Monday, October 20, 2014

MicroBlog Monday: Birthday Favorites

Saturday was my first birthday as a Mom.  Tony and the babies baked me a special cake to help me celebrate.  A cake decorator they are not, but it's the best, most favorite cake I've ever had!

They also got me a card.  The babies even "signed" it themselves!  (Based on my husband's handwriting, he should have been a doctor.  I have learned to decipher it over the years :)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today I am an Old Lady

Today is my 40th birthday.  Does that officially make me old?  According to my chart at the doctor's office, I was considered "advanced maternal age" as of 5 years ago.  So maybe I was already old before today, and I just didn't count it.  Or maybe I did, since that IS the name of my blog title!  I'm old!

I just Googled "at what age are you considered old?"  There were a LOT of different answers.  Most people don't think old age starts until at least 50, but many answered 60 or 70.  A lot of thoughts were along the lines of "you are only as old as you feel" and I would tend to agree with that.  In that case, I do feel old, but I most definitely wouldn't call myself elderly!  Ha!  My body just hurts a lot these days.

Any time you Google something, it also brings up a list of related searches.  One of the suggested topics was "at what age are you considered a cougar?"  The answer is (drumroll........) 40!  So while most people don't consider you OLD at the age of 40, you DO enter cougar status!  Not that I'm on the prowl or anything.

So, how am I celebrating my birthday?  Remember The Cousins?  Well, I am going to their daughter's first birthday party.  Her birthday was actually yesterday, but the party is today.  We also have a wedding that we are supposed to go to and a college softball double header that we would like to go watch.  The wedding is a softball girl that we coached a few years back, and the softball game features a few of the girls we coached that just graduated and are now playing in college.  All these things scheduled on my birthday! We decided to go to the birthday party.

Tony made me a birthday cake this morning and gave me a card with the babies "signatures."  My first birthday with babies to help me celebrate!  Nothing better.  Other than that, it will be a pretty mild day with no big fan fare except for the one year old cousin's party.

Oh, we are making a trip to Costco on our way home from the party.  Nothing more exciting than buying diapers!  Actually, it IS pretty exciting that we have to, considering all the years we did NOT have to.  :)

Selfies with my babies from this past week.  They haven't quite figured out yet that you can actually smile for a selfie, regardless of all the funny faces and noises I made trying to get them to!

You can see my grey hair in this picture.  See, I AM old!  Ugh.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Random Facts About Me

I know it's #MicroBlogMonday, but this is my 200th post, so I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate.  Here's a list of 50 random facts about me:

  1.  I am 39 years old, but only for 5 more days
  2. I have a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science
  3. I minored in Public Health
  4. I graduated from Oregon State University, but attended Western Oregon State University for 3 years before transferring
  5. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball
  6. I played one year of softball in college
  7. I started coaching softball at 19 years old
  8. I coached for 20 years before retiring to have my babies
  9. I was a Head Varsity Coach for 10 years
  10. We made it to the state playoffs 9 out of 10 years that I was Head Coach, making it as far as the State Semi Finals twice and even won a State Championship
  11. I sold PartyLite candles for 8 years.
  12. I was actually pretty good at it and earned 4 all expense paid vacations to: the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, and a Caribbean Cruise to  St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Curacua, and Aruba
  13. I am shy and feel awkward in most social situations
  14. But somehow I am very good at giving speeches and entertaining large groups of people
  15. I hate to feel dumb, but do quite often
  16. I am terrible at math
  17. But I am good at reading and writing
  18. Tony and I have a goal of seeing all 50 states together in our lifetime. So far we have been to Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama.
  19.  I have no problem sharing my opinion or saying what I think about something, but I hate confrontation.
  20. I like junk food WAY too much
  21. I always wanted to be able to say I've done a Marathon, and 5 years ago I did complete the Portland Marathon and could cross that off my bucket list
  22. I don't actually have a bucket list, other than the mental one in my head
  23. I love shopping by myself, but feel awkward when others are with me
  24. I was 17 when I started college because I have a late birthday
  25. I met Tony during orientation week of college my freshman year
  26. We were playing volleyball when we met and I thought he was nice because he talked to me
  27. We dated for 5 years before we got married
  28. We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in September
  29. It took us 14+ years of ttc before we finally got our babies
  30. My sister was our egg donor
  31. We have 4 nieces and 3 nephews, and my brother has another on the way
  32. My sister, my brother, and Tony's brother all had children before us, even though we are the oldest grandchildren in both our families
  33. I have never so much as smoked a cigarette, let alone experimented with any drugs
  34. Because my mom is a (recovered) drug addict and my dad is an alcoholic, I learned early on what I did NOT want in my own life
  35. You could say I'm a goody two shoes
  36. Except for all the t-peeing I did in high school.  My friends and I were pros
  37. I also had sex in high school, so that might knock me off the goody two shoes status
  38. I hate spiders
  39. The thought of my kids getting lice and having to deal with that scares me to death!
  40. I had lice in the 4th grade and it scarred me for life
  41. My hair is naturally curly, but strangely has two textures.  It's kinky curly and very course in the back and underneath, but the hair on top is mostly just wavy and not as course
  42. I got a perm my freshman year of high school
  43. My hair was so big that it did not fit in the school picture and my nickname that year was Afro
  44. I don't wear make up
  45. But I did go through the ugly blue and green eye shadow and mascara stage in middle school. 
    Do you remember the colored mascara???
  46. I played the clarinet in middle school and started to learn the saxophone, but by high school I was too cool for that (Not!)
  47. I am unfortunately just a step down from being a hoarder
  48. Not really, but my spare bedroom would indicate otherwise, as well as the clutter around our house
  49. I love to read. I'm a big romantic. Give me a good love story any day. But I also like to read biographies, mysteries...just about anything.  I actually haven't read a book in a very long time though, now that I have babies
  50. I also love to go to the movies. There is nothing like watching a movie in the theater and being able to escape into someone else's life or story for a few hours. Sometimes when I am upset, I will go to the movies by myself just to get away. Then I hope I don't run into someone I know because I don't want them to think I'm some kind of loner going to the movies all by myself.  This is another thing I haven't done since having my babies!  Although I most definitely am not complaining.

 Well, there you go!  50 random facts about me!  Hope you still like me :)  lol

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Changes are A Happening

Changes are happening almost on a daily basis now.  It's crazy how fast the babies hit new milestones and change so quickly!

Hubby left town on Thursday for a weekend training event in Texas for his job.  Fortunately, my Aunt D was able to come for a visit and help me out with the babies while he was gone.  This was a tremendous help, especially since both Ayden and Rylee had colds and weren't feeling all that great.  In addition, they also decided to become a LOT more active over the weekend.

There is nothing that Rylee doesn't try pulling herself to stand at anymore.  Her favorite thing is to stand and she has also mastered walking around the furniture.  As long as she is holding on, she is doing great.  She's also beginning to try standing on her own, without holding on to anything.  Her crawl is turning into more of a bear crawl, because she so badly wants to be on her feet!  Lord help me.  She'll be off and running before too long.

Standing in her crib, pestering her brother

One handed.  She is SO wanting to go, go, go!

Ayden is trying really hard to catch up to his sister.  He can now sit up all on his own, no more tripod sitting.  He also pulled himself up to a stand all by himself over the weekend.  He's done it a few different times now.  He's not real consistent with it yet, but he is trying.  He gets himself to his knees and at least kneels everywhere now.

Trying to climb through the kitchen chair

They love to use their car seats to stand up at.
Unloading and loading the dishwasher is no longer something we can do while the babies are under foot.  They believe the dishwasher is open for them to play in.  It is also now necessary for us to keep the doors closed down the hallway because they are getting quite adventuresome.  They love to wander into the bathroom and bedrooms and see what they can get into.  More baby proofing is now necessary and cannot be limited to the living room and kitchen anymore.

It is both exciting and scary watching the babies learn new things!  It's difficult not being a bundle of nerves watching them precariously balance while learning to stand and walk.  Their poor heads are taking a beating.  It's hard not to just snatch them up every time they stand, but I know in order for them to learn to stand/walk and get down on their own we will have to let them get a few bumps and bruises along the way.

I am so grateful that my aunt was able to come help me over the weekend.  I knew I could handle it a day or two by myself, but I wasn't so sure about 4 days!  I was exhausted enough WITH the help!  She left Sunday morning and Hubby got home Sunday afternoon.  He had a hard time being away from the babies, especially when they changed so much in just those few short days, but now we are all back to our normal routine.  Only, that new routine now means chasing after babies a lot more!

Rylee and Ayden loved play time with Aunt D.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Microblog Monday: New Developments

I swear, the babies learn new things and change on a daily basis.  As of Friday when I wrote their 9 month post, Ayden was doing the inch worm.  He'd been doing that for a month, so I fully expected him to skip over the whole crawling thing.  Nope!  By Friday night, Ayden was officially crawling.  He finally learned how to move his hands and legs together!

Rylee has been pulling herself up to stand on several things, but the couch was a little too tall for her.  Or so I thought... As of this morning, Rylee can now pull herself up to stand at the couch and is able to travel a few steps along it.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

9 Month Birthday

I was just looking back at their 8 month birthday post and oh my goodness.  I didn't realize how much they have changed in just the last month!  It is amazing the changes that are taking place on what seems like a daily basis now!  Where has the time gone?  They will be a year old in less than 3 months now!  Gah!  They turned 9 months on Tuesday, but their 9 month well baby check wasn't until today, so I waited to post.

Being a momma to twins, it's pretty amazing to watch their relationship evolve.  It seems like since the very beginning they have always tried to hold hands, and that hasn't changed.  Now that they are sitting up, Ayden likes to rest his hand/arm on Rylee's shoulder.  It is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  Seriously, the cutest.

Looks kind of awkward, but they found a way to hold hands!

Umm, yeah, their momma likes to dress them up in Beaver attire for Game Day.

Best Friends

So many heart melting moments, and this is one of them!

Rylee is everywhere now.  EVERYWHERE.  Last month, she was baby planking.  Now, she is crawling at an impressive speed and climbing up on things, mostly me.  She follows me into the kitchen and down the hallway.  Actually, she thinks she can go anywhere she wants to at ANY time, which means we are constantly chasing her around and redirecting her to the living room.  She can pull herself to a stand, although she is a bit (or very) unsteady, which makes it a little scary.  How many times can a baby fall, hit her head, and still be okay?  As of Sunday, she can fully sit up all by herself.  Now when we put her down for naps or bedtime, she sits herself right up.  Today when I went to get her after she woke up from a nap, I found her trying to stand up in the pnp.  She's just a little bitty thing!  It's crazy to see her do so much.

Rylee is finally starting to grow out of her 3 month clothes, although there are still some things she can wear. Size 3-6 month fit her best right now, but I did pull out her 6 month clothes and get them washed this week. Size 2 diapers are FINALLY starting to fit her as they should.  I should have kept her in size 1 much longer than I did.  Oh well.

As of today, Rylee is 16 lbs, 11 oz and in the 23rd percentile.  She is 26.5 inches tall and in the 10th percentile.  She still has a big head, in the 79th percentile, but it's not as big as her brother's!

Rylee has one tooth that has broken through on the bottom, but is definitely slow to come up.  Her second bottom tooth has been hanging just below the surface for a few weeks now and is in no hurry to show itself. Rylee is a much more smiley baby these days.  She has a goofy laugh.  I have only heard her actually giggle twice, but she does have her version of a laugh.  She LOVES to talk!  She is back to squealing and it often sounds like she is saying a drawn out "hiiiiiiiiii."

I thought we had made a major breakthrough in Rylee's sleeping, but no.... She had a full week of sleeping anywhere from 6-10 hours in her crib at night, compared to the 3-6 she was doing before.  However, we are back to 3-4 hours in her crib.  In addition to that, this last week she has decided sleep is for the birds and is up for a party.  It's been a little rough on me, because it's taking 3-4 hours for her to go back down. It's not a fun few hours when it's in the middle of the night.

She's sure cute though...

She is super proud of herself standing!

Silly girl

She is trying to stand EVERYWHERE!

Best Rylee smile, right here

Ayden now weighs 21 lbs, 6 oz and is in the 75th percentile.  He is 28.5 inches tall, but I'm not sure what percentile that is in because the nurse wrote down 50-75%.  Confusing?  His head is still huge, although he is back on the chart!  lol.  His head is in the 97th percentile, instead of off the chart like last time.  Ayden has officially grown out of his 6 month clothes and is now almost exclusively wearing 9 months clothing. Although, I do have to say, it seems he will soon outgrow those as well!  I just dug them all out, and yet they are almost too small!  Ayden is wearing size 3 diapers, but we are moving him into size 4 for bedtime because he's been leaking almost every night.  I'm tired of changing his sheets.

Ayden is moving all over the place, but I can't say he's officially "crawling."  He does more of an inch worm, but it is still very effective.  Ayden is fascinated with doors.  He loves playing with the handles on the doors of our entertainment center, bookshelf, and the hinges on the front door, even though we are doing our best to discourage that.  He is also in love with our door stop and the noise it makes!  He is stable enough to sit up unassisted now, but still needs help getting into the sitting position.  Otherwise, he likes to hang out in what we call a tripod, with one arm down.

Ayden is still very easy and quick to smile.  He is super ticklish and thinks a lot of things are pretty darn funny.  He is often heard laughing at Rylee, which is so sweet to listen to when they get to talking.  He thinks she's pretty hilarious.

Ayden has both his two bottom front teeth, but now also has 3 top teeth with a 4th on the way!  He's also been grinding those teeth recently, which makes me cringe.  It sounds awful!  I have been reassured that it is hopefully just a phase that should last only a few weeks while he adjusts to those strange new teeth in his mouth.

Ayden is still a pretty good sleeper, although he does tend to wake occasionally after only a few hours, but goes back to sleep pretty good after some comforting from either Tony or myself.

Such a happy boy

"Look Ma!  One hand!"

Being a little ham. Look at those teeth!

Our little readers!

9 Month Pictures!

Again, his arm is resting on her shoulder!

Outtakes!  They are getting harder and harder to take pictures of now that they are so active!

Rylee: "I'm gonna take your sticker!"
Ayden: "If you take my sticker, I'm taking your headband!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Family Vacation

This past weekend we took our first family vacation to the beach.  The Oregon coast is only an hour away from us, but we don't tend to make it over there very often. Tony's parents rented a house for the whole family, which included them, us, Tony's brother and his family, and Tony's grandpa.  We arrived Friday evening and came home Sunday morning.  It was a very fun weekend, despite our lack of sleep.

Sleep.  Sigh.  The babies really struggled sleeping.  We had a pack-n-play (pnp) for each of them set up in our room.  Rylee naps in a pnp at home, so we figured she would probably be fine.  Wrong!  Neither one of them slept very well!  Our first night over there, they had trouble going to sleep so Tony and I each took a baby to separate rooms and held them until they fell asleep, then put them back down in their pnp's.  A few hours later, they were both awake again and wouldn't go back to sleep.  We gave them both a bottle.  That worked for Ayden, but Rylee was not interested in going back to sleep.  I took her upstairs to the couch so Ayden would stay asleep.  Rylee finally fell asleep, but not until I stood and rocked her side to side forever. We slept the rest of the night on the couch.

And then Saturday night happened!  They both fell asleep fairly quick, but they didn't stay that way!  Ayden woke up and was crying, but I was able to lay down with him and he fell back to sleep.  Then Rylee woke up.  She had pooped.  What is it with this girl pooping in her sleep??????  This was at 10pm.  I knew she wouldn't go back down very easy, so Tony gave her a small bottle to try to help her along.  Yeah, that didn't work.  Then Ayden woke up.  I had him almost back to sleep, but then Tony came back into the room with Rylee and he was up again.  We tried laying down with both of them in bed with us, but they thought we were having a party.  It was a little comical, but by that point it was 11pm and we both wanted to go to sleep!  I took Rylee upstairs to the couch again.  Tony had Ayden in our room and he was not a happy camper.  He was crying, very loudly.  Rylee was crying.  I'm pretty sure the whole house was awake.  Tony gave Ayden a bottle and he finally fell asleep around midnight.  Rylee was another story.  I tried laying down with her.  I tried standing with her.  I tried rocking her in the rocking chair.  I tried giving her a bottle.  The girl would not go to sleep!  My MIL came out and tried holding her for a bit.  I apologized for keeping everyone awake. Rylee still wouldn't go to sleep.  Finally, I took Rylee outside to the deck.  It was pretty chilly out there, but wouldn't you know it, Rylee finally passed out!  It was 1:36am.  Why hadn't I taken her outside sooner?!??!

Despite the lack of sleep at night, everyone had a great time.  During the day, we moved one of the pnp's to another room so they could take their naps and they did at least take a few short naps.

We had AMAZING weather!  The Oregon coast tends to be a bit windy and chilly, but it was actually 79* and there wasn't a lot of wind.  Saturday was a perfect day for taking the babies to the beach.

Our first family trip to the beach

We were SO excited to let the babies play in the sand.  They LOVED it!  Both of them enjoyed digging their little hands and feet into the warm sand.  It was fun to watch them grab handfuls of sand and let it sift through their fingers.  It didn't take too long before Ayden was trying to eat it though, and then we had our work cut out for us trying to keep the sand out of his mouth!

It was game day, so of course they were decked out in their Beaver attire.

Ayden was ready to try to eat sand again.

More fun pics from the weekend

All the grandkids gathered in Grandma's bed each morning

Rylee being a poser with her Great-Grandpa 

Rylee and Ayden with their cousins

Sunday was our youngest nieces first birthday party.  We had planned to all go to the party, but Tony and I made the executive decision to keep the babies home.  We felt like they were way too over stimulated from our weekend get away and wanted them to be able to get their afternoon nap and hopefully get back to our regular routine so we could sleep that night.  We were all exhausted!  I went to the party and Tony stayed home with the babies.

The Birthday Girl