Monday, October 8, 2018

Microblog Monday: 3 Hours

The kids are in preschool for 3 hours, 3 times a week. Those 3 hours sure do fly by quickly! Here's a list of things that I'd like to (need to) accomplish while they are in school:

  • Every day household chores like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and mopping.
  • Wiping down the hall closets (we have 3) so I can finally unpack and put stuff away.
  • Unpack boxes of above mentioned stuff.
  • Finish wiping down cupboards in the kitchen so I can unpack the last of the kitchen boxes.
  • Finish painting the dining room walls and trim so we can move the China hutch to it's permanent home.
  • Paint the kitchen, hallway, and our master bathroom.
  • Paint all the trim/molding in the kitchen and hallway.
  • Pay bills.
  • Decorate for Fall/Halloween.
  • Go for a walk/run. Now that it is dark so early at night, I can't go after putting them to bed. This is the only time I have during the day to get in my walk or run.
  • Grocery shopping.

There's still so much to do to get settled into our new house, and not enough time in the day to do it.

Here's what I got done today during my "free" 3 hours:

  • I got a short walk in.

  • Did 2.5 loads of laundry, including getting it all folded and put away.
  • Unloaded the dishwasher.
  • Posted a picture of my kiddos to Instagram and Facebook that I took before dropping them off at school today.
Personality for days!

Boom. 3 hours passed and it was already time to pick up the kids. I still have a giant list of things to do. It will get done someday, right?

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Right Now: October Edition

Reading: I have a book on hold at the library, waiting for me to pick it up this afternoon! I am very excited to read Unbroken: a World War II story of Survival, resilience, and redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. There is a movie out about the man this story is about, Louis Zamperini, and a second movie coming out soon that I really want to see, but I need to read the book first!

Watching: Too many things! This is Us - love that they are bringing infertility into the show. A Million Little Things - the verdict is still out as to if I will like this show or not. I love that they are bringing awareness to mental health, but not a fan of the affair between friends. Yes, affairs happen and it is a fact of life to some degree, but icky that it's between best friends. New Amsterdam - I accidentally happened upon this show one night and I AM HOOKED! I love this show and can't wait for the next episode.

Listening: Currently listening to my children in their bedrooms. It's supposed to be "quiet" time, but they are not all that quiet. I really was hoping they would take a short nap, because they have been very cranky, emotional bears lately.

Drinking: Water and Minute Maid light lemonade.

Eating: The kids and I went to a farm with MIL the other day and picked red and green peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, zucchini, and pumpkins. The kids are super excited about their "Halloween" pumpkins, and I am super excited about the produce. I made a stir fry the first night, and last night we had tacos and used the cabbage in place of lettuce. We are having the left over taco stuff tonight.

He carried his own pumpkin all the way from the field to the car.

Wearing: Jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt I stole from Tony.

Loving: Watching my kids in their activities! Saturdays are very busy for us right now. We start the morning bright and early with the kids playing soccer at 8:00am. Then Rylee has ballet at 9:30, and Ayden has karate at 10:30. I LOVE that the local martial arts studio here in town has karate at such a reasonable price! We wanted to sign Ayden up for karate last year when Rylee did ballet, but the cost was astronomical. We LOVE the teacher and Ayden is enjoying the class. I'd like to have Rylee taking karate too, but it is sooooo good for Ayden to have something just for himself. This also gives Tony and I the opportunity to have one on one time with the kids on Saturdays. One of us takes Rylee to ballet and the other takes Ayden to karate. Then we can do one on one dates with them doing something fun afterward.

Anticipating: The holidays. The kids get SO excited and that makes it pretty much the best thing ever. I pulled out a few Halloween window clings and a couple decorations to put outside yesterday and it entertained the kids for the rest of the day. They are planning what buckets they will use for trick-or-treating and can't wait to wear their costumes. Then comes Thanksgiving, their birthday, and Christmas!

Hoping: To finish unpacking and getting settled in. We also have a lot more painting to get done. I'm hoping to finish painting the dining room and kitchen in the next few weeks, so we can finally get the furniture moved to where it's going to go. It will be so nice to have it DONE. Also hoping that the exterminators will be able to solve our mouse and spider issues. I found a gigantic spider in the garage yesterday! It was huge and only about 6 inches from the garage door opener. Rylee was about to open the garage door, but I saw the spider and screamed (eye roll at my reaction; I just can't help myself), making her jump back. Only 10 more days until the exterminator comes.

Following: Trying to keep up on reading posts from my fellow blogger friends. It's also hard to avoid all the goings on in politics these days. I'm not much of a political person, but I do try to at least keep up a little bit with what's going on so I can make informed decisions when it comes time to vote in November.

Wondering: What happened to the kids' preschool teacher. She was there on Monday, but not on Wednesday. After school I asked the kids about Mrs. W not being there, and Rylee's response was that Mrs. W was never going to be their teacher ever, ever again. Of course that's all the details I got from them, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. Then that afternoon I got an email from the school, introducing Mrs. C (previously the assistant preschool teacher) as the new preschool teacher and Miss S as the new assistant teacher. No details as to why the change and why Mrs. W was no longer their teacher. So, preschool drama continues. However, I was never a fan of Mrs. W (which you can read about here), so I'm not sad to see her go.

Trying: To kick my junk food eating habit. I was doing a ridiculous amount of stress eating, mostly ice cream. I have avoided buying ice cream my last two trips to the grocery store. I am trying to snack on better, healthier foods. I really, really hate my body right now so changes are necessary. I was doing pretty good with my running, but now that it gets dark so early, I'm not able to do that after the kids go to bed. I need to find another way to fit exercise into my schedule. In the meantime, I can take control by making better food choices.

Worrying: I worry about Ayden. He was the HAPPIEST baby and toddler. He is definitely not the happiest now. He is a very sensitive little guy, and gets upset when other kids don't want to play with him, when he gets in trouble, and if he can't do something perfectly. He is very dramatic about things, saying things like "I will never have a pet," "I will never get to....," and "I can't do (fill in the blank)." He gets upset to the point of a meltdown if he doesn't "win" at whatever he is doing. Sometimes I think he doesn't try at things because he is afraid of failure. Such as writing his name. He says he can't write his name and won't even try. He has also said "nobody likes me," which completely breaks my heart. I feel like this is my fault. I am the one that spends the most time with him, and somehow I have ruined his confidence.

Planning: Their birthday. We are either doing it at a bouncy house this year, or at the local fire station.  We have a gift certificate for a "party" at the fire station that Tony's uncle bought us last year at an auction. We were supposed to use it over the summer, but our summer was crazy. I need to find out if they will still let us use it, and if they don't mind letting us push it out till December for their birthday.

Contemplating: Getting a resume put together. I need to get this done by spring, so I can start applying for jobs for next year. I know that gives me plenty of time, but the idea of putting a resume together gives me anxiety, so I am contemplating who I can get to help me with it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I Have an Embarrassing Problem

Let's talk about something embarrassing. I stink. As in, I have been suffering from some serious body odor issues. This has been going on for about 6-8 months now roughly, that I just can't seem to battle the body odor. In the past, there might have been a day every once in awhile where I was especially stinky after a workout or something, and it would go away with a shower. No problem. That's normal.

What I have going on right now is not normal. My armpits ALWAYS smell. Even after scrubbing (and scrubbing and scrubbing) in the shower, I get out and can still smell myself. I started using Native deodorant almost 4 months ago, and it has helped considerably, but there is still always an underlying smell. And Lord help us all if I happen to forget to put it on immediately after getting out of the shower. Within an hour, I STINK bad. It's pretty ridiculous.

Have you ever been around someone that smells especially rank? I'm not talking about at the gym where it is to be expected to some degree. Although, I do remember when I worked as a personal trainer at an athletic club, there were a few special circumstances where particular gym members had overwhelming body odor, so bad that you couldn't stand to be in the same room as them. Our manager had to have embarrassing conversations with them because it was turning away other members.


Well, crap!!!! This was NOT supposed to post earlier! I just came back to finish, only to discover I managed to publish it instead of save it. Facepalm. So here's part 2.

There's been a few times I've been around someone that was having a particularly smelly day. Not enough to make you gag, like the few occasional people at the gym, but enough to make you wonder if they forgot their deodorant that day. I always wondered if they knew they had B.O. or if they were oblivious. Now I'm of the mind that they probably knew. 

This is a sensitive subject for me because my grandma is one of those very smelly people. It makes me feel awful even writing that, but it's a real problem. My grandma lives in an assisted living retirement home. Everyone in my family (accept for my mom, because she is a saint in this regard) has a hard time going to visit her because her room smells so powerfully bad. The last time I visited her, it was during dinner and she was in the cafeteria. Usually that's the best place to visit because we aren't stuck in her tiny, smelly room. But on that day, she smelled so bad it was enough to make your eyes water and knock you over. It was all I could do not to gag in her face when I gave her a hug! I have no idea how her table companions could stand it. My sister and my aunt were with me that day. It was very upsetting how bad she smelled. My aunt followed that visit up with a call to the facility to find out why she wasn't being taken care of properly. Come to find out, she had been bathed THAT DAY! And she still stank so bad. I have a real fear of this happening to me. 

I've always thought that body odor came from a lack of good personal hygiene. I'm now coming to the realization that sometimes it truly doesn't matter how well you shower, how much you scrub, and how much deodorant you wear. Some people truly just have a major B.O. issue. Turns out I'm one of them.

I'm pretty sure this is a hormonal thing, and has to do with being perimenopausal (self diagnosed). I am hoping to get a doctor's appointment scheduled by the end of the week. I just need to decide where I'm going and find out who will see me. The fact that I don't ever go to the doctor very often, combined with all the moving we've done in the last 4 years, means that I don't really have a regular doctor. I need to buckle down and make some phone calls.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Microblog Monday: Heebie Jeebies

Not long after we moved into our new house, I was standing at the kitchen counter making lunch for the kids and felt a tickle on my foot. I brushed at it with my other foot, looked down, and realized a spider had just ran across my foot! Shudder. That spider is now dead. I know there are a lot of don't-kill-the-spiders kind of people out there that would have caught it and released it outside. I am not one of those people.

On Friday, I was sitting on the couch while the kids were in their rooms for quiet time, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something run behind our tv stand. OMG, was that a MOUSE!? Yes. Yes, it was a f*@#ing mouse. A mouse in my house. We had planned on having a pest control company come out eventually, as the inspection report when we bought the house showed old rat droppings under the house. I hadn't yet called to schedule the appointment though. On Friday, as I was staring down this mouse, I made the call. My mil happened to come by while I was on the phone with them. She immediately went to the store and got a few traps. The kids enjoyed being mouse hunters that afternoon. Ayden seriously thought he could catch it, as it ran from the tv stand to the pantry to the tv stand again, to behind the couches and into the hall closet. I chased this little sucker around, placing a glue trap close to wherever its current hiding place was. Finally, he ended up running onto the glue trap and getting caught. Ohhhh, the squealing! Rylee repeatedly asked me if I was sorry for catching the mouse. Bless her animal loving heart. She kept going in to talk to it. She wanted to feed it. Both her and Ayden were convinced it was a baby mouse and it's mommy was going to be looking for it. They also wanted to keep the damn mouse as a pet.

We went to Tony's parents for dinner that night to celebrate mil's birthday. Tony left early to dispose of the mouse before the kids and I got home. The first thing Rylee did when we got home was go to check on the mouse. We told the kids that daddy let it go outside. We probably shouldn't have lied to them, but they would have been devastated to know the truth. Ayden was very sad because, he will "never get to have a pet!"

Today, I was driving around running errands after dropping the kids off at school. There was a spider hanging from my rearview mirror! When I screamed (yes, I screamed. Sue me.), it dropped down right next to my leg. It's a miracle I didn't wreck the car. I pulled into a driveway at my first opportunity and jumped out of the car, trying to find the spider. Of course I didn't find it. I finally got back in the car and went about my errands, continuously feeling like I had a damn spider crawling around my ankles and up my leg. About an hour later, while pulling into the parking lot to pick the kids up from school, the spider showed up again! It was crawling up my driver-side door. I tried to get it with a napkin (which I had gotten out and ready from my previous attempt to catch this spider), but it dropped down to the floorboard. I quickly parked and got out of the car. This time I DID manage to catch the spider.

So, we are spider and mouse killers. And now I have the heebie jeebies. I'm waiting for another mouse to show up, and every little tingle or itch feels like a spider is crawling over me.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I have about a million blog posts that I want/need to write, but can't seem to find the words or motivation to actually sit down and write them. So, I'm going to just do a photo dump instead. Besides, who doesn't like seeing cute pictures?

Spiderman and Marshal watched Pinkalicious while I took my shower one morning 

Too cool for words

She actually took a rare nap

With our very first twin friends that we met when they all were just babies

With our nature hike friends from Veneta

We have grapes in our backyard!

Sometimes they get along

Ayden let Rylee borrow a pair of his dinosaur pj's for "3 days"

We went to the carousel

They were intrigued with the giant "Earth"

A picture with their Momma

They drew a "hopscotch" in our driveway 

Popsicles put everyone in a good mood

I let them make a giant mess in the living room with the agreement that they would clean it all up. They actually upheld their end of the bargain!

Friday, September 14, 2018

21 Years

We look SO YOUNG!

Yesterday we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. 21 years! I don't feel old enough to have been married for so long. When I told Tony that, he said "we ARE old." No, no we are not. Middle aged is not old! This was one of our anniversary dinner conversations.

The man absolutely drives me crazy most days and has a gazillion annoying habits (and I'm sure I do, too), but he also has a lot of redeeming qualities. In honor of our anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the things I love and appreciate about my husband.

  • He tells me he loves me every single day, usually by asking "have I told you today how much I love you?"
  • He is funny (also one of his annoying qualities). He is very quick witted and can come up with a joke faster than anyone else I know.
  • He is amazing at math, which balances us out, because I am soooo not good at math. He can figure how much a tip should be at a restaurant down to the penny in about 10 seconds. Very convenient! He will definitely be the one to help the kids with their math homework.
  • He LOVES his kids and is a great daddy, without question.
  • He loves sports, same as me. And board/card games.
  • He is competitive, but also knows how to be a good sport (most of the time).
  • He is incredibly creative at making up games to play. This comes in handy on long road trips, and/or just to entertain the kids in general.
  • He works hard for our family. He commutes to work, even though he despises it, so we can live in a different area that is better for our family.
  • He is very level headed, calm, and reassuring when I need it the most, meaning when I get myself worked up/upset about things (like the start of preschool this year for example).
  • He has an amazing gift of being able to strike up a conversation and talk with anyone.
I know that there are other amazing qualities that I am not thinking of, but I'd say these are the top 10.

We didn't do anything fancy for our anniversary and don't currently have any plans, although we have talked about trying to arrange for a weekend away. The night before, we realized we could ask his parents to watch the kids and feed them dinner, a HUGE bonus to having moved back closer to family. So the kids had a fun evening with the grandparents, while we were able to enjoy an actual anniversary dinner out.

Through good times and bad, through all the arguments and laughs, through 9 moves in 21 years of marriage (6 in the last 3.5 years), through 14 years of trying to have children, surviving infertility and coming out on the other side, to now being a family of 4. Here's to another 21 years of adventures ahead of us in whatever life has in store.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Preschool Update

Today I dropped the kids off at preschool and didn't stay at all. After having a conversation with the teachers on Friday about my frustrations (which you can read about in my last post), I didn't feel it would be a good idea to stay and potentially add more pressure. I don't want them to feel judged, as nobody likes that!

When I picked up the kids, they were excited to see me and seemed to have enjoyed their morning. I was happy (relieved) to see that they had worked on (or at least talked about) the letter A today.

I checked in with the teacher to see if she had put anything together for me to help with. Her response was that it would be great if I could do the name tags so the kids would know where there seats are in class, but she had to find the supplies for that first. Okaaaayyyyyy, I have three thoughts on that:

  1. I'm glad to know that she has plans to help curb the chaos and be more organized.
  2. How hard is it to find the name tags and print out a class list for me? She had all weekend to do this!
  3. Deep breath. I have no idea what her personal story is. Maybe she didn't have any time available to devote towards being more prepared and organized. Maybe she had a death in the family and that's why she always seems so... awkward. Maybe she has no background in teaching and she was just the best option the school could find at the last minute? That is not a comforting thought.

I do take comfort in the fact that the kids are being shown love from the teacher's assistant. She is very warm and loving with the kids and really seems to connect with them. The kids really like her a lot. If only the head teacher could relate to preschoolers on the same level...

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

First Day of School

I was all excited and ready to write my First Day of School post, but then the first day actually happened. And I wasn't excited. And I wasn't happy. In fact, I was downright disappointed. But before I get into that, let me tell you about how excited my kids were!

Ayden was bouncing off the walls excited for the first day of school. There was NO apprehension about starting at a new preschool, for either kid. Rylee was excited too, but Ayden was beyond excited. He woke up by himself at 6:30 (not unusual), cracked open his bedroom door but then shut it again. He got dressed all by himself (he picked out his clothes and laid them out the night before), then came out and wanted his breakfast. Then he was asking to get his teeth brushed. I made him wait on that, because I thought he might want more to eat when Rylee ate her breakfast.

We ended up having to wake Rylee up at 7:00. She wasn't quite ready to get out of bed, until I reminded her that she got to wear her new Rapunzel dress to school. That's what SHE was most excited about!

Tony took the day off work so he could be there for their first day of school drop off and pick up, with the plan of also getting some more stuff done around our new house (still lots of cleaning, painting, unpacking, settling in to do). The kids were excited that we both would be taking them to school.

They were pretty skinkin cute!
Being silly

Ayden is pretty adamant about wanting to stay a kid "forever and ever"

They are going to a small private Christian Academy this year, which offers grades preschool all the way through high school. There's only 72 kids in the whole school, so it is pretty small, but Ayden and Rylee's preschool class has 18 students. Not small. No big deal since they had 18-20 last year, but they also had at least 3 teachers every single day. This year there is one teacher, and a teacher's assistant, only 2 teachers to the 18 preschoolers.

I digress though. The drop off process was chaos. I expected that since it was the first day of school. They had each of the grades line up, then they went into the sanctuary by class, leaving their backpacks in the lobby lined up. Then they went through morning announcements (which really don't apply to the preschoolers at all), say the Pledge of Allegiance, introduced all the teachers, and sang a few worship songs. After all that, the kindergarten and preschool classes lined up to use the bathroom before heading to their individual classes. This took forever. Finally they were ready to head to their class, only the teacher forgot to have them grab their backpacks. Tony and I, and a few other parents went back to grab all the bags.

Once everyone got settled into the classroom, the teacher did a roll call. It was the most awkward thing ever, which is also the best way to describe this preschool teacher. She didn't even know that one of the kids goes by Topher instead of Christopher. The TA knew, and even Tony and I had already picked up on that before this point. There were no name tags at the tables for the kids. No name tags where the kids were supposed to hang up their backpacks. No name tags for the kids so the teachers could learn their names!!!!

Tony and I left after the roll call. There was only one other mom still in the classroom at that point; everyone else had already left. As soon as we got in the car, I told Tony how disappointed I was. REALLY disappointed. This was not the teacher I had interviewed last spring. This teacher was not personable, and she definitely didn't seem at ease with a group of preschoolers. Not only was she extremely unorganized and not prepared, she was super awkward. She never approached a single parent or child at the beginning, only introducing herself if approached.

The saving grace is that I do like the TA and I am sooooo grateful that she will be helping in their class. The other positive is that we left feeling very proud and relieved that Ayden and Rylee are so well adjusted. They were able to roll with the flow, and were well behaved throughout the chaos, despite it taking an HOUR before they actually were settled into their classroom and did something.

After we picked up the kids two hours later, we took them to the park and out for frozen yogurt to "celebrate" their first day of school. While Tony and I are extremely disappointed, they at least had fun and were excited to go back.

On Friday, their second day of school, I stayed once again (I was the only parent that did) to see if it got any better. I stayed through the morning announcements, pledges, and singing. I waited through the long bathroom line before heading to their classroom. One little boy had an accident and the TA took him to help change his clothes. Once we finally all got to the classroom, the kids were asked to find seats at the tables and be quiet. There were a few scuffles over who got to sit where, because once again, there were no assigned seats. The teacher then waited for the TA to get back with the other little boy before getting started. When she did arrive, the TA started to make name tags for the kids. Ummmm, you'd think that would have been done in advance? While this was going on, the teacher gathered all the kids to sit around her on the floor while she sat in a chair, where she proceeded to say about a 20 second prayer. Then they all had to take seats at the tables again. You guys, this was a 20 minute process of kids finding seats and lots of shhh-ing from the teacher. So for 50 minutes, from the start of school, these 3-4 year olds are expected to sit, stand in line, and be quiet. On the agenda after that was talking about birds, then recess and snacks, and then two high school boys were going to be be "guests" coming in to read for story time.

I left after hearing the plan for the rest of the morning. I called a friend to vent my frustrations. I talked to Tony to tell him day 2 was no different from the first, and then I started making phone calls to find out if other preschools had any openings. I feel so guilty for picking the wrong school. I know that we have 13 more years of the kids potentially having bad teachers, but it should not be in preschool. They should be having fun. At the very least, they should be playing! Not sitting and standing in lines being asked to stay quiet.

I did get an opportunity to talk to the teacher, the TA, and the principal/director all together when I picked up the kids. I asked what the expectations/goals were for the year. I kindly shared my frustrations at the disorganization. I also offered my help, saying I'd be willing to make name tags for them if they gave me a class list, or anything else they thought might help things run smoothly. They jumped on that immediately and said they'd have something for me on Monday. How much work have I gotten myself into??? I did learn that the teacher was hired just last week, which is something we kind of suspected. That at least explains the lack of organization, but it doesn't resolve her awkward personality and inability to connect with preschoolers. They assured me that things would get much better.

I at least felt better after talking with them, but I'm still not sure we are going to keep the kids there. At this point, we have no choice and if we want to keep them in preschool, and if we can't find another (affordable) preschool with two openings. I didn't go into this blindly. I had gotten several recommendations for this school, from reliable sources. I have sincerely liked every other staff member that I've met and talked to. I just don't like this preschool teacher! I chose this school because we do like that it's a Christian school, and because I thought it was the best choice to better prepare them for kindergarten education-wise. They have yet to pick up a writing utensil in their two school days so far. Not that I want it to be all business and learning, but I didn't want it to be a step back from what they had already learned last year. We loved our preschool so much last year! And then we had to go and move (which I don't regret, other than missing our old preschool). But I digress. I also chose this school because when we visited it last spring, the children there were so extremely welcoming! They were excited to have Ayden and Rylee visiting and invited them to play. They were HAPPY, and that clinched the deal for me.

It's still early. It has to get better, right?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Kid Funnies

Kids really do say the darnedest things! And I rarely remember to actually document them. Actually, in the moment I always think to myself how I need to remember what they just said or did, and then it never ceases to somehow disappear from my brain. There's a few recent kid funnies that I do remember...

While living at Grandpa M's, we had the BEST neighbor that lived on the other side of our duplex. She's someone I've known for a long time, as she is a friend of the in-laws. The kids frequently commented at how nice Miss Yvonne is. The kids and I went over to say goodbye to Miss Yvonne one day after loading our car full of stuff to move to the new house. As we were saying our goodbyes, Miss Yvonne said, "well, we'll have to catch up sometime...." Rylee interrupted by saying, "Oh! I don't like ketchup!" She went on to explain how ketchup really wasn't very good. Miss Yvonne about fell over from laughing so hard at the misunderstanding!

Rylee has an obsession with spraying her hair with water with a water bottle, or just wetting her hair down at the sink. Insert eye roll. Don't get me started on how tired I am of the bathroom counters and floor always being soaked. Yesterday I was in the bedroom, on the phone with the door closed, trying to get an issue resolved with our internet provider. Rylee came in, asking if she could spray her hair and I told her no. She was mad and went out to complain to her daddy and Ayden. Her very thoughtful brother told her he could spit on her hair if she wanted. Bahahahaha!! Rylee didn't appreciate the humor as much as everyone else did.

Last week I took the kids grocery shopping. Rylee is still small enough to sit in the shopping cart seat, and Ayden sits in the basket. As we were walking around getting all the things we needed, Rylee LOUDLY (the girl does not have a quiet voice at all!) shared that she just farted. And not just once! She repeated it a few times, thinking it was hilarious that she farted on the shopping cart seat. I tried to get her to be quiet, and ended up putting my hand over her mouth because she kept saying it so loud! I looked over my shoulder to see who all heard, and a guy right behind me (trying not to die laughing) said, "it's okay. I do it too sometimes."

That same day as the shopping incident, the kids were riding their bikes out in front of our house. A neighbor that was driving by stopped to introduce herself. While chatting, Rylee proudly announced that she "pees her pants a LOT." Unfortunately, this has been an issue for the last few months. Thankfully, the neighbor was amused, and told Rylee that maybe she needed to use the toilet a little more.

Someone told me recently that I need to remember/document the funny, embarrassing moments so that when the kids are teenagers and embarrassed by us parents, we can remind them of all the times they embarrassed us! They do make for some great stories to tell down the road.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

We have Internet!!!

Wow! It's been 3 months (as of tomorrow) since my last blog post! We have been without internet for almost the entire summer. I am sooooo excited to have it back. I have about a million posts floating around in my head that I need to find time to write!

It's been a crazy summer. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Tony's grandpa passed away. It was a blessing, as he'd been ready to go for a long time. Explaining death to 4 year olds was not easy. Rylee is very matter of fact about it, frequently telling people that "Grandpa M died." She also frequently states that she "doesn't want to get old and die."
  • We got an offer on our house in Veneta within four days of listing it. Everything went smoothly with the sale. It was still challenging to get everything packed and moved out.
  • The people we bought our new house from turned out to be assholes. That was not a super smooth process. More to come on that.
  • There was a gap between selling our old house and buying the new one. The timing couldn't have worked out much better with Grandpa M passing away, as we were able to move into his little duplex just two weeks later. Our couches, dressers, and closet clothes were the only things we moved into the house, everything else was stored in the garage. It was so nice not having to pack, unpack, and then repeat once our new house was ready.
  • The kids and I made the trek to Montana with Sis and her family, to see our other sister. We closed on our house while gone. Thankfully, Tony and I were able to sign papers before we left.   
  • The previous owners left the house a disaster. Again, we were very lucky to have a place to stay, because the house was totally not move in ready. We had to put in new carpet, had electrical work done, paint (lots and lots and lots of painting), shop vac the mounds and pounds of dog hair left behind from their three Australian Shepherd dogs, and scrub everything about a million times.
  • Then we had to move again. For those keeping track, that was our SIXTH move in just 3.5 years. Shoot. Me. Now.
  • Last weekend I ran in my 10th Hood to Coast relay, and I survived!
  • Oh, and the kids also took 10 weeks of swim lessons this summer. They just finished their last class tonight. We are going to take a little break, and then pick back up in a couple months again.

I hope that some of my bloggie friends are still out there reading! Please leave a comment and say hello if you are. I've missed this space! Until my next post, here's a bit of a photo dump. As stressful as this summer has been, we've managed to throw in some fun every once in awhile. The kids really needed it!

Grandma and Grandpa took them to their first rodeo.

We went to Enchanted Forrest, one of their absolute favorite places on earth.

My grocery shopping partners.

4th of July fun.

Watermelon eating contest!

My Princess and Prince Charming

Our wedding dates for one of the four weddings we went to this summer.

We had a family day at the beach.

Backyard water fun.

They had to share a bed all summer. Super adorable and sweet, other than the fact that they don't ever go to sleep while sharing a bed. I miss witnessing these moments, but I'm so glad they each have their own rooms again!

A little baseball fun!

So. Much. Sass.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Right Now: May Edition

Reading: I'm doing my best to stay caught up in reading blog posts from my friends, but I'm even slacking in doing that. Otherwise, it is only a bedtime book every night with the kids.

Watching: America's Got Talent just started, but I'm not sure I'll actually be able to watch the whole season with us moving soon. I'm also watching a Hallmark movie occasionally.

Listening: At this very moment I'm listening to Pooh's Heffalump Movie. The kids are watching it for  a little quiet time.

Drinking: Water. I've been doing a little better at drinking my water lately. I'm not quite getting my 100 oz in every day, but I am getting at least 64 oz, which is a lot better than what I had been drinking.

Eating: Strawberries! Our Community Playgroup met at a local farm this morning to play and pick strawberries. This was Ayden and Rylee's first time picking strawberries. I was REALLY impressed that they didn't just try to eat them all! In fact, they asked before eating any at all. I was proud of them for actually putting the strawberries in their buckets!

Wearing: Softball pajama pants (I had to change out of my jeans when we got home. I needed to be more comfortable!), and a blue Finder's Records t-shirt that I was gifted from a fellow infertility friend I met through blogging several years ago.

Loving: My new running shoes! I have been walking/running 3-4 times a week, but have been struggling with super tight achilles and calves. I haven't had a new pair of running shoes since well before the kids were born, so it's been at least a good 5 years! I'm hoping my new shoes will help. I've also been foam rolling and icing. I NEED to be able to run 20 miles for the Hood to Coast relay in August. I need to be injury free!

Anticipating: So much! Getting settled into our new house. They FINALLY accepted our offer! I am sooooo looking forward to this being our last move for a long, long time. I'm also looking forward to our trip to Montana this summer. The kids and I (and maaaaaaybe Tony?) will be traveling with Sis and her family to Montana to visit our other sister. You can read about our first trip to Montana to meet Baby Sis herehere, and here

Hoping: That everything continues to go smoothly with the sale of our house, and the buying of our next house. We just found out tonight that our house passed appraisal, so as long as the buyers stay on track on their end, we are golden. Inspection is scheduled for next Friday for our new house, and the appraisal will be ordered sometime early next week. We really love that house, so hopefully everything will go just as smoothly with buying it, as it has been with selling this one.

Following: To be honest, I never stopped following the housing market even after we bought this house. It became a habit to look for the perfect house. Maybe because this one was kind of our only option at the time, and not one we were really planning to stay in for more than a couple years (which turned out to only be one year). I'm going to continue looking for new houses to come on the market until we at least close on the new house, just in case something falls through somewhere along the line. And, as I said, it's just become a habit!

Wondering: If we will ever kick this sick season! Ayden and Rylee both felt much better within about 12 hours (2 doses) of starting their antibiotics for strep throat last week. But then Tony came down with it on Saturday. He went to urgent care on Sunday and got an official diagnosis of strep and meds, but still wasn't feeling even remotely better after 3 days, so back to the doctor he went. He got a new prescription for stronger meds and hopefully that will kick in by tomorrow. Please let this be our last round.

Trying: As much as I'd like to focus on packing and getting ready for our big move, I am trying to make sure I get the kids out to do fun stuff during the day as well. Even if it's only making a trip to the park, I think they need things to stay as normal as possible throughout this process. They still need the chance to be kids, especially now that preschool is over for the summer (which makes packing quite the challenge with two 4 year olds trying to "help").

Worrying: About Sis and her family. They are going through some challenges right now. My oldest niece and nephew are especially struggling. I wish that we were able to help more, and were closer to see them more often.

Planning: Our move! Trying to coordinate dates with those that will be helping us.

Contemplating: What colors we are going to be painting in the new house! Also contemplating how we will arrange furniture, and what we will do with the extra little "guest room" we will have outside. Tony wants to make it HIS very own space, which will never happen, lol. The room is fully insulated and is even set up for cable! We are thinking we'd like to put a treadmill out there, and then make it a craft/project room of sorts.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

This and That

Rylee had her very first ballet recital last weekend. I maaaaaay have gotten a little teary eyed, watching our little princess on stage. There's always that one little dancer that steals the show and makes everyone giggle at some point. Rylee was the one! She was at the end of the line as her group was exiting the stage, but just before going behind the curtain, she hung back and was searching the audience for us. She stood there for quite some time looking, and I imagine her teacher was on the other side of the curtain trying to prompt her into leave the stage. It was beyond adorable. Ayden was pretty adorable too. There were a few hip hop and jazz dance numbers in addition to the ballet, and Ayden was dancing in front of his seat!

Before the show

With Grandma and Grandpa

The recital was on Saturday, and on Sunday we went and looked at a few houses. We made an offer on one! We got kind of lucky (or so we thought) to see this house, as it's not officially on the market yet. We know the realtor that (will be) listing the house, and between her and my MIL, who is our realtor, we were able to see the house first. It had been our understanding that this would be to the sellers advantage as well, since they wouldn't need to get the house ready for listing and showings. We offered a $1000 over their asking price as kind of a thank you. Well, we have yet to received an answer from them! Super frustrating. After a full week of waiting, yesterday they finally said that they would be prepared to make a decision today. We decided to up our offer by another $3000, because we think it will appraise higher anyway, and maybe that would help them with their decision. Nope, we STILL have not heard anything!!! We are looking at another house tomorrow. Even though we would really like this house, we are continuing to look. There is not a lot on the market right now though. It also just plain sucks when you feel like you've found "the one" and are being kept in limbo. I wish there was more options out there and we could just walk away from this one.

In other moving news, the inspection on our house here (that we are selling. Confused yet?) went extremely well. And when I say extremely, I mean EXTREMELY! Apparently the guy doing the inspection said that we have a very "clean" house. The only thing we are being asked to do is change the air filter. Easy peasy! The appraisal was also done on the same day, although we won't here back from that for another week or two. The buyers actually want to close and move in early, which I take as a good sign that things are progressing smoothly, but we are holding out till the end of June. Tony needs to work here until at least that point anyway, and it just means less time living with the in-laws. And more time to pack. Have I mentioned how much I hate packing? I do.

The kids had their end of the year program/graduation on Wednesday night. Oh man, oh man, were they adorable! I am so thankful that my kiddos are so outgoing. Maybe one, or both, will end up doing drama in high school, as they both seem to love being on stage!

Thursday was their official last day of school and there was a party/field day of fun planned, but I ended up having to keep the kids home from school and make a doctor's appointment instead. After a miserable night of Ayden waking up crying every 30-60 minutes all night long, as soon as he woke up that morning, he told me he was thirsty and that his mouth hurt. I knew instantly that he had strep throat, because we had just gone through this exact same thing only a month prior! Rylee had been acting a little puny a few days before that, and had woken up a few mornings with a raspy voice, so once we got the official diagnosis that Ayden did for sure have strep, the doctor agreed to treat Rylee too. We didn't actually have her tested, because it would have required an official office visit for her too, and our insurance sucks. It would have cost us an additional $300, for a total of $600, just to get an official diagnosis for both of them, because our insurance sucks. And now tonight, Tony has a sore throat and we are pretty sure he has strep as well, so he gets to make a trip to urgent care tomorrow, which will cost us at least another $300. Don't even get me started on how much I hate the health care system in our country. The kids are sad they missed out on the water balloon fight for their last day of school. They also don't understand the concept of summer break, because they keep asking me if they get to go to school tomorrow.

Looking chipper, despite not feeling very good.

On another note, Ayden and Rylee have been pretty opinionated about what they should wear these days. Until just recently, I could typically guide them in their choices, but now they are downright adamant about what they want to wear. I'm having to work really, really hard at letting go of that control, and my desire for them to match. Not to match each other, but to at least match what they each are personally wearing!

He was convinced that his shorts and shirt matched. Maybe because they were both plaid??? He's super cute, even if his outfit choice was questionable. LOL
And then Miss Rylee chose this outfit today...

I've been doing a lot of walking this past month. I had been doing a walk/run combo, but then I somehow managed to injure my achilles. Even going up and down our stairs was painful, so I had to dial it way back to just doing leisurely walks. I've also pulled out my foam roller and have been doing more stretching, which I should have been doing anyway. I need to be able to run 20 miles in just three short months, so backing off completely is not an option. My achilles is feeling a lot better now after taking it easy, but it's still a little tender and my muscles feel really tight, so I'm continuing to take it slow at this point.

Oh! And I got the kids registered for their new preschool for next year! I debated between several, but finally narrowed it down to one. I really hope I made the right decision.