Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Thank You Note

Yesterday was already a great day because of our BFP, but it was topped off by something else really nice too.

A couple months ago, I wrote a letter of recommendation for one of our softball players that we have coached the past few summers.  It was an honor for me to write a letter for her because she is an amazing young lady.  She is a senior this year, and getting ready to go off to play softball in college in addition to getting her education.  This girl is an outstanding student athlete that carries a 4.2 gpa, has been treasurer her first 3 years of high school, and is student body president this year.  She is a 3 sport athlete that shines in all 3 sports.  She has also been involved with several volunteer projects around her community.

Here is the hand written note I got in the mail from her yesterday:

Ambie Bambie Deer Suit, (awful nick name the girls gave me this last summer)

Thank you so much for writing me a letter of recommendation.  Your words were exceptionally kind and brought a smile to my face.  I miss playing for you and T, and to this day you are still the best coaches I've ever had.  Thanks again for the great letter.  Miss you!

K**** S*****
(forever your shortstop)

Hubby and I have been truly blessed to coach so many girls over the years.  They all hold such a special place in our lives and in our hearts.  As their coach, it is our job to be good role models and teach them.  But there has been so many girls that we have had the opportunity to work with, that end up teaching us in return.  This is one of those girls.  What a great gift it was to find her card in the mail yesterday.  It truly made my day, on top of everything else :)


  1. God's unanswered prayers! You have been blessed by many children!!! Do you know how she's doing at this point? Auntie

    1. She is set to go to Linfield in the Fall and will be playing softball.