Monday, October 12, 2015

Microblog Monday: Not a Break

A late microblog post is better than not at all, right?  Hey, it's still Monday here.

Rylee, Ayden, and I spent Saturday night at my in-laws.  They went down for bed close to their normal bedtime and went to sleep fairly easy.  It's been working out that one of the babies sleeps in a pack-n-play (pnp) in my in-laws room and the other sleeps in a pnp in the spare room, or with us depending on how many other people are spending the night.  It worked out great last weekend having Ayden sleep in their room, so that's what we did this time too.  However, this weekend, he woke up crying at 3:30 in the morning.  I waited to see if he would calm down and go back to sleep.  I didn't want to walk in on MIL calming him, only to have me interrupt and have him all upset again.  He cried off and on for about 10 minutes, but then it turned into all out screaming, so I finally went in to save both mil and Ayden.  (Grandpa was in Washington working on their new house)  The poor guy was so upset, he just clung to me.  Once he calmed down I tried taking him to bed with me, but when I turned to leave the room he started screaming again.  We thought maybe he wanted his Grandma so I tried handing him to her, but he clung to me even more.  I ended up just crawling into bed with MIL.

However, Ayden would not go back to sleep.  At. All.  I eventually moved into the living room with him and tried laying down on the couch to go to sleep.  He was not into laying down.  I turned on the Disney channel, hoping to at least distract him that way.  It worked for about 15 minutes, but then he wanted to get down and play.  OMGosh.  I was so tired and just wanted to go to sleep!  And of course their house isn't baby proofed at all, so I was constantly getting up to redirect him out of trouble, all while trying to keep him from also waking up Rylee and MIL.

Anyway, to micro this post and shorten the story, I still had my half day to myself going to watch a few softball games, but it really didn't seem like much of a break when I was dog tired from being up since 3:30am.  If they didn't live 1.5 hours away, I would have driven home and taken a nap.  Now THAT would have been glorious.

And of course, Ayden woke up this morning at 5:00.  It's been between 5:00-5:30 for the last two weeks now (accept for the 3:30 wake up).  That doesn't work very well for this night owl (me).

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  1. Ugh I know how this feels! We just had a weekend at M's folks place, except Q came down with a cold and I ended up being up every hour or two trying to soothe him back to sleep through the stuffiness. It ended up not feeling like a break at all!

  2. Sooooo sorry. Sometimes it just isn't easy being a parent. But it always has its upside so hang in there!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  3. The sleep stuff is so hard. I can handle all the other stuff when I get sleep, but when they wake you up all night, it's impossible to function the next day.

  4. Hey! I can't ever reply to your emails, did you get one from me? Here was my comment:

    Got it! I assume you want me to link to your DiTL and not the 'microblog' post, though--- I did find it, obviously, just wanted to make sure. And your picture to use is the one you attached, yes? It's okay to use that one even though the watermark says 'do not copy'?

    Thanks! Your twins are adorable and I love the 'no time out' face. Very familiar.

    1. I don't know what's wrong with my email! Yes, please link to the ditl post! Gah! I can't believe I sent you the wrong one! Thanks for catching that. Hmmm, I have another copy of the picture with the actual watermark. I didn't know the one I sent you said that. I will send you a new picture tomorrow. Hopefully that will work?

  5. The middle of the night wake ups are so hard. I am not into waking up at 5:30 (when Paloma has been getting up lately) but I'd rather that than 3:30! You are such a hardworking mama!