Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kids and Moving Changes Things

Having kids and moving sure does change things, and not just my figure! I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family for several years now. I'm not exactly sure for how long, but I'm thinking it has to be around 10 years or so, with an occasional one missed when Tony's entire extended family rented a house somewhere for the extended weekend. I used to go ALL out, using our wedding china, festive tablecloth and cloth napkins, extravagant menu options. The whole shebang.

This year, I'm really dialing it back. Our china is still in boxes and I have absolutely no idea where the cloth napkins are or several of the serving dishes. Instead of spending $300 on groceries for Thanksgiving, I spent $101. Whoa. We've always had way too many leftovers, and this year, I'm hoping that I got just enough for everyone to have generous portions. Of course, Thanksgiving leftovers are the best, but I'd much rather save the $200!

The kids keep me too busy (and tired) to even want to attempt going through the boxes in the garage to find everything. We are also trying to save money, but keep being derailed in that process. For example, I took my car in for a tire change and new battery last weekend, but left with four brand new tires, had to have an alignment done, and a new battery instead. We also have a trip to Disneyland coming up the end of January. And we are supposed to be putting money away for a down payment on a new house that we hope to buy early next summer. Oh, not to mention Ayden and Rylee's birthday (I need to get invitations made!!) and Christmas coming up. Gah!

I'd like to say we are just having a small Thanksgiving dinner this year, but we're going to have around 15 of us total, at least 6 of those will be kiddos, maybe 8 depending on if my brother brings his two littles. That doesn't make for a very small gathering anymore!

However, I still love it. My favorite thing is spending time with family. I actually do take pride in hosting dinner too, even though I won't be going all out for it this year. There'll be more time for that in the future. This year will be all about spending time with family and eating good food. Who cares if we are using store bought napkins and mismatched tableware?


  1. Good for you!!! You are still relatively young and have figured this out!! Time with those you love is what life is all about, not all the trimmings that cost to much!!! ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and sending lots of love and hugs to all, Auntie

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    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! Congratulations to all 4 of you and your story should inspire and give hope to a lot of people!!! God has blessed you all and will continue to!!

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