Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review


I'd been doing pretty good with my eating most of the week.  I even got a 2 mile walk/jog in before practice.  Yay me!  I always start out doing intervals so I don't start out too hard and end up with an injury. 

I wanted to make our softball practice fun since our Thursday game was rained out and we didn't get to make it up on Friday either.  At the start of practice, I had each girl (and coach) share their favorite animal, but it couldn't be duplicated with anyone else.  Whatever animal they chose was then their name for the rest of practice.  We couldn't call them by their real name, only their animal name.  If someone called another player out by their real name, it resulted in said player/coach having to do 5 burpies (a torturous, not fun exercise that I now loath!).  By the end of practice, I think I did close to 120 burpies!  Who made up that stupid game?!!?!  (point all fingers at ME)  The girls thought it was pretty hilarious and it made for a very fun practice.  Most all the girls ended up doing burpies because they would get caught trying to call someone ELSE out for messing up.  "haha!  You said Jenny!"  And then they would have to do their OWN burpies.


I woke up and crawled out of bed.  Oh. My. Garsh.  So sore!  Again, who's idea was that stupid game?  Oh well.  I was wanting to kick myself in gear and start exercising, so I guess this was a good start.

I split the girls up into two groups for some Saturday morning hitting groups.  Each group came in for 45 minutes.  We have our make up game scheduled for Monday, so we need to still be sure we are ready to go.  After the hitting practices with my high school girls, I then had to help out with our local rec softball program.  They were doing tryouts and wanted me to be the one to evaluate the older 14u girls, rather than the parent-coaches.  It was good to see what kind of talent will be coming up through the program.  All I can say is, those girls need to be coached by a "real" coach, and not their parents that "think" they know what they are doing.

After that, I went to my in-laws to see my two nieces that were visiting.  Hubby had to work in the afternoon, so he had played with them in the morning already.  We went in shifts :)  My niece, Jade, thought it was great fun playing dress up.

Later that night, I found out from Facebook that my cousins are pregnant again.  Come to find out, my Mom DID know about it all week, but she was asked not to tell.  I can't really be mad at her for that.  It's not her secret to tell.  She didn't really understand why it was upsetting to me to find out via FB.  Oh well.  I'm over it.
My husband and I worked with 3 of the softball girls to work on some extra hitting. 
Then we went to my nephew Steven's Mickey Mouse birthday party.  His birthday was actually earlier in the week, but because the weekend before was Easter they chose to wait till the following week for his birthday party.  Everyone showed up to their house and he said "but my birthday is already over."  It was pretty funny.  He'd been looking forward to his Mickey Mouse birthday party though (he picked out the theme).
Cousins C and J, along with my Aunt R were actually at the party.  They don't always come to these things so it was a little bit of a surprise to see them.  They have no idea that their FB announcement was so hurtful to me, and I'm not going to tell them.  I know they would feel bad if they knew how I felt.  Yes, it was annoying and painful that they didn't think to tell me via text or email first, or through my Mom at least, but in the grand scheme of things, it's just not that big of a deal.  I wished them congrats again and asked if they would find out if it's a boy or girl.  We joked about C having to buy more guns if it's a girl.  It was kind of awkward for me, but again, no big deal.  I'm happy for them.
Now, here's some pictures from the birthday party:
The amazing birthday cake that a friend made

The birthday boy opening his presents

Proud parents of the birthday boy, S and Sis

Eliana with her Uncle Tony

Baby Nathanial, who is almost as big as his brother


I'm on day 4 of taking bcp's.  I am actually down 3 lbs.  Yay!  I got my Lupron and Estrace ordered and it will be shipped to me soon.  I start Lupron injections on the 18th.

I'm about to leave to go catch the softball bus for our game.  Then we have another game tomorrow and one on Thursday.  Busy week.

*Amanda at Beloved Burnt Toast just found out today at her ultrasound that she has lost her twins.  She could probably use some extra love and tlc.

**I haven't proof read this as I'm about to be late for my bus, so hopefully it isn't too bad in spelling or grammer!!!



  1. Ah Burpies. Horrible and yet, such a workout :)
    You are amazing for how "grown up" you are about your cousins' pregnancies. Whew. That would be difficult for me. Sounds like a pretty good weekend overall.

  2. Wishing you luck on surviving the Lupron. I actually forgot how awful it was until I started taking it yesterday.

    That cake is awesome!

  3. I cannot believe you did 120 burpies! That is amazing! I can barely do 20, let alone 100 more!!!

  4. That Mickey cake looks amazing. I need a friend who can make cakes like that ;)

  5. I always start out with run/walk intervals too. The weather is getting better here so I'll be joining you in the torture soon! Love the dress up outfit!!

  6. 120 burpies!?! WHOA! You are hardcore!! That is awesome! Kids are awesome, so is that cake!!! I feel horrible for Amanda, I wish I could remove her pain. Ugh. Good luck at the game!

  7. 120 BURPIES!!! When I was taking bootcamp I could barely do 10. Incredible! Sounds like a great weekend!!! I stopped by Amanda's blog. So heartbroken for her.

  8. ha. i HATE burpies. you're crazy!

  9. The cake looks amazing! It sounds like a pretty good weekend, despite the awkward with your cousins.

    I don't know what a burpie is, but is sounds awful. Smart coach there. ;)

  10. Oh, thank you Stasy for not making me the only one that doesn't know what a burpie is!!!! I love all of the pictures and so glad that you had a wonderful week-end with all of the nieces and nephews and your girls!!! You are an amazingly strong
    young woman in how you are handling the cousins! Praying for you and sending lots of
    love! Auntie

  11. A similar thing happened to me years husband found out that our friends were pregnant (two weeks into TTC of course) and didn't tell me because he "wanted them to have the chance to tell me themselves." I was LIVID that he put their wants above my needs. I felt really hurt by the whole thing. So you're right about it not being your mom's secret to tell, but my biased opinion is that your cousins get a pregnancy, so you should at least get a head's up. You are much more gracious than me. (-:

  12. Looks like you have a lovely family and a lot of love around you. Good job on the weight loss.