile again tonight.  It is just such a big ASS needle!  But now I know it's actually not too bad.  At least not so far....


  1. I hate myself a little for grinning so much at this story, but it's just so priceless! He'll be a pro before long, and it'll be like nothing is happening at all! Ok, maybe not NOTHING, but it's worth hoping for!

    I am SO excited for you for the retrieval! Fingers crossed and positive vibes being sent for some rock star eggies!

    1. Lol don't hate yourself Jamie! It was pretty humorous. Hopefully we can do better tonight for injection #2 and then we'll become pro's after that :)

  2. This is giving me the creeps. Ugh. I so do not want to do this. I'll be waiting for your post that tells me it is not so bad. :)

    1. I'm sorry! I don't mean to give you the creeps, but I definitely do hate needles. I'm ready to cheer you on though!!! :)

  3. LOL FUNNY!!! You have called yourself immature and before ignorant and I'm
    thinking, I would have been the same both times so must run in the family!!!