Thursday, January 10, 2013


I just got off the phone after scheduling my first few appointments with a new OB/GYN.  The whole idea makes me nervous.  I've been going to a Dr. in the town Hubby and I first lived in when we got married, but it is 30 minutes the opposite direction from where we live now and an hour plus from where we work.  It was very inconvenient for scheduling appointments.  It also is a totally different hospital from where we would want to give birth.  Not because it's not a good hospital, but because it is further away from us and our family.

I looked on the website of the new clinic that I will be going to and had it narrowed down to a couple doctor's.  I chose these two as my top two choices because they had high risk pregnancy listed and seemed to have more experience with unusual circumstances, such as infertility.  I don't necessarily think I'm high risk (except maybe mentally!), but I am 38 so considered on the upper limits because of my age.

Of the two doctors I had chosen, one was a man and one was a woman.  Honestly, I tend to lean towards preferring a woman ob/gyn because they get to know you on such an up close and personal level.  Haha!  However, after experiencing the past year of infertility treatments, I have learned it doesn't really matter.  I've had a few male doctor's take a number of vaginal ultrasounds too.  You just sort of learn to not care anymore.  As long as he has a good bedside manner and doesn't creep me out, I really don't care.

At this clinic, they don't assign you a doctor, you get to choose.  However, you only get to make this decision based on what you read on their bio page and the warm fuzzy feelings you get (or don't get) by looking at their picture.  It sure would be nice if you could actually meet them in person before you make such a big decision. But...that is not an option.

I chose to go with the male doctor because the other one apparently has limited office hours.  I think I was leaning toward him anyways because he has infertility listed on his bio.  Maybe he will have some understanding of what I have gone through to get to this point.  Maybe he will understand that I might need a little more care.  I don't know if I can handle going so long between appointments.  I'm also a little nervous of running into someone that will be judgemental of the fact that it is an egg donor baby.  That fear might be unfounded (I'm sure it probably is), but I won't know that until I meet the doctor.

I still have my next ultrasound with Dr. W on Monday to see if the growth is consistent and the heartbeat has improved.  She said if things looked good, then I would probably be graduating out of their clinic.  Scary and exciting at the same time!

My intake appointment with the new clinic will be on Wednesday the 16th.  That first appointment will only be with a nurse to get all my background info and some blood work done.  Then I don't actually meet with the new man doctor until Friday, Feb. 1st.  That seems forever away, but at least I have the ultrasound between now and then.  On Feb. 1st I will be 11 weeks pregnant.  Almost to the 2nd trimester!

On a side note, I have lost 2 pounds in the last 2 days.  How is that possible?  I am eating roughly an extra 300 calories as recommended, if not more.  Yesterday I actually made some cupcakes and had a few as well.  There is no way I should be losing weight, at least in my mind.  I have not experienced any morning sickness so cannot use that as an explanation.  I certainly don't feel like I have lost weight. In fact, I would have thought the opposite with the bloating I experience every time I eat.
I don't know at what rate a person is supposed to gain weight during pregnancy.  All I know is that a person should generally gain somewhere around 25-30 pounds total.  I know some people don't really even start showing until their 4th, 5th, and even 6th month.  I'm okay with that.  I just never expected to LOSE weight.
I would google it, but I am staying away from Dr. Google.  He scares me.  I'm just going to continue along and keep praying that we will see another weeks growth and a stronger heartbeat on Monday.  Maybe someday soon I will actually start to feel pregnant.  I even had a string cheese this morning without the aversion I'd been having.  However, I can hardly gag down my prenatal vitamins lately.  I'll take that as a good sign.


  1. Wow! Graduation already. It flies feels like you just got your BFP. Congrats!

  2. I am sure the little one is using up all the extra calories you are eating. Good sign, right? I am totally with you on the male OB/GYN. I would never have gone to one before but my RE is male and so many people have been in my business at this point that it doesn't even matter anymore.

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  4. Amber, you are such a good writer as even though I know the outcome, I can so feel all of your emotions and understand why you would have them. And since I don't know when you actually got your bad news, I have such a state of fear, apprehension for you as I know what an awful day that would have been and not looking forward to reading your pain on print. My heart is already breaking for you and here come the tears just thinking about it.

    1. Why thank you Auntie! Although, I know it's easier for you to be invested emotionally since you actually know me personally :)