Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Right Now: April Edition

Reading: No books. I've just been trying to catch up on my blog reading.

Watching: American Idol and Little Big Shots. I started watching American Idol because I have a high school friend who's daughter tried out for it. She didn't make the cut, but I got sucked in anyway. And have you seen Little Big Shots? The kids on the show are amazing, and I never watch the show without laughing several times throughout.

Listening: Currently listening to the AC and the refrigerator running. Nothing exciting!

Drinking: Cascade Ice Sparkling Water, the lemonade flavor combined with a bit of cranberry pomegranate. I recently tried switching coconut instead of the lemonade flavor and I like it too.

Eating: Too. Much. Ice Cream. I've been stress eating it. The good news is that I've also been doing a fairly good job of eating healthy otherwise. But I do need to cut back on the ice cream. I've also been participating in a workout challenge with some friends, so it's not all bad thankfully!

Wearing: A bright pink t-shirt with black capri workout pants. I pretty much wear a t-shirt every single day.

Loving: Being a part of our local Nature Mamas group! About twice a month, the kids and I get together with a group of other mommy's and their kiddos and go for a little nature hike. It's been great. We actually had one of our hikes this afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny (and hot) day!

Anticipating: Moving back "home." As much as I despise the selling/buying/moving process, I'm looking forward to when we are all settled into what we hope will be our forever home.

Hoping: That the whole process will go smoothly and without hiccups. I hope that our house sells quickly, and that our perfect house to buy with reveal itself in a timely manner, and that we can afford the one we want! I also am hoping that should we end up having to live with my in-laws in the interim between houses, that we will all still like each other when everything is said and done.

Following: The housing market. It's consuming us right now!

Wondering: How this will all play out. How I am ever going to manage getting ready for our community garage sale next weekend, and getting our house show ready to be put on the market.

Trying: To get Ayden to stay in his room in the mornings instead of coming to wake me up. I keep reminding him that it is okay to stay in his room and play or read a book if he wants to, but PLEASE, for the love of God, stop waking me up at the butt crack of dawn! There's been a lot of 5:45-6am wake ups. I'd be happy if he would just wait till 6:30!!! I've been thinking about investing in one of those Okay to Wake clocks...

Worrying: This one is pretty redundant with what I am hoping for, listed above! I'm worrying about how we will survive living with Tony's parents and having our stuff in storage. Worrying about keeping our house show ready once it goes on the market. Worrying about whether someone will want to buy it or not. Worrying about how we will afford the mortgage payment on a nicer house. Worrying about having to find the kids a new preschool.

Planning: On finishing this post and going to bed! I started it this afternoon while the kids were having quiet time, but didn't quite have enough time to finish. So here I am, staying up way too late finishing it!

Contemplating: Here's a big one for ya! I'm thinking about pursuing an assistant softball coaching job at Western Oregon University for next year. I recently learned that it paid a LOT more than I ever thought it would. It would still keep me (kind of) on the same schedule as the kids, with Christmas and summer breaks off. My schedule would be crazy during the season and I would have a lot of weekends traveling and away from home, but only for about a 2 month period. Since we are moving back to the area, this is the perfect timing for me to potentially go after a college coaching job. I plan to call the head coach tomorrow to inquire more.


  1. Wow, a lot on your plate. The job opportunity sounds great, good luck with your intro phone call! One day at a time - the perfect moment for each of these things to hallen will reveal itself. And when it’s over, what happened will have been the only way it could have happened : )

    1. What a perfect outlook to have. Thank you for that!

  2. LOVE this post & yes, you do have a LOT on your plate! I LOVE LITTLE BIG SHOTS!! We record it every week & I am amazed at the talent, from the super talented to just extra ordinary little human beings that make them special!! Always makes me smile! How funny was your what you are listening too!:) Beautiful pictures & your HOPING: I am hoping & praying for the same for all of you. So wish I was in a position to come help more again, at least while you are in Veneta. But again ASK if I can do something specific for you for a 2 or 3 night stay. CONTEMPLATING: I wish you so much SUCCESS in going after that & I can feel (read) your excitement!! Keep us updated!!!! Love & hugs & best wishes always, Aunt D

    1. We always gravitate toward the same shows! We must be related (wink, wink).

  3. Oh my gosh that job opportunity sounds amazing for you! And whew. Moving again. You win the award for most moves in the shortest period of time. :)

    1. Not an award I wanted to win or was even trying for, but hey! At least we are good at something! haha :)

  4. nice share, I should start thinking about mine also

  5. We love our Ok to Wake clock. It keeps Izzy in her room on the weekends until 7am (we wake her up before that during the week).