Thursday, October 1, 2015

Consignment Success!

This may not even remotely be interesting to anyone else, but I thought I'd share my finds! As a consignor at the sale, you are invited to shop the pre-sale before the actual event opens to the public the next day.  As a volunteer, you get to shop even earlier the day of the pre-sale, based on how many shifts you volunteer for.  My MIL made the trip down to babysit Ayden and Rylee so I could go to the pre-sale that afternoon.

A few days before the pre-sale, I went through all of Ayden and Rylee's clothes to figure out what they needed going into the winter months.  Ayden was in desperate need of warmer pajamas and Rylee needed some long sleeve shirts.  Other than that, they were already pretty set and I mostly was just on the hunt for good deals. I love to find great deals on the next size clothing items that I can put up, so we are ready when they do grow out of things.  I have bins in my closet full of clothes just waiting for Ayden and Rylee to grow into.  I'm not the most organized person, but I do keep this organized!

Here's what I found at the pre-sale for Ayden:

  • 6 pairs of pajamas
  • 2 zip up hoody sweatshirts
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 polo shirt
  •  2 button up dress shirts
  • 3 button up shirts w/ built in sleeves for the "layered" look
  • 1 sweater vest
  • 1 pair of corduroy pants
  • 1 pair of black dress shoes

Ayden's pj's

His other clothes

For Rylee:
  • 1 pajama set
  • 2 zip up sweatshirts
  • 8 tops
  • 7 pairs of leggings
  • 3 pairs of jeans/pants
  • 1 jean skirt
  • 1 jean jacket vest (the cutest!)
  • 3 dresses/tunics
  • 3 pair of tennis shoes

Rylee's pants and pj's

All her shirts, dresses, jean skirt and jacket

All but the Beaver hoody cost ONLY $1 each!!!

Deal of the day: the white adidas with orignial tags, never worn - only $5!

Other items that weren't clothes:
  • Little People Parking Gargage  (only $5!  How could I pass that up?  Every other similar toy there, people were asking a minimum of $25)
  • 1 book
  • 1 blueray movie - Happy Feet
  • 2 puzzles (for my nephew's birthday coming up)
  • Baseball glove (I had to!)

On Saturday, I was scheduled to volunteer at Noon.  I went in early because it was half price day.  Some people choose not to discount their items for half price day, but most items are.  I was able to find a few more things, spending only .50 or $1 on any one item.

For Rylee I found:
  • 2 pairs of pajama's
  • a pair of fleece sweatpants
  • black leggings
  • a dress with diaper cover
  • 1 shirt
For Ayden:
  • a pair of black slacks
  • long john pants
  • a long sleeve button up dress shirt
  • short sleeve button up shirt
  • 3 basic, plain t-shirts good for playing outside in the dirt or for crafting

All the half price deals

Overall, I spent a grand total of $131 on all this stuff.  However, as a consignor I reached my goal and MADE $308, so I came out way ahead on this deal!  


  1. GREAT JOB!!!! And these 2 are going to look SO CUTE in all of these great finds!!!! Love that you HAD to get the baseball glove!! Of course, you did!!! Super great deals and great job meeting your goal earned!!! And you do look VERY organized!!! It's the little (or big) things like this that can make us feel good when we are stay at home Moms!! Love you, Auntie

    1. Thank you! At least I'm organized at something, right? Lol

  2. That is such an awesome haul! I totally hit the conseinment shops for Kate's clothes, seriously there is stuff that other babies wore once or twice, if at all. I almost refuse to pay full price for anything new for her. I just also discovered that I can check toys out at our local library!

    1. Yeah, even when I buy things brand new it has to be on sale! And you are so right about finding things basically brand new at consignment sales! It's the perfect way to shop for littles that grow out of things so quickly, as far as I'm concerned!

  3. I went to a consignment sale last week and basically found her winter wardrobe because she is quickly moving into 3T clothes! We had been getting clothes from her second cousin (who is 1.5 yrs older) but once Izzy moved into 2T she had caught up. :-(

    Great haul for the amount of money you spent!

    1. 3T clothes already?? That stinks to lose out on the hand me downs, but glad you found some great deals too! Sounds like the older cousin will soon be getting Izzy's hand me downs instead!

  4. Wow you did a great job and made a big profit!!

    1. Thank you! So satisfying to actually come out ahead on the whole thing!

  5. Lauren (Ariel Ocean)October 2, 2015 at 1:27 PM

    awesome finds! I love a good deal, and consignment is definitely the way to go when they're little. My daughter (18 years old) recently discovered Plato's Closet, a consignment store aimed at teens and young adults in Salem and Hillsboro.

    1. Awesome that their's a consignment store geared toward teens and young adults! I've heard of it before, but didn't know exactly what the store was.

  6. Look at you! You got a fabulous deal!

    1. Yes I did! I love consignment shopping and finding great deals on new-to-us clothes :)

  7. I'm going to be honest. You pretty much blew my mind with the results you're getting as a consigner of fashion. This is especially the case when you consider the fact that you are seeking children's clothing for your own family's use at the same time. Free clothing and a profit? Congratulations!

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale