Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Telling the In Laws

Monday night, following our good news at the ultrasound, we decided to finally reveal our secret to Hubby's parents.  Of course we had wanted to do it this last weekend, but just weren't quite comfortable doing it yet when we hadn't really gotten very reassuring news at our prior ultrasounds.  But after Monday's great news, we just couldn't wait!  (It's more like Hubby couldn't wait, and it didn't take too much to talk me into it!  lol)  His parents are leaving for Mexico on Thursday and Hubby is working late all this week, so it was pretty much our only night to do it.

We drove out to their house, talked for a few minutes in the kitchen, then moved into the living room and sat down for our visit.  I had photo copied the ultrasound pictures and trimmed it down so it looked like the real thing.  After sitting for another few minutes, I casually pulled out the pics and handed it to my mother in law.  She looked at it silently, started to get teary, and then looked up to ask what it was.

I told her it was what she was thinking it was and she just started sobbing.  I mean, literally sobbing.  Not just tears in the eyes.  Not just crying.  Sobbing!  Oh my goodness, I couldn't help but cry a little too!  And Hubby also cried.  You couldn't help it when she was so emotional.  In a good way of course!  It was awesome!

So then we shared how far along we are (8w, 5d today) and told them about our first two ultrasound appointments and how we just didn't feel comfortable sharing our news when it was so uncertain at first.  Her first question was "when can I tell people about it?"  We told them we wanted to hold off on that for awhile yet since it is still so early.  We just don't want to have to go through untelling people if something bad happens.  There are also some people that we really want to be able to tell in person first.  I haven't told anyone in my family yet, besides my sister.  I probably will tell my mom on Monday, as that is her birthday.  What a great birthday surprise that will be.  But other than that, I do not plan on telling my family until we reach the 2nd trimester at least.

Her second question, or really it wasn't a question but an exclamation, was "we get to go SHOPPING!"  haha!  I love that :)  Although, I told her not quite yet.  We still want to be sure we make it out of the first trimester.

A funny part of the evening was when we were getting ready to leave.  My father in law asked where I was carrying the baby.  I told him I didn't know.  He then asked "well is it low in the belly, or is it up higher?"

me: "I have no idea."

him:  "is it sitting to one side or the other?"

me:  "I really don't know."

mother in law: "was it up here?  below the belly button, or down lower"

Hubby:  "much much lower."

them:  "well where did they put the jelly for the ultrasound?"

me:  "inside."

And then my father in law was just totally embarrassed and said "leave it to me to ask about that!"  They had NO idea it was a vaginal ultrasound, and not just the gel on the belly type thing.  It was pretty humerus actually and he was totally embarrassed.  I told him it was totally okay and I have no problem answering those questions, I just wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer!

MIL tried to give the ultrasound pics back to me as we were leaving.  I told them that was for them to keep.  It's their very first picture of Bob.  She was surprised she got to keep them and got teary again.

It was so fun to reveal our news.  We can't wait to tell everyone else.  It was awesome!


  1. This sounds so awesome! I am so excited for you! This must feel amazing and I bet you are so excited to tell your mom! Sounds like your inlaws are super supportive and excited - yey shopping and lol to your FIL! Sounds like you handled it awesome!

  2. Awwww - this post made me get teary!

    I think FIL was trying to predict for a boy or girl. You probably threw him off his game. LOL.

  3. Reading their expressions to finding out about bob made me totally tear up. How sweet! Poor FIL, bet he was a little red from embarrassment.

  4. This is sooo great. Hahah! FIL... hilarious.

  5. What a great moment. So happy for you.

  6. Your FIL learned his lesson about asking questions, huh? Love the reactions, thanks for sharing!

  7. "Inside." Priceless! This made me smile, and the rest is just awesome. So happy for you!

  8. Congratulations! What a great reaction from you MIL and too funny about your FIL. May you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
    I'm originally from the Oregon coast, but I've been living in Finland for the last 13+ years. I miss the ocean and beaches. :)

    Here from ICLW.

  9. Hi from your MIL's reaction

  10. Amber!! As I start to read your MIL reaction, I broke into tears too. Only then
    continued to read about her happy sobbing. Again, glad everyone got to have that time and can only hope that it will bring comfort for going through that in the years to come. Got to agree FIL was trying to determine the sex and was hoping that I would have read his thoughts. Just more to comfort and think about in the years ahead. Love you so much and glad that you both got those hugs and love!!!!!