Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We are Moving

Whelp, I've been gone from blogging for a few weeks now.  Life is busy and about to get even busier.  We are moving!  Tony is getting a promotion at work and is taking over the office closer to where we used to live.  We are moving back "home."

How do I feel about moving?  Here are the positives:
  • We are moving back to our friends and family.  No more 1.5 hour drives.  No more having to spend the night at the in-laws, which is only terrible because it always messes up Ayden and Rylee's sleep for at least a week.  
  • We will have child care more readily available when needed.  I desperately need to make a few doctor appointments for myself, but that's impossible here because we don't know anyone to help watch the kids.  Tony has to work, and it just doesn't work taking them with me for things like that.
  • Ayden and Rylee will be able to spend more time at their grandparents house.  They have a lot of property to explore and the kiddos absolutely adore the cows. 
  • The timing worked out perfectly that my in-laws have a rental available for us to move into.  They just put brand new carpet, linoleum, a few new windows, and all new kitchen appliances in the house.
  • The rent is a lot cheaper, so we will be able to put aside a large amount each month toward our down payment on a new house.
  • It's within walking distance to the WOU softball fields.  We have two girls that we coached that are freshman on the team.  We'll also be able to attend more high school games at the school where I coached for 20 years.
The negatives:
  • We will be leaving the new friends we made here, particularly our twin friends.  I was really looking forward to having one more summer of park play dates and adventures with them.  
  • I will miss the Community Playgroup that we've gotten involved with.  Even though we are moving back home, Ayden and Rylee were barely just a year old when we left and hadn't gotten involved in anything like that yet.  We lived there for over 20 years, but never with kids.  I have to start all over with finding things for us to do and meeting new mom friends.  I suck at that stuff.  Thus, the reason I've only made one "real" friend here so far.
  • The house we are moving into is much, much smaller than what we are used to.
    We have too much furniture for this house.  We aren't even sure our bed and both our dressers will fit in the master bedroom.  This should be interesting.  It also only has one bathroom.  Not the end of the world, but Tony's not the.... most careful or clean in the bathroom, and I'm seriously not very excited about how often I'll be cleaning it since Ayden and Rylee have to touch EVERYTHING!  Ugh.
  • The garage door to the new (to us) house doesn't open, which is extremely inconvenient.  We will be buying an outdoor shed to store the lawnmower, wheel barrel, etc.  We'll see how it works with the stroller and bikes.
  • The kitchen got all new appliances, except a microwave.  We have to buy a microwave.
  • We have to pack up and move again.  I hate moving.  The worst part is that we'll most likely be doing the same exact thing in about another year when we will have a sizable down payment and are more in a position to buy.  Moving three times in three years with babies/toddlers.  Sigh....
Overall, we are very excited to move back.  We feel like this is a very good thing.  Moving is just crazy.  Packing and unpacking is no fun.  We will be moving our first load of stuff, all the things we don't use daily, the first weekend of March.  Then the following weekend, Tony will be gone on a business trip and I am taking the babies south to visit my aunt.  Then our big moving date will be the weekend of March 19-20th!  We only have three weeks left here!  Aaaagghhhh!


  1. Wow that's really big news!! Congratulations to Tony on the promotion and best of luck with all the hecticness of moving. It sounds like a lot of work but also pretty exciting!

  2. I think overall being able to have help with the kids is HUGE!! Having a break here and there will do a world of good for you and allow you to give yourself some attention :)

  3. WOW, Amber, that's a lot to deal with!! Sounds like the pros outweigh the cons and no matter what it will be a short stay as hopefully soon, you will be picking out the house that you WANT to move into and that will fit your lifestyle more!!!! You'll figure out all the fun things for the kids quickly. Your twin friends now will miss you guys as much as you are going to miss them which is probably the biggest negative but hopefully you can meet occasionally in the middle and get together!!! See you REAL soon!! Sounds like we will have packing to do while the kids are napping!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  4. Sending good thoughts to you guys. Hoping this move and transition are smooth and painless!

  5. Wow! Big changes, but good changes. It looks like things are going to get a lot busier! You'll handle it well, as you always do. Good luck with the move. I'm glad you'll be able to get some time to focus on yourself a little bit once you move. That is so important. :)

  6. Congrats to Tony- that's awesome! Yes moving sucks but being near family will be awesome! Can you hire movers to help pack and move with the money that you will be saving? Are you going to rent a storage unit to store the extra furniture that doesn't fit in the house? Put it in the garage (if it has a side door)?

  7. So many mixed emotions!! Excited for you though

  8. I am so far behind! Congrats on the promotion and good luck with the move!!

  9. The positives always outshine the negatives because the negatives can be worked around. Congratulations on moving. I am sure you will make plenty of new friends and so will the kids. Kids are very resilient when it comes to new environments. Hope all the moving and packing goes well and you settle in fast. Thank you for sharing your decisions.

    Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents

  10. Moving three times in three years? With small children? You have my complete admiration for not going insane. It's wonderful you will be able to attend games to the team you coached, I think that's a massive positive. All the negatives will fade away hopefully, I wish you luck in your new home.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

    1. Hah! As it turns out, it will actually be FOUR moves in three years. We ended up having to move back. Sigh....

  11. I think those positive far outweigh the negatives. The negatives are usually just fear of the unknown anyway. You have settled into a life that is safe and comfortable, and you are giving all that up for a bit of the unknown. You guys will be just fine. I think deep down you know it, too. Good luck with the move!

    Kristel Doughty @ Denver Movers

    1. Actually, we weren't moving into an unknown situation at all. We were moving back home, where my husband grew up and where we had lived for over 15 years together! Lol. No fear of the unknown. We had just finally started settling into this area, after being here for a year. Ironically, moving turned out to be a horrible decision, because we ended up moving back after only 4 months! My babies have lived in 4 different houses in just their 3 short years of life. Eventually we will settle down... haha. Thanks for your comment and your thoughts though.