Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Five

I'm stealing the Friday Five idea from my friend, Stacie. I always have so many ideas for blog posts and little things I want to share, that I get overwhelmed and then not post anything! Here's a little recap of a few of the things going on in our neck of the world...

The kids are becoming quite the little artists. Ayden used to have very little patience for sitting down to color, draw, etc. Now he is constantly asking for paper and wants to draw all. the. time. And of course they have to hang ALL their artwork on their bedroom walls. They will soon run out of space.

His drawing of Pete the Cat riding a skateboard.

Rylee's drawing of Pete the Cat.

I got these new paint sticks for the kids and they LOVE them!

Their visions of our upcoming January trip to Mexico.

Ayden's picture. The airplane that will take us to Mexico, the sun, birds, an octopus, and the blue lines are sharks jumping up out of the water.

Rylee's picture. An airplane taking off from the ground and an airplane in flight above it, a purple octopus, sun and clouds, trees, and the orange thing with a face is a bird with a "mouth AND a beak."


Speaking of those paint sticks, they also work great on pumpkins! Hallelujah, because I don't really care for the mess of carving pumpkins. Ayden LOVES carving pumpkins, but he's now also fallen in love with painting pumpkins. We did carve pumpkins already once this season, so we aren't completely depriving them.


I found a Big Wheel for $5 at a garage sale over the weekend. The kids LOVE it! I looked online to see how much it would cost to get a second one. The cheapest I could find is $50! I had no idea they were that expensive. Makes me really appreciate my $5 find!


I've jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. I'm still not 100% sold on them being much more than a placebo effect, but I know of way too many really smart people that believe in them wholeheartedly to not at least give them a valid try. I've been trying to cut out the use of so many chemicals in our household, and this is just another way to do that. I've also started using Norwex products, another company that is all about being chemical free.


The kids had a field trip to the pumpkin patch with their preschool class this morning. I love seeing them interact with all their little friends from school. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to go with them.

His collection of pumpkins. He only got to take one of them home though. Haha!

The winning pumpkin that came home with us!

Posing with her pumpkin. So much sass in this little girl!

All the little "pumpkins" from their preschool class.
(some are in the back and didn't actually make it into the picture, unfortunately)

My favorite preschoolers.


  1. Enjoyed your Friday Five post & LOVE all of the pictures!!!! I've seen their Mexico drawings & you know what...I knew those blue lines on Ayden's picture were sharks!!! He did a GREAT job drawing!! LOVE the picture of Rylee painting her pumpkin & you have the CUTEST preschoolers!!! Keep enjoying & having fun!!! Love & hugs, Aunt D

    1. Impressive that you knew those were sharks in Ayden’s picture!

  2. I got some 3 ring notes books and page protectors. Now I have some where to store Kate’s artwork and BOOM! Gifts for Grandparents!

  3. Painting markers and the big wheel are great ideas! Thanks for giving me some Christmas suggestions. I think your kids are around the same age as my son, he will be 5 at the end of Jan.

    We live Pete the Cat around here, too. Love the picture, and I know exactly which book that’s from!