Thursday, November 3, 2016

When a Teachable Moment Backfires

Ayden and Rylee wrestle around together a lot. It's been a nightly ritual for quite some time now, that immediately following giving each other hugs and kisses, that they tackle each other to the ground. Then they proceed to take turns on who gets to be on top pinning the other down. Lately, they have taken to rolling around on the floor and pinching each other's cheeks at various times throughout the day. Hair pulling has also started, which Rylee is not a big fan of (probably because he doesn't have enough hair for her to return the favor). Most of the time though, they are both laughing and having a great time during these shenanigans. 

Last week I had to intervene because Rylee was pinching Ayden and he was not liking it. He asked her several times to stop, but I ended up having to step in. I tried explaining to Rylee that it wasn't nice to pinch and she was hurting Ayden. When she pinched him again, I moved her away from him. I then pinched her arm and again tried to explain that it hurts.

Her response? She laughed hysterically and asked me to do it again! Sooooo, I pinched her arm again a little harder, trying to prove my point but feeling bad. I know it should have hurt at least a little, but the silly girl thought it was hysterical! There was no way I was going to pinch her again.  What I thought should have been a lesson learned, instead turned into a funny game.

Rylee 1, Mommy 0. 

Rylee won that round.


  1. OMGosh!!! I so did not see the end of this story coming!!! That is so funny and yes, your teachable moment backfired BIG TIME!!!!! Good luck with that one!!!! I loved wrestling with my kids, watching them do it as they got older and just always kept my radar on for when tempers were starting and then put an end to the fun. Doesn't sound like tempers flared here just one onery little sweet thing!!! What a contradiction she is!!! This will keep me chuckling the rest of the day!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  2. Ha ha!!!! That's hilarious. It's like, what do you do???

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