Monday, January 23, 2017

Day in the Life: Winter 2017

I have exactly 1:26 minutes left to get this post done before the deadline! Aaacckkk! I'm joining Julia from My Life in Transition for her quarterly DITL link up. I'd invite you to join as well, but yeah, it's a little late for that. However, you can still do one and post anyway! These DITL posts are some of my favorite to read. I love the sneak peak into everyone's daily life/routines.

I've always wanted to do pick a weekend day for this, but they always end up way to hectic for me to keep track and log throughout the day. I managed to do it this time, although it might be a bit boring as there's barely any family time involved. That's right. I had almost an entire day all to myself. Today was not a typical day...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tony: 44 years old (as of yesterday!)
Me: 42 years old
Rylee: 3 years
Ayden: 3 years

I actually got to bed last night at a decent hour and was asleep by 10pm. Unheard of.

4:30am - Tony wakes me up with his snoring. I nudge him a few times and ask him to roll over (he was laying flat on his back), but he didn't budge. I finally decided to just get up, go potty, and go out to the couch so I could go back to sleep.

5:57 - Ayden wakes up crying really hard. I go in and hold him, and ask if he had a bad dream. He says yes, although I'm not really sure he even know what it means to have a bad dream. I take him into the bathroom to go potty and take his pull-up off. Then I take him out to the couch with me, hoping we can go back to sleep for the half hour before my alarm is set to go off. I thought a few times that he actually did go back to sleep, but then he would move and change position, so I knew he was still awake. Which means I was still awake too...

6:30 - I hear Tony awake in the bedroom. Ayden starts to stir and he's ready to get up. I send him in to say good morning to his daddy.

6:44 - I lay my clothes out for the day and jump in the shower. I shave my one leg that I didn't get to do yesterday because Tony took a shower before me and there wasn't enough hot water left! haha

I hurry through the shower, get dressed, and hurried out to tell the kids good bye. I see that Rylee is wearing different pj pants than she went to bed in and ask if she had wet the bed. Tony answered that she had wet her pants, but he wasn't sure about the bed. I rolled my eyes and went in to clear the bed off and put the sheets and blankets in the laundry room. I threw a new mattress protector and sheet on the bed for Tony to make later. Then I gave each of the kids hugs and kisses, grabbed my purse, water bottle, and a Luna bar and headed out the door.

7:25 - got my car started, but ran back into the house to grab the mints I had left on the counter. I always make sure I have mints in the car, because if I ever get sleepy while driving, chewing on them helps keep me awake. I say my goodbyes one more time, jump in the car, and I'm on my way.

Today I'm meeting up with a group of friends from college. I haven't seen them in over 5 years! There's a few that have kept in close contact and see each other regularly. Otherwise, most of us just keep in touch via Facebook and an occasional get together like today.

About 10 minutes down the road, I realize that I haven't taken a picture yet to document the day. I quickly snap a selfie while sitting at a stoplight, hoping nobody sees me taking pictures of myself. Thank goodness it's early and not very many people are on the road yet.

8:40 - I meet up with three of the girls to carpool the rest of the way. I'm so glad I didn't have to drive the whole way by myself, and we had this extra time to visit even more. I've been friends with one of these girls since freshman year of high school.

9:40 - we arrive at our destination, La Provence & Petite Provence, a boulangerie and patisserie. If you're like me, I had to look up what those words even mean. Basically it was a bakery/pastry restaurant type place. We are 20 minutes early, but the place is very busy, which allowed us to put our name in and get a table at our designated meeting time.

10:00 - one more girlfriend from college joins us. We have a lovely time visiting, catching up on our current lives and reminiscing our college days. There are three more girls from our group of friends that aren't able to join us today, that we hope will be able to come to the next get together. We start making plans to meet up on the WOU (Western Oregon University) campus this spring. We joke about how we need to dig out our old roller blades and take a tour of our old stomping grounds. Of course, nobody still has there roller blades, so we'll just take a walking tour instead. Wink, wink. We are so old now that the name of the college has even changed since we went to school there! It was formerly known as WOSC (Western Oregon State College). And actually, if we go back even further before our time, it used to be called Oregon College of Education. And before that, it was the Oregon Normal School. A little history lesson...

11:30 - We all say our goodbyes. Not too far down the road, I realize we didn't all take a picture together! We talked about all of us finding our old pictures and bringing them next time, but we failed to take a current picture. Sigh.

12:25pm - We get back to our meeting point and each get in our own cars. I decide to run into Old Navy real quick, since it's just right across the road. Old Navy is awesome about giving away their hangers, and I need to restock so that I can get ready for the upcoming consignment sale in March. I never feel like I should ask for hangers if I'm not buying anything, so I find a few items on clearance that happened to also be an additional 30% off. When I ask if they have any extra hangers to give away, I'm given a huge bag full!

1:20 - I leave Old Navy and head to visit my mom. She had some pretty severe health issues last week that ended up with her in the hospital. She's now at the Salem Transitional Center to rehab a broken ankle and recover from the back surgery she had a few weeks ago.

1:45 - When I arrive to her room, I find my mom asleep. As soon as I move around the room to sit in a chair, she wakes up. She's doing so much better today! She's convinced she's going to be able to go home by next weekend. Time will tell...

With my mom.
3:20 - Leave my visit with my mom. Before jumping back on the freeway to head toward home, I stop and get a milkshake. I'd like to grab something light and quick to eat, but I don't want fast food, so I settle for a milkshake instead.

4:40 - Pull into Walmart to pick up groceries. I have to remember to pick up some black shoe polish for Tony! Walmart is always packed and it takes me way too long to get all the groceries. While standing in line to check out, I scroll Facebook. I have a friend doing an online LulaRoe party, so I snap a picture real quick of my LLR outfit that I happen to have on and post it, making a joke about being the best dressed person at Walmart.

6:30 - Finally done shopping and head home.

6:50 - Pull into the driveway and unload the groceries from the car. Tony just finished giving the kids their bath and is putting their pj's on. Rylee and Ayden are super excited to see me. Awwww, so nice to be so loved! Tony is feeling DONE from the day and goes into the bedroom for a break and some alone time.

I help the kids pick up their toys. We give each other lots of hugs and have fun taking a few selfies. I can't end the day without a picture or two of my kids, right???

My babies

Making faces
I comb Rylee's hair and we get both of their teeth brushed. Then they pick a book (Beauty and the Beast) and we sit down on the couch to read it together. Part way through the book, Tony comes out of the bedroom and joins us for story time. After we finish that book, they get the truck trader magazines that their Grandpa brought yesterday. I'm not sure why they are so intrigued with "reading" them, but we count the different colored trucks and point out all the dump trucks.

7:25 - They aren't happy when I say it's time to go potty and go to bed, but we somehow manage to get them into the bathroom without too much whining. After saying our bedtime prayers in Rylee's room, they wrestle around for a few minutes instead of giving the hugs and kisses they are supposed to be giving each other. Finally I get Ayden in his room to tuck him in and say goodnight, while Tony tucks Rylee in. Then we switch. Rylee always requires more time from me to give squeezy hugs, let her "do my hair," and sing songs.

7:40 - Leave Rylee's room and start going through all of the toys and books I'll be selling at the consignment sale, and making a list so I can enter them into the computer. Tony starts playing a game of Risk on his old school PlayStation.

7:50 - Both kids are hollering. Tony takes Ayden potty and goes in to see Rylee, but it's me they both want to see. I go in and tuck Ayden in one more time, and then take Rylee potty and tuck her in again. Once that's done, I go back to work on my consignment sale stuff. If I get 30 items entered into the computer tonight, I go into a drawing to possibly earn a higher commission off the stuff I sell at the sale. During this time, I also plug my phone into the computer so I can download my pictures.

9:23 - I finish entering my items into the computer and then go take a shower. I talk with Tony for a bit when I get out. He sounds horrible. He's managed to catch the kids' colds. While we're talking, I discover an entire pile of dirty laundry on our bedroom floor that is soaking wet. Apparently while Tony was indisposed in the bathroom (taking a grumpy) today, Ayden and Rylee had fun in the other bathroom "making pancakes" from the sink, resulting in a ton of wet clothes and towels. I moved the clothes into the laundry room and off our bedroom carpet. Men! Eye roll...

10:25 - I toast myself a bagel and then sit down at the computer to type this up.

It is now 12:37am. Ugh. This has taken MUCH longer to put together than I thought it would! It was a fairly simple day and considerably shorter than ANY other DITL post I've ever done, but it's still taken me hours. It's time for me to hit the tab to publish this post and try to submit it, even though I'm now past the deadline. And then I've GOT to go to bed!


  1. Oh my dear!! What a day!! I'm glad that you had fun and catch up time with your friends!! LOVE the picture of you and the kids!! Enjoyed the MEN stories!! There's always so many!! Bless their hearts!!! Sure hope Tony feels well again soon and that everyone doesn't recycle this latest not feeling well!!! Isn't it amazing how just a few minutes of quiet time can recharge ones batteries so they can rejoin the fun!!! Love your family!!! Auntie

  2. I love that you were able to get out of the house and do something for yourself on this DITL day! That is essential for your sanity!!

  3. Lol these posts take FOREVER but they're so much fun! I'm glad you had such a fun day doing Amber things. Hope Tony feels better soon!

  4. I am so glad you were able to have a day to do a couple things you wanted to do and by yourself. I don't think I have ever done one of these posts but I do enjoy reading them.