Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Family Fun

Normally I would try to do a #MicroblogMonday post today, but this post isn't what I would consider micro.

The Columbia River divides Oregon and Washington, and Tony's brother and his family live up the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side.  Tony's parents just recently finished having a house (a second home) built up there and this past weekend was the first sleepover in the new house.

We had arranged our travel plans so that we would leave on Friday right after lunch, timing it so that Ayden and Rylee could sleep for most of the drive because it would be during their nap time. (It's about a 4 hour drive)  The plan was for Tony to take the afternoon off work, and we would swing by his office and pick him up on our way out of town.  We were supposed to pick him up at Noon, but I had to send him a text at 11:40 to let him know we were running late. I spent the morning trying to get everything packed, while also making sure that two toddlers were entertained.  While they ate lunch, I got most everything loaded in the car.  When they were done, I quickly got them cleaned up and got one of the high chairs loaded as well.  (There's already one booster seat at the new house)  I put them in fresh diapers for the road and got their shoes on.  Right as I was rushing them out the door (is that possible with toddlers?), I discovered that Ayden had poopy britches.  Of course.  So I took his shoes back off and got his diaper changed.  Again.  Shoes back on, out the door, and both of them in their car seats.  Phew!

But then...When I got to the end of our road, I found it completely blocked off!  They had just repaved the road.  What the...!!!?!???  So I sat at the end of the road (fuming) and called the City Public Works.  I was told that notices were put on everyone's doors a few days prior and that the road wouldn't be opened until about 5:00pm.  I gave them an earful about how we hadn't gotten a notice.

I turned around and went back home.  Then I tried putting Ayden and Rylee down for their naps, but they really wanted nothing to do with that.  They weren't too pleased with our short car ride and then being ushered back into the house and immediately put down for naps.  I called Tony to tell him that we couldn't get out.  He didn't believe me that they could completely block us in, so he called the City as well.  He ended up driving home, parking up the road, and walking the rest of the way to our house.  We waited it out till we could leave. During that wait, we found Ayden playing with a bright orange piece of paper.  We have absolutely no idea where he found it, but apparently we DID in fact get a notice.  Oops.

We eventually made it to Washington for our weekend of family fun.  Ayden and Rylee absolutely LOVE spending time with their grandparents.  Ayden's favorite word is "Gampa."

Saturday morning was spent hanging out at the new house.  Ayden discovered he was finally tall enough to step on the gas pedal in their jeep, so he and Rylee rode up and down the street for at least a good hour.  Grandma wrapped a "hat"(a dish towel) around Rylee's head because it was a very chilly morning.

 That afternoon we went to the BIL's house for our niece's 8th birthday party.  Ayden proved to be a handful at the party, throwing lots of little temper tantrums because we kept deterring him from all the things he wanted to do (like climb under the house, go down the raging river that sits below their house, get in the way of the other kids swinging a stick at the pinata...).  Rylee enjoyed running all over as well, but without the temper tantrums.

She enjoyed learning how to be a sidewalk chalk artist from the older girls.

After the party, bil took us to see their property and the new house they are building.  Ayden and Rylee got to see the horses and get a ride on the tractor.  They both love animals, but especially Rylee.  Ayden tends to be a little more tentative.

Rylee walking with the birthday girl

Getting to sit on a horse for the very first time.

Ayden's uncle introducing him to Wally.
Ayden wasn't so sure about the headphones covering his ears!

Rylee got to ride the tractor too.

On Sunday, we all went on a trip down the Columbia River on a sternwheeler to celebrate MIL's 60th birthday.  We went on a morning cruise down the river that was over about Noon.  Afterward, we let the kids play at the park that was nearby before we all headed home.  The road trip home was uneventful, but perfect timing for Ayden and Rylee to nap!


Ayden got to sit in the Captain's seat and "drive" the boat.

The weekend got off to a rocky start and it was very busy, but it was a great family weekend.  The older cousins really enjoy playing with Ayden and Rylee, and it was great fun for the adults getting to watch them all play and giggle together.


  1. AWWWWW, that's so great that you can have such a fun, pleasant get away for the family and not be so terribly far away!!! Glad you all had a great time, pictures are adorable and soooo sorry about the delay (that would have irritated the most patient of person)!!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

    1. It was a great weekend, and it really is such a beautiful area!

  2. I cannot believe they completely closed off your road! That's insane! I'm glad you were able to get out eventually and you all had fun!

    1. I know, right!?!!!?! It was so extremely irritated to be completely trapped in (unless we wanted to walk)!

  3. What a busy weekend you had but it looks like you all had a lot of fun. The kids are soooo adorable!!!

    1. It was definitely a full weekend, but so fun!

  4. It sounds like a great weekend with family. Sorry about the delay with the road construction. I didn't know they could actually block you in completely without having some way out.

    1. Despite the delay, we did have a great weekend!