Monday, October 29, 2018

Microblog Monday: Monday Blues

It's definitely been a Monday! For whatever reason, Tony wasn't able to sleep much last night. I finally ended up moving out to the couch, only to have Ayden come out a short while later because he'd peed the bed (of course hubby was sleeping then and missed the fun of middle of the night pee clean up). The kids ended up sleeping in this morning, which is a rarity, and we ended up having to rush out the door to get to preschool. This included me losing my shit after the 5th time of telling them to put their shoes on. In full disclosure, the 3rd and 4th time I wasn't exactly saying pretty please, but by the 5th time, I'm pretty sure all the neighbors heard me. Being late to school is unfortunately a regular occurrence, but today we were REALLY late. Sigh.

After dropping them off at preschool, I went grocery shopping. As I was putting my groceries onto the conveyor belt at the checkout stand, I managed to drop a bottle of juice on the floor, and of course it poured all over. I offered to pay for it anyway, the employees said that wasn't necessary and offered to have someone run back to get me another one, which I declined.

After that the day was mostly good except for the never ending arguments between the kids. And the tattling. How do I get them to STOP tattling over every little thing!? We ended the day with Rylee refusing to eat the dinner I made, and preceding to be whiney, cranky, and over sensitive.

I'm glad today is over.

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  1. Sending oodles of love & hugs & sincere wishes that today is starting out to be a MUCH BETTER DAY!!! Love, Aunt D

  2. Ugh. Had many days like these and all have ended with an early bedtime for all.

    I don't know if this will work, but I've started separating my kids when they misbehave with one another (read tattling, wrestling, climbing the furniture, etc). Not being allowed to be together both stops the behavior and makes them reconsider (because they actually are drawn to one another). That said, I have zero idea if this will help you. The joy of siblings.

  3. I realllllly hate Monday’s. I almost never have a good one. I’m really sorry your day was so craptastic.
    We just went through a tattling phase. No real advice how to make it stop. I just kept saying he needed to mind his own business, and that I only need to know if it is something that will hurt someone else or be dangerous. What helped was his older brother being gone again during the day (for school), the summer was tough with that. Not an option with twins, HA. Just know you aren’t alone, and eventually this too shall pass.

  4. This past Saturday, everything Kate did seemed to piss me off and I couldn’t;t imagine if I had two. You can lose your shit, whenever and how often you need to

  5. Oy. And hey, I'm notoriously late now constantly and I only have one kid. Solidarity. Those days suck.