Sunday, December 2, 2012

PIO Injections

3 nights of injections = 4 pokes

I know we are probably really ridiculous about these injections, but I hate needles and Hubby hates having to give me these shots.  He is not of nurse material.  We probably make this much harder than it should be, but it is whole new territory for us.  Quite frankly, I think we've done pretty good so far because we've actually got them done.

I've already shared our experience of the first injection.  The second night went pretty good and was fairly quick.  Our niece was in the other room, so we needed to be proficient.  The only thing that happened was my butt cheek flinching again when he first started to poke.  And of course that made him jump back because it scared him.  Then we settled in and just got it over with.  It was a little painful, and actually felt pretty bruised to the touch yesterday, but manageable.

Then last night.  Sigh.... Before we got started, I told Hubby that chances were I would flinch again.  It is totally involuntary and something that I can't help.  When he inserted the needle, I barely flinched at all this time so we made it further into it.

But then!  Then, as he is injecting the PIO, it hurt a little and I flinched and guess what?  It scares Hubby and he jumps back.  With the needle.  Yay me!  We still have to finish the dosage!  I'm mortified that he has to stab me again, and he's mortified for the same reason.  He hates the thought of inflicting any pain on me and this is hard on him too.  He tried to be positive though and said "at least we don't have the full 2 ml left to do."  We'd barely gotten started and still had 1.5 ml to go, but I appreciate him trying to be positive :)

So we changed out the needle and got the rest of it done.  I have taken the advice of several and rubbed the injection site each night, and also have used a hot pad to help prevent the PIO from lumping.  So far I don't really feel any lumps.  My left side has bled more, but is actually less painful.  My right side has only had one injection, didn't bleed, but feels very tender.

It's only been 3 nights.  We have at the minimum 2 more weeks of this, until we find out whether I get pregnant or not.  (And then the horrible thought crosses my mind of it all depending on even making it to transfer.  PLEASE let there be viable embabies!)  At most we will have 3 months of PIO injections and that is what I pray for.  As much as I dislike them, I really, really want to have to continue them.  They aren't that bad.  I just have to remind myself that many before me have made it through this stage.

I also don't mean to scare anyone else that may not be to this stage yet.  Just know that if I can get through this, so can you!  To others that have been down this road already, I may just sound like a big baby.  And you know what?  I probably am.  When it comes to shots, that's just the way I am.  I've made it through all the stim shots for 2 cycles.  I made it through the month of Lupron injections for this cycle.  I know I can make it through the PIO injections too. 


  1. My husband did that once. I said ow really loud so he pulled the needle out. I wasn't happy about getting stabbed again! I truly hate PIO with every fiber of my being

    1. I'm sorry :/ I'm sure he probably felt really bad about it too! My Hubby just can't stand that he's inflicting pain. I really don't like the injections at all, but at the same time I keep praying that we will have to continue them....

  2. Bless you both. I think this becomes hard to read as I know the ending and
    it just breaks my heart for both of you. Many will and are being blessed by
    both of you and your loving, generous spirits. Auntie