Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nothing is Safe

The babies have been getting into EVERYTHING!  They are in love with touching our cadet wall heaters, regardless of how many times we tell them it's dangerous, or say owie or hot.  We try to keep it turned off if they are roaming around, just in case, but Rylee did actually burn her hand one day.  The poor girl had little burn lines blistered onto her hand for a few weeks.  I thought it was going to scar, but it did go away.  She did not learn her lesson however.  Now they think they are sneaky.  They crawl past the wall heater to stand at the wall a further bit down, and then walk along the wall to the heater.  When we say their name as a warning, they stop, look at us and smile, then continue on their naughty way.

If we leave the hallway doors open, they instinctively know it and find their way into a bathroom or bedroom they shouldn't be in.  There is not a cupboard or drawer in the kitchen that they will stay out of.  I had a few people suggest giving them a cupboard that would be "theirs."  They said that their own child then left the others cupboards alone.

I decided one day to finally give in and let them have a cupboard.

New Toys!!!

They taste so good!

I love how they are sitting back to back.

The Pyrex has now found a new home

So now my question is this:  How in the world do I get them to stop getting into every other cupboard still????  I've given them their own cupboard and drawer, yet they STILL want to get into every other one as well!  I realize we could solve this problem by putting little door baby proof thingies on.  However, we don't have the kind of cupboards that have knobs, so we can't just tie them together.  We actually have to screw/drill into the cupboard door to attach the baby proofing.  I don't think that is something we should do at this point, since we are selling our house.  I also don't want to do that to my china cabinet!

Now, not only do I have plastic containers and lids spread all over my kitchen and living room floor, they are still getting into the other cupboards.  I was told that if I gave them their "own" cupboard, that they'd leave the others alone.  I want to know how to make that happen!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Creme de la Creme

This is the 9th year running that Mel at Stirrup Queens will be putting together a Creme de la Creme list of your favorite blog posts.  Do you have a favorite post that you have written?  Something that came from the heart and means a lot to you?  For a first time visitor to your blog, what post would you direct them to read first?

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your post to be on this years Creme de la Creme list.  Tomorrow at midnight is the deadline.  Be sure to get yours submitted!  This is a great way to introduce your blog to others, and increase your own blog traffic, in addition to finding other great ALI blogs to read as well.  To add a post of your own to the list, click here to fill out the form and make your submission.

Don't be shy!  Just do it!  Mel has also stated that she thinks this might be her last year doing the Creme list, so this may be your last chance to be a part of this great project!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Baby sleep... I will never understand it as long as I live.  Just when we think we have things figured out, they go ahead and change the rules.

They both go down for bed at night fairly easy. They talk and play and giggle with each other for anywhere between 10-30 minutes (occasionally sometimes more) and then they go to sleep.  Ayden continues to sleep through the night, with a few exceptions here and there.  Sometimes Rylee does wake him up, and also when he was sick he had a hard time because he had trouble breathing, but otherwise he is a great nighttime sleeper.

And then there's Rylee.  We were actually doing pretty good there for awhile.  She was sleeping most nights until about 4:30-5:00am, and then I'd go in and get her when she woke up, and we'd finish the night out on the couch together.  If you recall, for several months she had been waking up anywhere between 10:00 and midnight, so this was a vast improvement.  For awhile now, if she ever wakes up before 3:00, I've been putting her in the spare bedroom in the pack n' play, but it always takes longer for her to go back to sleep when we do that.

Naps were also going pretty good, with the exception that Rylee almost ALWAYS poops right after we put her down for her morning nap.  Once we then change her diaper, we'd put her back down and then they'd both sleep for about 2.5 hours.  Yes!!!  Then they'd also take a short afternoon nap.

Then Thanksgiving happened.  Surprisingly, even though they were in the same room, they actually did nap during the day while we were gone to Sunriver.  Not as long of naps, but they did take them.  And then nighttime.  The first night, they both went to sleep okay but Rylee did not STAY asleep.  She decided she wanted to party for a few hours that night.  She would. not. go. back. to. sleep.  The second night, neither one of them wanted to go to bed.  They knew something was going on in the rest of the house and they wanted no part of going to bed.  Their 7:00 bedtime turned out to be more like 9:00 and they had to be held to go to sleep.  Yet again, Rylee was awake for several hours in the middle of the night.  To be fair, she was super constipated and I think that had a big thing to do with it.  She would go to sleep for about 45 minutes and then wake up crying. She was pretty gassy and was only happy if I was standing up and rocking her.  As soon as I would sit down, she started crying again.  Then she'd finally go to sleep for another 45 minutes or so, and we'd repeat.  This continued all night!  It was pure torture!  For both of us, I'm sure.  It was even more challenging because I was also trying to make sure she didn't wake up the other 24 people staying in the house!

Since we've been back home, nap times have been terrible!  Neither one of them want to go to sleep!  They cry.  Actually, Rylee's taken on a whole new level of screaming to let us know she's not happy.  It is absolutely exhausting when they refuse to go to sleep.  I ride it out and they do eventually fall asleep, but the naps have been much, much shorter and it is so hard to listen to them cry SO MUCH.  Rylee has been waking up after only 35-40 minutes, through one sleep cycle, and then waking up crying screaming.  I wait about 5-10 minutes for her to go back to sleep, and then if she doesn't I go in, pick her up and comfort her, and put her back down again.  She screams some more, and then generally falls back to sleep within a few minutes and sleeps for another hour or so.  The nice thing is that once Rylee is up, she is almost always in a very good mood.  Once Ayden wakes up from his afternoon nap, he is the biggest grouch EVER!  It's almost not worth having him take that afternoon nap because he wakes up crying and is so grumpy.

The last few weeks, since we've been home from our Thanksgiving trip, Rylee has been waking up at night around 11:30 to midnight again, and not wanting to go back to sleep.  She cries if I put her in the pnp, and she wants to party if I go to the couch with her.  If she won't go to sleep with me holding her, I always put her back in the pnp, but sometimes she's in there for over an hour alternating between crying and playing. She's been up as much as 2.5 hours during the night.  Why doesn't she sleep?????

Then Tuesday night, she teased us.  She slept ALL NIGHT in her crib!!!!!  Hallelujah!   It was only the second time EVER she has slept all night in her crib, and she made it to 6:20am! I thought maybe we'd turned a corner.  But the very next night, she was up to her usual antics.  Sigh.....

You may wonder why I don't just ignore her when she wakes up during the night and let her go back to sleep.  Here's why - last night I heard her wake up at 2:30am.  She wasn't crying, but I could hear her talking.  I waited a few minutes, but then I made a beeline to take her out of the nursery.  When I walked into the room, she was standing up BOUNCING in her crib, and trying to wake up Ayden.  Okay, there's only one thing worse than one baby that won't sleep at night, and that is TWO babies that won't sleep at night!

I definitely can see how people with only one baby think they know the magic trick to getting babies to sleep once they figure it out.  If we only had Ayden, I'd think our system works great!  I'd be able to say we have a great sleeper.  Yes, naps have been a bit challenging lately, but he does sleep all night.  However, I know first hand that what works for one baby most definitely does not work for all.  We do the exact same routine with both Ayden and Rylee every night. He sleeps great, and she does not.

I do have an obsession with checking in on them while they are sleeping and sometimes taking pictures. They are so cute and innocent while they are sleeping.

I think it's adorable when he's snuggling his little minky blanket

He makes my heart melt

Pure sweetness

She fell asleep with her feet in HIS crib.  Plus, she never sleeps on her back!  Guess I shouldn't say never.

She fell asleep ON her Seahorse!

Again, asleep on her Seahorse!  Silly girl.

At Sunriver, he fell asleep with his legs scrunched up on the side of the pnp.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Microblog Monday: Weekend Funnies

Funny #1:  Yesterday while taking a shower, I washed and conditioned my hair, shaved a few body parts, and then proceeded to turn off the water and start drying off.  Only then did I realize I didn't actually wash.  So then I had to turn the water back on and you know, actually get clean, the whole purpose of the shower in the first place.  I've done this a few times in the past couple months.  The only thing I can do is laugh at myself.  And of course, share it with you, so you can laugh at me too!

Funny #2:

Don't Text and Drive

On another note, our house inspection is this afternoon.  Please pray that it goes well and we have no major issues so we can finalize the sale!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

11 Months!

I'm a bit late with this post, but better late than never!  We are now exactly 3 weeks away from the babies' first birthday.  How is that possible?  It truly is amazing how much they grow and the changes that take place in this first year.  From fragile little preemies to almost toddlers!

Can't get enough of these smiles!

Ayden and Rylee are most definitely on the move!  Rylee had been about 2 weeks ahead of Ayden for most developmental milestones, but they've pretty much evened out now.  Ayden is now standing unassisted for long periods of time.  Rylee can, but won't.  She thinks she needs to hold on to something, but every once in awhile we catch her letting go of the furniture and stand on her own.  If we are holding onto her hands and try to let go, she immediately drops down though.  Both of them are able to walk while holding onto our hands, and are even starting to walk with just one hand held.  I have a feeling that once Rylee does start walking, she will be more at a run!  If there is such a thing, she run-crawls.  And she doesn't just cruise around the furniture, she CRUISES around the furniture.  She is a fast little booger.

He's so proud of himself!

They are eating a lot more solids now.  They LOVE to eat!  We are consistently giving them breakfast and dinner, and have phased out one bottle (after their afternoon nap) so they are down to 5 bottles/day.  Soon we will be phasing out their after mid day bottle and doing lunch instead.  We mostly do oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast, but have had scrambled eggs, french toast, yogurt, and pancakes.  For dinner they've had rice, various types of beans, peas, avocado, chicken, turkey, potatoes, tortellini, shredded cheese, tamales, grilled cheese sandwiches, and acorn squash.  Ayden really liked the acorn squash the first time I gave it to them, but since then seems to absolutely hate it!  They've also had bananas and apples.  I tried cut up grapes, but found that they are like squirrels and hoarded the skin in their mouths so I haven't given them grapes again.  Oh, and Puffs.  They LOVE their Puffs!  I've also learned why parents cut the crust off the bread for their kids.  I was never going to be that parent!  However, Ayden stores the crust on the roof of his mouth, later to be found by me.  Sooooooo, I now tear the crust off his bread.

I am now pretty glad that they don't have a lot of hair.  They are happy, but very messy little eaters.  They just love to grab their ears and hair with their grimy little hands.  While they are happy eaters, they absolutely do NOT like being wiped down afterwards.  For some reason they don't mind it while in the bathtub though. Weird.

Rylee now weighs 18 lbs, 9.5 oz and is 27.5 inches tall.  She is wearing mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing, but has a few 9 month outfits she is now wearing also.  (I don't understand sizing.  It's stupid.)  She is wearing size 3 diapers.  Rylee has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth with another on it's way.  Teething doesn't seem to bother her much.  I'm thinking it's because they come in so incredibly slow.

Ayden weighs 23 lbs even and is 29.5 inches tall.  2 whole inches taller than his sister!  He is wearing 9 and 12 month clothing and wearing size 4 diapers.  Ayden has 8 teeth total with 4 on the bottom, 4 on the top.  He's also a little beaver with all those teeth, chewing on EV.ER.Y.THING.  His poor crib.  He also slobbers on everything.  One of his favorite pastimes is to lick the sliding glass door. Gross, but funny and strange.  There is nothing that is safe with him around.  If there is a exposed cord, he will get it.  He also has learned how to open the kitchen cupboards.

He's proving that he's too smart for the child proofing!

He still has the biggest smile!

They are interacting more and more together.  They talk and laugh with each other all the time.  Rylee still says dada and Ayden says mama.  I swear that sometimes they are having a friendly argument about who is right because they will say it back and forth to each other.  Ayden also says baba and just recently said dada, but only once.

They've now experienced their first Halloween.  We made a brief appearance at a friend's Halloween party, but skipped out on the trick or treating so the babies could get to bed at least close to their normal bedtime.

They also had their first Thanksgiving spent with lots of family and a little vacation to Sunriver for a few days.

Ayden with his Great Grandpa
Rylee and a cousin

We took advantage of the nice weather one afternoon and spent a few minutes playing in the Fall leaves.

Ayden spent most of the time trying to eat the leaves
He was very intrigued
Rylee decided to give them a taste as well

They still love Winnie the Pooh.

They love helping me with the laundry.  Not really, but I can distract them with the laundry basket!

Now for the best of the 11 month photos.  They are so challenging to get pictures of lately, especially together!  I already shared the outtakes in a previous post. 

Love that smile!

*Please excuse any typos in this post.  I've been wrestling Ayden for the last 20 minutes since he woke up early from his nap, trying to keep him distracted enough so I can finish and hit publish!  No time to proof read!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Microblog Monday: Sale Pending

Whelp, last Tuesday we finally had someone else come look at our house.  The following day, they made an offer!  It's lower than we were hoping for, but it was the max amount they could offer based on what they were approved for.  They are getting a screaming good deal, but it's more important to us to sell and make our move as soon as possible than holding out for a few thousand dollars.  Paperwork has been signed and inspection will be next Monday, a week from today.

Please pray and send good thoughts our way that the inspection goes well and they will still want the house! They are using a first time home owners loan, so it will still be at least 60 days before everything is final, but at least we have an end day in site!  Yay!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Microblog Monday: Outtakes

Note:  If you are visiting from ICLW, you should read my last post for a short summary of our story.

The babies turned 11 months old yesterday.  We had two different photo shoot attempts before we finally gave up, with the thought of trying again today.  Yeah, today wasn't much better!  They didn't want to sit still OR look at the camera!  Makes for some good outtakes though!  I will post the "best" pictures in their 11 month post soon.  So, after three photo shoot attempts and a destroyed head band, here are the outtakes for your viewing pleasure:

Proof of the destroyed headband

"I will NOT look at the camera.  I will not.  I. Will. Not."

"I won't look at you either!"

"Nope.  Not gonna look at you when we are together either."

"These toes are awfully interesting."

"This sticker tastes pretty good."  Ayden's thinking about stealing it from her.

Fighting over the sticker back I gave them in an attempt to distract them.

"I just wanna pick your nose."

This one would actually be really cute if they would have just looked up!  I love how their legs and arms are crossed.

Mr. Grumpy Pants
"Oh!  You don't WANT me to pull these buttons off the chair?"

Hahaha!  (to be fair, he really wasn't feeling very good)

Rylee is trying to discreetly tell me how she REALLY feels about these photo shoots!  (Look at her finger)

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