Friday, October 5, 2018

Right Now: October Edition

Reading: I have a book on hold at the library, waiting for me to pick it up this afternoon! I am very excited to read Unbroken: a World War II story of Survival, resilience, and redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. There is a movie out about the man this story is about, Louis Zamperini, and a second movie coming out soon that I really want to see, but I need to read the book first!

Watching: Too many things! This is Us - love that they are bringing infertility into the show. A Million Little Things - the verdict is still out as to if I will like this show or not. I love that they are bringing awareness to mental health, but not a fan of the affair between friends. Yes, affairs happen and it is a fact of life to some degree, but icky that it's between best friends. New Amsterdam - I accidentally happened upon this show one night and I AM HOOKED! I love this show and can't wait for the next episode.

Listening: Currently listening to my children in their bedrooms. It's supposed to be "quiet" time, but they are not all that quiet. I really was hoping they would take a short nap, because they have been very cranky, emotional bears lately.

Drinking: Water and Minute Maid light lemonade.

Eating: The kids and I went to a farm with MIL the other day and picked red and green peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, zucchini, and pumpkins. The kids are super excited about their "Halloween" pumpkins, and I am super excited about the produce. I made a stir fry the first night, and last night we had tacos and used the cabbage in place of lettuce. We are having the left over taco stuff tonight.

He carried his own pumpkin all the way from the field to the car.

Wearing: Jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt I stole from Tony.

Loving: Watching my kids in their activities! Saturdays are very busy for us right now. We start the morning bright and early with the kids playing soccer at 8:00am. Then Rylee has ballet at 9:30, and Ayden has karate at 10:30. I LOVE that the local martial arts studio here in town has karate at such a reasonable price! We wanted to sign Ayden up for karate last year when Rylee did ballet, but the cost was astronomical. We LOVE the teacher and Ayden is enjoying the class. I'd like to have Rylee taking karate too, but it is sooooo good for Ayden to have something just for himself. This also gives Tony and I the opportunity to have one on one time with the kids on Saturdays. One of us takes Rylee to ballet and the other takes Ayden to karate. Then we can do one on one dates with them doing something fun afterward.

Anticipating: The holidays. The kids get SO excited and that makes it pretty much the best thing ever. I pulled out a few Halloween window clings and a couple decorations to put outside yesterday and it entertained the kids for the rest of the day. They are planning what buckets they will use for trick-or-treating and can't wait to wear their costumes. Then comes Thanksgiving, their birthday, and Christmas!

Hoping: To finish unpacking and getting settled in. We also have a lot more painting to get done. I'm hoping to finish painting the dining room and kitchen in the next few weeks, so we can finally get the furniture moved to where it's going to go. It will be so nice to have it DONE. Also hoping that the exterminators will be able to solve our mouse and spider issues. I found a gigantic spider in the garage yesterday! It was huge and only about 6 inches from the garage door opener. Rylee was about to open the garage door, but I saw the spider and screamed (eye roll at my reaction; I just can't help myself), making her jump back. Only 10 more days until the exterminator comes.

Following: Trying to keep up on reading posts from my fellow blogger friends. It's also hard to avoid all the goings on in politics these days. I'm not much of a political person, but I do try to at least keep up a little bit with what's going on so I can make informed decisions when it comes time to vote in November.

Wondering: What happened to the kids' preschool teacher. She was there on Monday, but not on Wednesday. After school I asked the kids about Mrs. W not being there, and Rylee's response was that Mrs. W was never going to be their teacher ever, ever again. Of course that's all the details I got from them, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. Then that afternoon I got an email from the school, introducing Mrs. C (previously the assistant preschool teacher) as the new preschool teacher and Miss S as the new assistant teacher. No details as to why the change and why Mrs. W was no longer their teacher. So, preschool drama continues. However, I was never a fan of Mrs. W (which you can read about here), so I'm not sad to see her go.

Trying: To kick my junk food eating habit. I was doing a ridiculous amount of stress eating, mostly ice cream. I have avoided buying ice cream my last two trips to the grocery store. I am trying to snack on better, healthier foods. I really, really hate my body right now so changes are necessary. I was doing pretty good with my running, but now that it gets dark so early, I'm not able to do that after the kids go to bed. I need to find another way to fit exercise into my schedule. In the meantime, I can take control by making better food choices.

Worrying: I worry about Ayden. He was the HAPPIEST baby and toddler. He is definitely not the happiest now. He is a very sensitive little guy, and gets upset when other kids don't want to play with him, when he gets in trouble, and if he can't do something perfectly. He is very dramatic about things, saying things like "I will never have a pet," "I will never get to....," and "I can't do (fill in the blank)." He gets upset to the point of a meltdown if he doesn't "win" at whatever he is doing. Sometimes I think he doesn't try at things because he is afraid of failure. Such as writing his name. He says he can't write his name and won't even try. He has also said "nobody likes me," which completely breaks my heart. I feel like this is my fault. I am the one that spends the most time with him, and somehow I have ruined his confidence.

Planning: Their birthday. We are either doing it at a bouncy house this year, or at the local fire station.  We have a gift certificate for a "party" at the fire station that Tony's uncle bought us last year at an auction. We were supposed to use it over the summer, but our summer was crazy. I need to find out if they will still let us use it, and if they don't mind letting us push it out till December for their birthday.

Contemplating: Getting a resume put together. I need to get this done by spring, so I can start applying for jobs for next year. I know that gives me plenty of time, but the idea of putting a resume together gives me anxiety, so I am contemplating who I can get to help me with it!


  1. Wow, my dear you have a lot going on. I am sure you can find someone to help you with your resume, either someone that hires or someone that recently got a job, I know you have cousins & an Aunt in those positions. Your worrying about Ayden's personality broke my heart. YOU ARE NOT to blame as I have seen you with those kids so much & Rylee doesn't have this issue. It's personality for one & very possibly just a stage. BUT ALSO, look at that picture of Ayden at Karate...that is ONE HAPPY BOY THERE!!!! I love that picture as my 1st thought seeing it was...that is ONE HAPPY BOY THERE!!!! A MILLION LITTLE THINGS is suppose to be drama/comedy & a lot of mystery. The affair, I understand your thoughts on BUT the husband wished his friend well & to love each other!! There is something huge down the road that will explain this & I also think there is something fishy with the secretary too!!! I am going to keep watching. I love it as much as THIS IS US!! You all have so much going on but overall life sounds really good for you all & good for you for attempting to kick the junk food eating. The struggle is real!!! I wish you well with it & everything in life!! You've got this, you are doing a GREAT job & I have no doubt that you will continue to do GREAT & SUCCEED!!!! Love & hugs, Aunt D As always, LOVE the pictures of those adorable 4 year old twins!!! Going to be 5 soon!!! Sounds like a great birthday is ahead for them!!!

    1. Of course Ayden has his happy moments too, not denying that, but he does struggle almost in a daily basis. It’s exhausting and really hard on this momma’s heart. It will be interesting in Million Little Things how that all plays out, but it wasn’t exactly clear in who the husband was talking about when he said “love each other.” He could have just meant all the friends! Sure, he probably meant his wife, but isn’t that a little weird, too? And yes, definitely something going on with the secretary for sure.

  2. I used to be a resume consultant while I was in college. OMG! That was 20 years ago, but i’m Happy to take a look for you!

    1. Thank you! I may take you up on that offer. Eventually. Whenever I actually decide to get down to business. haha!

  3. I'm sooo late in commenting but did you enjoy Unbroken? I loved that book- his story was so amazing! I didn't think that the movie (I think the director was Angelina Jolie?) was that great though.

    Can you see if your college offers any help to graduates? Our local library has people who look at resumes (but always has it during the workweek so I can't go).

  4. I'm still working on reading the book, but I am enjoying it! So amazing what he went through and survived. I've heard that about the movie, but that the second one fills in all the missing pieces.

    I actually managed to update my softball resume recently, but changing it so that it is more applicable to a "real" job is where I am stumped. That's a great suggestion about the college. I'm not sure? I do think there are a few local places that I might be able to go to. It's stressful to think about, but I've at least started working on it a bit.