Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little White Lies

Hubby and I are big Oregon State Beaver fans.  We have had football season tickets every year we've been married (15 years) and he actually grew up going to the games.  Yes, I realize they have not had the success of the Oregon Ducks these last few years, but let's not go there.

Tonight's football game has a start time of 7:30pm.  I currently am doing Lupron injections which started on Oct. 26th, so it's been 3 weeks so far.  The late start of the game conflicts with my injection time.  There was a late game a few weeks ago and I just sucked it up and took my paraphernalia with me to the game.  I wasn't too excited to give myself the shot in the very public bathroom of about 15 tiny stalls.  There is always a long line waiting for a stall.  So I first went in the exit to wash my hands, knowing that everyone in line probably thought I was cheating and getting in front of them.  I washed my hands (gotta be sanitary!), then went back out the exit to get in the line to wait my turn for a stall.  They do at least have hooks in the bathroom stall so I could hang my backpack.  Then I just prayed not to drop anything and did the deed (injection, not bathroom deed lol!)  I capped the needle and put it back in my bag to take home so I could properly discard it.

I should probably tell you that I absolutely hate shots!  I have my whole life.  I was one of those kids that had to be held down when I was little.  It was awful.  I have had no choice but to deal with it, given the number of injections required while going through infertility treatments.  I actually feel like I've now become a bit of a pro at stabbing myself.  I've learned how to handle the injections in a public restroom if it's a single bathroom with counter space to work with, but the bathrooms at the football stadium are not so easy to work with.  And really, being able to do it at home is just the most comfortable (and comforting) place to do it.

I decided the other day that I was not going to go to the game tonight.  Big sacrifice for me as I LOVE going to the games!  Especially with Hubby.  It's just something we really enjoy doing together.  But knowing I'd have to go through the whole injection in the tight, unsterile bathroom stall again, and the fact that my family is coming over in just a few short days for Thanksgiving and I REALLY need to clean my house, I told Hubby he needed to find someone else to go with him.

So this is where my little white lie comes in - today we had Thanksgiving dinner with Hubby's family.  Yes, it's only the Saturday before the actual holiday, but his brother's family lives 3 hours away and today was the day we could all get together.  Hubby's brother and wife, and Hubby's aunt and uncle all have tickets to go to the Beaver game tonight too.  Well, they all thought I was going to the game and didn't understand why I wasn't!!  I used the excuse of needing to get our house cleaned up for Thanksgiving, which they thought was lame!  They all know I would never miss a game unless I really had to.  But what they don't know is that we are in the midst of TTC, and I didn't want to tell them the real reason why I didn't want to go to the game, so I just told a.... little white lie. 

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