Monday, May 4, 2015

Microblog Monday: Climbers

Our house is being rearranged by because of our toddlers.  Actually, it's really only one toddler that has made it his life's mission to get into absolutely everything possible.  Right now, his focus is on the computer.

This happened a few weeks ago...

He somehow managed to rearrange a few icons on the computer!  Genius?

Now Ayden is a pro at climbing onto the couches.  This leads to climbing onto other things...

Not only is he climbing ON to the couch, he's climbing all the way to the top.

Uh oh....

Aannnd he made his way onto the computer desk.

I pulled the couch away from the wall so he couldn't climb onto the desk, and THIS happened...

He got his head stuck!

Now our little "office" looks like this...

These aren't even our couches.  We are storing them for the in-laws while they are building a second home.  When I sent these pics to my MIL and asked how much longer these couches would be living with us, she laughed and thought he was really cute.  She didn't answer the question...

The other toddler is learning to climb as well, but isn't quite tall enough to make it onto the couches yet.  Soon she will be joining her brother in his trouble making ways, I'm sure.

She's so proud of herself!

It's a good thing they are so cute...

Watching their daddy mow the lawn.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

MIL Update

I decided to delete my last post.  I know I didn't write anything disrespectful, but I began to imagine if my MIL somehow came across it.  My blog isn't exactly anonymous.  I only know of 3 people in my real life that even know I have a blog, but it wouldn't be hard for someone to accidentally come across it.  Anyway, I thought it would be best if I deleted the post to prevent potential hurt feelings.  I'm not sure how I feel about censoring what I write....  Is there a way to make certain posts private?  I've seen a few blogs have password protected posts, but I have absolutely no idea how to do that or even if it's possible on Blogger.

I thought I'd give you an update on the situation though.  When I talked to MIL on Monday, following our rough weekend, she was at work and had a lot on her plate at the time.  My 5 year old niece (her granddaughter) had a lump removed from her throat and was in the hospital overnight.  MIL was helping with her big sister so the parents could deal with their baby having surgery.  The lump turned out to be just that - a lump, and not cancerous.  Thank the Lord there shouldn't ever be any more issues.

Once things settled down again, MIL called me yesterday.  She said, "we're going to be together for a long time, and I just want to be sure we're all on the same page."  She apologized for making me feel bad, as that was never her intention.  She also explained that she will never keep anything from me, the mom, when it comes to something my kids eat just in case they ever have a bad reaction.

She could have easily passed off Ayden eating a cheerio rather than cookie crumbs, but she didn't want to lie about it.  She was holding him when she cleaned out the cookie dish and she only gave him a few crumbs because she knows we don't really want him to have that yet.  Likewise, when all the Sunday school kids were drinking chocolate milk and Ayden and Rylee wanted some too, she only gave them a tablespoon each, rather than a cup full, because she knew we didn't want them to have chocolate milk yet.  She wanted to make sure I knew they had that taste though, in case they later had some sort of reaction to chocolate.

I had felt like she was making fun of me all weekend for our decisions not to give them junk food yet, but I know she was only teasing.  She apologized for that.

I'm so glad that I called her on Monday and told her how I was feeling.  I am glad she cares enough and respects me enough to follow up and make sure we are all in a good place.  I can now feel comfortable in knowing that she will respect our wishes when it comes to giving the babies food and that she won't be teasing me about it.  I also feel good in knowing that these types of things will never be kept a secret.  Even if I don't like it, I'd rather know about it when it comes to my babies.

I truly am blessed to have such a good mother-in-law and am so thankful we can have these difficult conversations.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Trip to The Park

We have found three parks in our new little town of Veneta, Oregon.  Two are very close and only a couple blocks away, in opposite directions from each other.  We have also found another one that is quite a bit further away, but still within walking distance.  Both times we have gone to this further-away-park, we have been the only ones there.  The playground is perfect in that it is fairly small and I love that there isn't a whole bunch of other kids running around, making it easier for me to keep track of Ayden and Rylee.  This has made for a perfect scenario to take the babies by myself.   Although I do see it becoming more and more of a challenge...

This little play structure is perfect for entertaining toddlers.  At least for a few minutes anyway, before they were off exploring other things...


Ayden LOVES sticks and will carry them around until he finds the next perfect stick.  
Or rock, or pine cone, or mushroom...

The BIGGER the better!

Rylee thought this big stick was pretty cool too and had to check it out once Ayden moved on to the next best thing.

Ayden wasn't content with staying in the playground section.

Where brother goes, she must follow...

Maybe it's just me, but I think she has the cutest little butt!  heehee

This trip came to an end fairly quickly once Rylee learned how to climb onto the play structure (gasp!) and Ayden kept trying to leave.  I couldn't chase Ayden down the sidewalk and watch Rylee to make sure she didn't fall OFF the play structure at the same time!  I absolutely love Ayden's adventurous spirit and how he has to check everything out, but he doesn't know boundaries yet.  Rylee still is happy to stay in basically one spot and explore, but Ayden is constantly on the move.  Maybe that is why his one and only word to date is "go, go, go!"  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to take them to the park by myself if Ayden continues to be a runner and only gets faster.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Microblog Monday: Car Seat Intimidation

We moved Ayden into a convertible car seat way back in October because he was getting way too heavy for me to carry in his infant carrier.  Actually, carrying him wasn't so bad.  It was having to lift him in and out of the car in the thing that was becoming near impossible for me.  We left Rylee in the infant carrier.  This enabled me to still carry them both in and out at the same time.  At least initially.  Now they are both way too heavy for me to carry at the same time.

My system for leaving the house (by myself when Tony isn't here) has been to put Rylee in her infant carrier, and then to take Ayden out to the car.  This ensures that she is safely contained while I am outside buckling Ayden into his car seat.  Then I run back into the house to grab Rylee and off we go.

She is now outgrowing her infant carrier and it's time to make the switch.  I can't delay it any longer.  We've had her new seat sitting in our garage since October when we made the switch for Ayden.  I got it out on Saturday and was all set to take the plunge and put it in, but I got nervous.  I am so paranoid about installing it correctly!  I think I can do it, but what if I can't?  My brother-in-law helped installed the bases for their infant carriers, and he put in Ayden's car seat.  Tony says he knows how, but.... HOW does he know how?  He's too afraid to even put them in a car in their infant carrier without a dang base because he doesn't know how (although he says it's because he doesn't think they are as safe without the base, which isn't true), so what makes him think he knows how to safely and correctly install their new seats?

The whole point of this post is that I'm a wienie.  Yep, a wienie.  I'm intimidated by a damn car seat.  Not to mention the fact that I'm not sure how it's gonna go even getting them into the car, without one of them running off and getting into trouble while I'm buckling the other one in.  Twin troubles.

She LOVES the new seat

Of course the box provided endless entertainment

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day in the Life: Spring 2015

I've been wanting to do another Day in the Life post for quite sometime.  Then I saw that Non Sequitur Chica had written one, joining in the Day in the Life series put together by My Life in Transition and I decided to take part!  However, I didn't realize that the cutoff date for documenting was supposed to be April 14th.  I documented yesterday, April 15th, so I don't know if I'll actually be able to have my post included in the series, but I'm posting it anyway!  Here goes:

Tony: 42 years old
Me: 40 years old
Rylee: 15 months old
Ayden: 15 months old

4:52am - I wake up, needing to pee.  I'm amazed that Rylee is still sleeping by herself.  I go to the bathroom, and gloriously head back to my own bed!

6:08 - I hear Rylee quietly talking to herself.  I get up and go to the bathroom, then head to the kitchen to get the twins' morning bottles ready, using the last of the Poly Vi Sol liquid vitamins.  This marks their last day of getting a morning bottle!

6:15 - I get Rylee out of the pack n play and hold her while she drinks her bottle.  I scroll Facebook during this time.  (They had a difficult time going to sleep last night, so Rylee went to the pnp in the spare bedroom)

6:23 - Rylee finishes her bottle and gets down to play.

6:45 - Change Rylee's poopy diaper.

6:50 - I hear Ayden waking up and quietly talking to himself when I take the poopy diaper out.  I go in to get him and change his diaper.

6:53 - Ayden stands at my feet crying for his bottle while I wash my hands.  He's immediately happy when I take it out of the fridge and hand it to him.  I hold him while he drinks it.  Rylee is not happy because she can't have his bottle.

7:02 - I turn Netflix on for our morning cartoon snuggle time.  Today it's Disney's Tarzan.

7:15 - Rylee gets down to play.  Ayden fusses and needs extra loves because he's not feeling well.  Darn teething.

7:20 - Rylee finds her minky blanket and brings it over to show me.  Ayden steals it from her and she cries.  I hand it back to Rylee and he steals it again.  I hand it back to Rylee again, but again he takes it from her.  I get up to get Ayden his own blanket and they are both now happy.

7:30 - Tony is showered and comes out of the bedroom.  Ayden and Rylee get in some daddy snuggles.

7:35 - Time for breakfast.  They go in their high chairs and get cheerios while I make them scrambled eggs.  While they eat, I put in a load of laundry, take hamburger out of the freezer for dinner later, and get half the dishwasher unloaded.  Tony leaves for work.

8:04 - I clean them up, which happens to be pure torture for Rylee.  Ayden is nice and patient.

8:07 - They play quietly together while I finish cleaning up from breakfast.

8:20 - Not so quiet time anymore.  Ayden is crawling up on the furniture and for some reason is not happy about it!

8:23 - Change Ayden's poopy diaper and get him dressed for the day.  Rylee also gets a fresh diaper and dressed.

8:50 - Ayden, as of this very moment, has now learned how to take the outlet covers off and is obsessed!  He won't leave them alone!

9:33 - Snack time.  They get Organic Animal Crackers from Costco, honeydew, and milk.

9:45 - Snack clean up.

9:52 - Get myself dressed and passably presentable for the day.  Put shoes and socks on Rylee.  Start to put socks on Ayden, only to realize he has another poopy diaper.  I discover the diaper basket is empty so I restock it.  Then I change his diaper and finally get shoes and socks on him, as well as jackets on them both.

10:15 - We go for a "bike" ride around the neighborhood and get the mail.  These are the best little tricycles ever!

10:53 - We are back home and in the house.  They found empty water bottles (Cascade Ice sparkling water) in the garage and absolutely couldn't go back in the house without them.  While they are distracted with the water bottles, I return a missed call that came in while we were outside.

11:15 - Lunch time!  They get mixed veggies of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  (Carrots are the best thing ever in our house!)  They also get turkey slices and half of a whole wheat bagel with butter, as well as milk.  While they eat, I take the recyclables out to the garage and finish unloading the dishwasher.  Then I entertain them with silly faces and crazy dance moves.

11:28 - Rylee's done eating and I get her cleaned up before she enters meltdown mode.

11:33 - Ayden's done eating.  I wipe him down and clean up their lunch time mess while they happily go back to playing with the water bottles.

11:41 - I change both their diapers.  Ayden has yet another poopy diaper.

11:50 -  I brush their teeth, which they actually let me do without much resistance for a change.

11:53 - A little bit more play time, which includes mommy snuggles and a tickle session.

12:13pm - Nap time!  W00 Hoo!  They are asleep within minutes.  I fold the laundry and make myself some nachos.  I scroll Facebook while eating them.

12:35 - I balance the checkbook, realizing that it has been a month since I last did it, so it took much longer than it should have!  I also paid bills.

1:43 - Rylee starts crying.  Ugh.  I had plans to work on a letter of recommendation I was supposed to write for one of the softball girls I used to coach.  Instead I shut down the computer and go to the bathroom, giving Rylee a chance to go back to sleep because this is a very short nap compared to the 3 hours they've been taking!  She doesn't go back to sleep.

1:49 - I get Rylee before she wakes up her brother.  She starts crying when we walk into the kitchen and she sees a water bottle on the counter.  She wants that empty bottle!  I give it to her and she is happy.  We snuggle for a few minutes on the couch, with the water bottle of course.

Then she gets a snack cup of Puffs and a sippy cup of water.  We read books, stack cups, play with the shape sorter, sing songs....

3:25 - Decide it's time to change Rylee's diaper and give her a snack, even though Ayden is not up yet.

3:27 - I finally hear Ayden!  I get Rylee set up in her high chair and give her some Gerber lil' Whoo's (crackers) and milk.  I go get Ayden and change his diaper.

3:33 - I put Ayden in his high chair with milk and crackers.  I cut up a pineapple and give them some of that as well.  Nothing like fresh pineapple!

3:54 - They are done with snack, cleaned up, off and playing.

4:15 - I start dinner.  On tonight's menu is tacos.

4:23 - Ayden is back to taking the outlet covers off.  Sigh.  I put it back on and attempt to distract him with something else.

4:25 - Ayden and Rylee fight over a water bottle until I help find the second one.  Now they each have one and are happy again.  I go back to browning the hamburger and cutting up veggies for the tacos.  At one point, I turned around to see Rylee learning to take her shirt off!  She had one arm completely out and was attempting to pull it over her head.

Best picture I could get because she was much too busy to stand still!

5:07 - Dinner is ready, but I play with Ayden and Rylee for a little bit first.

5:25 - We sit down for dinner.  They get a corn tortilla torn into pieces, hamburger, avocado, cheese cut into cubes, tomatoes, and milk.

5:46 - Tony is home from work and joins us for dinner.

6:00 - I clean up the babies and put away the dinner left overs.

6:05 - They play with daddy while I get their bath ready.

6:15 - Bath time and pj's on.

6:30 - Family play time.  We look up the lyrics to the song Little Bunny FooFoo because we couldn't remember anything past the first verse.  I totally forgot the Good Fairy turns the bunny into a Goon!

6:55 - We brush their teeth.

6:57 - It's story time with daddy, except tonight Ayden just really wants his mommy so I sit down with them, with Ayden on my lap instead.

7:05 - We take them both to their room, say our bedtime prayers, give goodnight kisses, and put them in their cribs.  Then I go back to the kitchen to wash bottles for the last time and clean up the kitchen a bit.  Tony makes us popcorn and we sit down to watch an episode of Parenthood together on Netflix.

7:15 - Rylee is fast asleep.  Ayden is crying off and on.

7:30 - We are undecided whether or not we should go get Ayden.  He's definitely not going to sleep.

7:40 - We turn off our show and decide to finish the episode tomorrow.  Tony goes to get Ayden and attempts to calm him down himself, even though we both know it's probably futile because Ayden just wants his mommy.  I take him, wipe his nose and dry his tears.  Tony gets him some Tylenol.  Ayden and I snuggle for a bit on the couch, but then he decides he wants to play.

8:00 - I ask him if he's ready to go to bed.  Ayden climbs down and gives me a huge smile.  Then he takes steps toward the bedroom, turns to see if I'm coming, grins, and I follow him to his room.  I pick him up, give kisses, and put him in his crib.  He cries within minutes.  A lot.  I sit down and scroll Facebook, hoping he will calm down enough to go to sleep, also hoping he won't wake Rylee.

8:15 - I decide he's not going to sleep on his own tonight.  I get milk ready in a sippy cup and go to the bathroom, giving it a few more minutes.

8:20 - He's still crying so I go in and get him.  He snuggles in and guzzles the milk.  Damn.  He was hungry!

8:40 - He falls asleep in my arms.

8:55 - I put him back in his crib and then go back to the living room to pick up all the toys that got spread throughout the house during the day.

9:15 - I take a shower.

9:30 - I get milk sippys ready for the next day's attempt at no morning bottle, as well as snack cups with Puffs.

9:35 - I say goodnight to Tony and crawl into bed.  I scrolled Facebook and Instagram on my phone.

10:07 - I put my phone down and fall fast asleep.

11:58 - I wake up hearing Rylee crying.

11:59 - Crap, Ayden is also crying.  I quickly go in and get Rylee.  Knowing that Ayden was on the verge of waking up as well, I didn't want to put Rylee back down in the pnp because Ayden would still hear her, despite being in separate rooms.  I crawl into bed with her and all 3 of us fall fast asleep within minutes.  I'd rather sleep with Rylee than battle two crying babies for the next few hours.

The end.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Microblog Monday: Crazy Thoughts

While I was in the shower today, I started thinking about how we could have ended up with three kids if I hadn't miscarried.  My first donor egg transfer, we transferred two embryos and one of them took.  Unfortunately, it was a very sick baby with Trisomy 18 and didn't make it past 9 weeks.  But, if that didn't happen and we went on to actually have that baby, we still would have had our two frozen embryos that resulted in Ayden and Rylee.

Then I went on to think about how with every transfer we did (which was only three, but still), I got pregnant.  The first time I miscarried it was a chemical pregnancy with my own eggs.  However short lived that was, that embryo still implanted briefly.  Three transfers and each time, I had a bfp.

I can't help but think that if I didn't have crappy eggs and Tony didn't have crappy sperm, I might actually have been quite fertile.

Welcome to my crazy thoughts.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

15 Months

Rylee and Ayden are a year and a quarter old today!  It's so cliche to say this, but they are growing so quickly!  They are actually like real little people now.  We have toddlers!  I haven't done monthly pictures or a post since their birthday, so I thought it was time for an update.

Taking pictures of them together is virtually impossible anymore.  Well, I can get pictures.  They typically are just very blurry because I cannot get them BOTH to sit still together for more than a few seconds at a time.  I have to have my phone set to camera and ready to take pictures quick, or they are long gone.  Today, I tried sitting them on the couch together in my attempt to keep them still for a moment.  That didn't work.  I then tried laying them down on the floor together.  That KIND of worked, as long as I played with them a bit by throwing the blanket over their head and playing peek-a-boo long enough for me to put my camera in position to snap a photo.  Imagine this: trying to hold Rylee still on the floor while laying her brother down next to her, then having to hold them both still long enough to quickly pick up my phone before either one of them gets to it first, and take a picture before either of them move.  Impossible.

Truthfully, I do not have the patience to keep trying after a few failed attempts of getting them to be still so I usually give up.  I do think I got a few decent ones today though.  Nothing professional mind you, but at least a few of them aren't blurry!  haha!

Comparison to exactly a year ago

This is what pictures usually look like when I try to get one with both of them together!

But I did manage to capture these:

Trying to get my phone

"Gimme that phone!"

"Never mind!  I'll just pick Rylee's nose instead."