Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nothing is Safe

The babies have been getting into EVERYTHING!  They are in love with touching our cadet wall heaters, regardless of how many times we tell them it's dangerous, or say owie or hot.  We try to keep it turned off if they are roaming around, just in case, but Rylee did actually burn her hand one day.  The poor girl had little burn lines blistered onto her hand for a few weeks.  I thought it was going to scar, but it did go away.  She did not learn her lesson however.  Now they think they are sneaky.  They crawl past the wall heater to stand at the wall a further bit down, and then walk along the wall to the heater.  When we say their name as a warning, they stop, look at us and smile, then continue on their naughty way.

If we leave the hallway doors open, they instinctively know it and find their way into a bathroom or bedroom they shouldn't be in.  There is not a cupboard or drawer in the kitchen that they will stay out of.  I had a few people suggest giving them a cupboard that would be "theirs."  They said that their own child then left the others cupboards alone.

I decided one day to finally give in and let them have a cupboard.

New Toys!!!

They taste so good!

I love how they are sitting back to back.

The Pyrex has now found a new home

So now my question is this:  How in the world do I get them to stop getting into every other cupboard still????  I've given them their own cupboard and drawer, yet they STILL want to get into every other one as well!  I realize we could solve this problem by putting little door baby proof thingies on.  However, we don't have the kind of cupboards that have knobs, so we can't just tie them together.  We actually have to screw/drill into the cupboard door to attach the baby proofing.  I don't think that is something we should do at this point, since we are selling our house.  I also don't want to do that to my china cabinet!

Now, not only do I have plastic containers and lids spread all over my kitchen and living room floor, they are still getting into the other cupboards.  I was told that if I gave them their "own" cupboard, that they'd leave the others alone.  I want to know how to make that happen!


  1. No advice, but your children are beyond adorable! Thanks for sharing such great pictures.


  2. LOL FUNNY!!!! Still chuckling, but have to say, give them a cupboard of their own and they will stay out of the rest and that is just how it's suppose to happen!!! Maybe you can tell them Aunt Debbie said that is the way it is just going to be!!! LOL
    Also, an old timer's trick for burns and I know that it works from experience. Pour egg whites over the burn and as they "cook", peel it off and repeat until the burning goes away and on the worst of burns (boiling water poured on a back) it will not scar and worked for them too. Glad Rylee came out good on that one!!

  3. I've been told that for the first two years of your kids' lives, you are essentially just trying to prevent them from accidentally killing themselves somehow. So this sounds about right!

  4. Haha oh Paloma has just entered the same stage... When you figure it out, please let me know!

  5. Our solution was to put baby gates in the kitchen doorway. ;)

  6. Use painters tape to go from the bottom/underneath of the cabinet over the door a bit. Still stops my almost 2 year old and 4.5 year old ;)

  7. So adorable! It seems like kids always prefer to play with tupperwear and boxes over their fancy kid toys. Good luck!

  8. My twins are 17 months old and the only way I can contain anything is to gate it. They are starting to work together to climb over the gate and I'm terrified! :) I just keep holding on to the fact that they'll move on from being so curious about the cupboards eventually. Your kiddos are adorable!

  9. LOL We had to resort to a baby gate to keep the little ones out of trouble! I'm lucky though I guess, my house is a tri-level so they don't have access to the kitchen!

  10. We used the ones that screw in and my 10 month olds can still open them... Baby gates for us!

  11. OMG. They are into everything!! I have basically gated off or closed doors so the girls only get free reign of the living room. all other rooms are off limits unless we are able to follow them around. Mostly this is because we have really old cupboards that have been painted too many times and don't close so we can't child proof them. I was told by a couple people that they didn't bother to childproof and they just taught the kids the areas they couldn't play in and that it worked. Um, that isn't working for me at all. They ONLY want to play with the things they aren't supposed to. It's a good thing they are so cute!