Monday, May 7, 2018

Microblog Monday: On the Market

Our house is officially listed and on the market! Last week I worked like mad to get the house presentable enough to have pictures taken for the listing - painted the floor board trim, painted the kitchen, cleaned up a lot of the clutter around the house (I'd love to say it all got cleaned up, but I'm still working on that), weeded and edged the front yard, and washed all the window tracks around the house. Oh, and on top of all that, I got ready for our neighborhood garage sale that was held on Saturday! Phew! We were able to sell a lot of junk. Didn't make a lot of money ($130), but that is to be expected when you sell a lot of things for just a quarter! I'm happy to have made a little bit of extra money while getting rid of stuff, instead of just taking it to Goodwill.

Now it's the wait and see game. Everyone I've talked to says our house should sell no problem! There's not a lot on the market right now, so it's definitely a seller's market. It make me feel very anxious waiting for showings, and needing to keep the house impeccably clean. That feels like an overwhelming task, especially with two four year old tornados that go behind you and undo whatever you've just cleaned! Actually, they do a pretty good job of picking up their toys when we ask them to, but man alive, I am really tired of making our beds a thousand times a day. They loooooooove to crawl under all the blankets and hide, and it is driving me absolutely bonkers!

There is a new subdivision being built in the town we are moving to, and we should be finding out this week if we will be going that route and getting into a brand new house. We are hoping to see the floor plans this week, so we can make a decision on whether that's what we want to do or not. We also need to find and decide on a new preschool or the kids. So much to do!

I hate this process. This will be our 5th move in just three short years. Shoot. Me. Now. But this is it. Unless something crazy happens, we will be staying put for the long haul now. We just need to get to the other side of selling, buying, and moving!

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  1. FINGERS ARE CROSSED, GOOD WISHES ARE SENT that all of this goes smoothly & quickly from the selling to the moving into your forever home!!!!! Love & hugs, Aunt D

  2. Good luck for the sales process!

  3. Good luck! My family moved 7 times (within the same time) in a span of 13 years. You don;t want to break that record!

  4. Nice work and fingers crossed your house sells quickly! I hope this is your last move for a VERY LONG TIME!!!

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