Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Consignment Sale Success!

Our local Spring consignment sale that I participate in was a few weeks ago. I love participating in this sale so much! I love the challenge of seeing how much I can sell and how much money I can make, as well as finding the best bargains! It's an added bonus that I am able to get rid of a lot of Ayden and Rylee's outgrown clothes and toys. This time around was my most successful sale yet!

All the consignors set their own prices for items in the sale. We also have the choice on whether we want to discount our items for the half price sale on the last day. I go into this with the mentality of trying to sell as much as possible and having very little to have to take back home when it's over. I try to price my things to sell, and I still make a decent amount! And I ALWAYS allow my things to be discounted for the half price sale. I know as a shopper, I go into that last day looking specifically for phenomenal deals and don't even entertain the idea of buying something that isn't half price. I mean, if you are selling an item for only $1 anyway, why the hell wouldn't you be willing to sell it for $.50? I get the big ticket items. Maybe something that has a lot more value that you are willing to let go for $40, but not $20. I get that. Although I personally still discount those items too!

Anyway, it's like a game for me. How much can I mark things for to make the most money, but still be okay with if it goes at half price instead?

I love the whole process of the consignment sale, including volunteering and working at it. This year I volunteered for three shifts. It's actually a lot of work, 100% being on your feet the entire time. I logged between 19-22,000 steps on my Fitbit on the three different days I worked during the week of the sale!

And the shopping! I love looking for great deals for the kids. As a consignor and volunteer, I got the privilege of shopping early for the pre-sale. Here's what I found:

  • A puppy purse and princess purse for Rylee
  • A "man purse" for Ayden
  • A big dinosaur floor puzzle
  • Minnie Mouse puzzle
  • The movies Bambi and Planes
  • A new truck for Ayden that makes obnoxious sounds all the time. I seriously questioned my sanity buying that truck, but he LOVES it so much that it was totally worth the whole $1 I spent on it, lol
  • A pair of brand new, never worn Saucony tennis shoes for Rylee that only cost me $6
  • And a pair of super cute StrideRite boots for Rylee

 We're saving the Minnie Mouse puzzle to go in Rylee's Easter basket, to match the Mickey Mouse one I got Ayden at the last consignment sale and have been holding on to! Otherwise, they've been given everything else. They have been over the moon excited for their new-to-them things! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited Rylee was over that puppy purse. I debated getting it, but I'm soooo happy I got it for her! And Ayden loves that silly little truck and the dinosaur puzzle. The movies were big hits as well.

After we put the new dinosaur puzzle together the first time.

I also found these things for Rylee at the pre-sale:

  • A raincoat
  • 2 fleece hooded zip up jackets
  • 3 pairs of pj's
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 tops
  • 4 pairs of shorts
  • 1 pair of capri leggings
  • a rashguard for this summer
  • and a bucket hat

The things I scored on for Ayden include:
  • An Old Navy coat
  • a fleece 3/4 zip GAP pullover
  • a Lightning McQueen jacket
  • 2 Nike sweatpants
  • jean shorts
  • 1 set of pj's
  • swim trunks and a rashguard set
  • tank top
  • and a long sleeve OSU Beaver shirt

The Lightning McQueen jacket is a size 6, but I had to get it for only $2 and in excellent condition! He'll be able to wear it next Winter, and I figure it will be timeless, especially with a new Cars movie coming out this summer. He also really didn't need new swim trunks or a rashguard, but it was super cute and perfect for 4th of July!

Rylee always seems to make out bigger when it comes to finding clothes. I think people tend to buy more girls clothes, so then they give away more and there's more of a selection for girls at the sales. I know that theory holds true for me, anyway. Poor Ayden...

One of my volunteer shifts was right after I finished shopping the pre-sale. Between shopping and working, I walked over 19,000 steps!

Please ignore the fact that I never get enough sleep! haha

I always go in first thing on the last morning for the half price sale. By this point, I don't NEED to find anything specific, but just browse for any phenomenal half price deals. I found a few things. It could have been so much more, but I they already have so much stuff, so I really tried to limit myself and ended up putting a lot back on the rack. Here's what I walked away with on the last day:
  • A set of 4 wooden Dora the Explorer puzzles (inside the wood box)
  • puzzle for my nephew's birthday coming up
  • a Nike outfit for Rylee
  • and a skirt, obviously for Rylee as well. lol

I spent a grand total of $4.50 for this stuff.
The Dora puzzles. I can never get a good picture without getting the glare from the overhead lights!

My total spending's at the sale was $116.50. BUT! But today, I just received my check for my earnings from the sale. It was for $427.50!!!! Eeeeeek! My goal was $325, which would have been a record for me! I knew I had done well, but I hadn't realized HOW well! Between what I spent and what I made, I profited $311. So happy. Seriously, I'm so ridiculously pleased with myself, I should probably be embarrassed. My addiction for participating in these consignment sales has reached a new level!


  1. Nice work! I don't get enough sleep either. My usual consignment sale didn't happen in the fall and I just missed the spring one. :-( Luckily Wes has plenty of stuff donated from friends- Izzy is the one that I usually do a lot of shopping for.

  2. man - I wish there was a place near me that did this!!!

  3. I always look forward to hearing you how did, sounds like you hit it out of the ball park this year!! Great job! I am all about hand me downs except I have been the one giving clothes away and haven't been given many clothes..poop! That's ok though at least someone gets some clothes to use :)

  4. I LOVE your excitement over all of this and so understand as a retired stay at home Mom. We do what we can to help with the budget and it feels good when something like this happens!!! Nice finds for the kids! Love the picture of them with their finished dinosaur puzzle (I almost bought that the other day while shopping for them online!) Lots of steps taken there, another added bonus to this sale! You did good and glad you had fun doing it and that it paid off so well!! WIN, WIN!!!!! Lots of love and hugs, Auntie

  5. Great bargins! I wish we had something like this