Monday, December 29, 2014

Microblog Monday: Santa Pics

My family Christmas was this past Saturday.  The babies got to meet Santa for the very first time!  They really don't have much in the way of stranger danger, but they missed an afternoon nap (not that they ever get a very good one these days) and were super tired, so we thought they might cry.  Nope!  My niece and a cousin that are both only a few months older than Ayden and Rylee on the other hand....  They were not so happy with Santa.

We have a Santa suit in our family that my Grandpa used to wear.  I'm proud to say he was the Santa for an annual event at our State Capital Building for several years.  Now the Santa suit is used for our family Christmases.  This year one of my uncles dressed up as Santa.

My absolute FAVORITE!

Ayden was thinking about giving that beard a good tug.

I love this one too!  Rylee and Santa look like they are having a good talk.

And then there was my niece.  She didn't like Santa so much!

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  1. Haha that last pic is exactly how my niece looks in all her Santa photos! Aren't you almost disappointed that the twins won't have a classic "Santa meltdown" picture?

    1. Lol! We still have time for a meltdown next year. It's hard to be disappointed when that first pic with Ayden is so perfect!

  2. OMG The twins did great! So cute with Santa! I think the first year actually is usually okay, especially if they are younger. My two year old did fine last year but NO NO NO this year! He didn't cry, but wouldn't sit with Santa, either!

  3. Okay, this is terrible, but I cracked up at the last pictures. Because the twins were so calm and happy! I was lulled into this kids-loving-santa space. And then that last shot of your niece... priceless.

  4. That was the BEST Christmas with all of the family and those adorable little ones!!!! Ayden and Rylee's pictures are so sweet and one just has to chuckle over the other 2 one year olds!! I am with you, the one with Ayden smiling up at Santa and then Rylee and Santa having a heart to heart are my favorite pictures of the evening!!! Standing in the back, I didn't see the faces until the pictures and A just looks like she gave an ear piercing scream but I don't remember it being all that loud. You just knew she was not happy!!! But absolutely a great evening!!!!

  5. Honestly, I used to love the Santa meltdown pics until I had a baby and now I just really feel bad that the babies are crying!!! So I'm glad the twins liker Santa :)