Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bullet Points

It seems to be a thing that this time of year, I don't get much blogging done. Hmmmm, could it have something to do with us moving three years in a row around this time? Life is crazy, made even crazier by the fact that we are moving yet again. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's worth saying again... This will be our FIFTH move in THREE years!!!! Not that I'm keeping track...

  • The sale of our house is officially pending. It only took four days on the market. Wahoo! And it was the first couple that saw our house, too. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and nothing happens to derail the sale. The inspection is scheduled for Tuesday.

  • We had a great family day for Mother's Day. Tony does an exceptional job of making it a special day for me. Him and the kids picked out a flower basket (at my request) and a card for me. They made me breakfast. Tony did all the dishes and made a picnic lunch for our day at the beach. We did a short hike that I would have liked to be a bit longer, but the kids were DYING to get to the beach. Then we had a nice dinner out so nobody had to cook. It was perfect.
A pic from our hike

  • The kids didn't have school on Wednesday, so we took advantage of that time to travel (to the town we will be moving to) and check out potential preschools for next year. We visited three different schools, and have it narrowed down to two. There's another preschool that I think would be my top choice, but it is already full for next year. After visiting the schools, we had a picnic lunch at a park. Then we had an appointment to look at a house to potentially buy (it wasn't the one for us). After that, we went to pick up our taxes from the tax lady (we had filed an extension). Then we zoomed home (it's a 1.5 hour drive), ate a quick dinner, and then got Rylee to her first dress rehearsal for her ballet recital that is this weekend.
Playing at the park

Dress rehearsal

  • Yesterday, we had a field trip with our Playgroup friends to a Public Works event. The kids had so much fun! I was also really impressed with how interested Ayden was in actually learning at the different booths set up, such as the different parts used to clean out irrigation ditches and sewers.
Checking out the fire truck

Talking to each other through the headsets

Giving Lily the Frog a hug

  • Tonight is Rylee's very first ballet recital! She is beyond excited that she gets to perform on a real stage! Then tomorrow we have an appointment to look at another house to possibly buy. We are really hoping that this will be the house for us. We love the neighborhood and the price is right, so we will see. Then I have a wedding to go to for one of my softball girls that I used to coach.

  • Assuming everything goes through on the sale of our current house, we will be closing and turning over possession by June 30th. We are anticipating having to move in with the in-laws for a few weeks, if not a few months, depending on how our house hunting goes. Tony's parents are in the process of having a house built on their property (they currently are in a manufacture house), and have purchased a storage pod that we will be able to use in the interim. Then when we are done with it, they will use it themselves, because their manufacture house will be hauled off.

  • The kids only have one more week of school left! They will have an end of the year celebration/performance to close out a great year. We are sad to be leaving this preschool.

  • Tony's been working long hours and then was gone for a few days this week. He's feeling overworked, sleep deprived, and is missing the kids, but he has basically made a quarter of his annual income in just the past three weeks. Hopefully his schedule will be slowing down soon, because he becomes a real bear when he works this kind of schedule! Besides the fact that we are moving soon...

Moving/buying/selling a house is such a stressful process. So far, I'm keeping my head above water, but it was a challenge last week. I'm thankful that we found a buyer so quickly, because keeping the house show ready with two 4 year olds underfoot is beyond frustrating! I would make a bed, and five minutes later I'd find them snuggled inside and I'd have to make it again! And the toys. Gah! Get it all cleaned up only to have more toys drug out again. Staying on top of the dishes constantly is nearly impossible when you are home for three meals a day, plus snacks! We are plugging along though.


  1. Sounds like things are going brilliantly even if it feels a bit chaotic! Fingers crossed for you to find your dream house : )

  2. Fingers crossed that the sale is smooth sailing!

  3. I love Jen's comment on how life is going as it probably puts it in a nutshell perfectly!!! My fingers are crossed that today will be the day that you find your forever home as you sound optimistic so please God make it happen!!! The pictures are all ADORABLE & you do have such a busy life & even if you loose it at times you hold it together perfectly!!! You have a lot on your plate so just hang in there as it can only hopefully get better!!! Lots of love & hugs, Aunt D Enjoy the wedding & social time! And my Tony find rest soon!!!:)

  4. There is a possibility we may be moving also and just the thought frightens me! When we bought our current house I was like 4 months pregnant so I didn't have to manage a toddler and move this go around that wouldn't be the case..oh my! haha I hope you easily find the home you love :)

  5. Only 4 days to sell your house- WOO HOO!

    That look that Rylee is giving the camera in her ballerina dress is awesome! That's a framer for sure!