Monday, April 16, 2018

Microblog Monday: Strep

Round and round we go. We have one, mayyyyybe two weeks without any sickness, and then we are dealing with yet another round. It feels never ending.

We spent Friday night at Tony's parents. Ayden slept H.O.R.R.I.B.L.Y. He kept fussing and crying out in his sleep, so finally I decided I'd lay down with him until he settled in. He ended up being restless all night. At 12:30 (midnight!), he asked me if it was awake time yet. Nooooo, far from it, Kid! Another time when he woke up, he really, really, really needed a drink, so I got him some water. Ayden has never really been a great sleeper if we are away from home and he's not sleeping in his own bed. Although, this was an exceptional night of little to no sleep, we chalked it up to just being away from home and maybe some growing pains.

Of course he was grumpy the next day,  but again, we just assumed it was the lack of sleep from the night before. We got home past their bedtime Saturday, and he was exhausted. I gave him some Tylenol and he slept all night without a fuss.

However, he woke up Sunday morning complaining that his throat hurt and he was feeling pretty miserable. When I looked, it was very red. I ended up taking him to the after hours clinic at their pediatric office, and he was diagnosed with strep throat. He started antibiotics last night and is feeling much better today. The doctor said that after 24 hours on the meds, he won't be contagious anymore. The rest of us seem to be just fine, so fingers crossed that nobody else gets it.

So far 2018 has brought us RSV, phenomena, numerous colds, and now strep. I'm over it already. If there's a germ out there to be caught, there is no doubt that Ayden will pick it up. Please make it stoooooop!

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  1. Izzy woke up at 1am this morning and puked so I hear you on being ready for the sickness to stop! Hope Ayden feels better soon!

  2. May he be well soon! May you all stay healthy! May the best of spring be just around the corner & carry good health for all with it! We've had rain, hail & sunshine today so it's almost here! And if all else fails, summer is just around the corner! Love & hugs, Aunt D

  3. Sending you lots of “feel better” wishes! Fingers crossed that this is the last time anyone gets poorly for a good long time. Take care of yourself - the lack of sleep when kids get sick is really tough on mums too.

  4. Oh no. That sucks. I hope you have a few ailment-free months ahead of you.