Monday, March 7, 2016

Microblog Monday: Bullet Points

  • We moved our first big load on Saturday.  Can I just say how much I really hate moving?  Also, we have a lot of shit crap.
  • Tony inconveniently will be out of town for a work conference from Thursday through Sunday this week.  Fortunately, I have the best Aunt in the world that is going to come help me pack and take a car load to our new house.
  • In addition to moving, the big semi-annual Consignment Sale is this week.  That's been great for getting rid of stuff, but also really stressful as far as getting everything ready for it.  I can't wait to shop on Wednesday though!  Kind of defeats the point of getting rid of stuff!
  • I've been trying to sell a lot of shit crap on buy/sell/trade sites and have been fairly successful.  Although, I'm not sure if the amount of time that consumes in taking pictures, posting them, answering questions, and then delivering items really is worth the amount of money I'm making.
  • As much as I'm trying to sell stuff, I'm also taking large loads of shit crap to donation drop off sites.
  • I. Am. Tired.

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  1. Oh boy I can only imagine. It will be worth it in the end! I need to get all of Izzy's baby stuff to the next consignment sale (at least the clothes that I won't subject baby boy to!). Organizing it and getting it all ready takes a lot of work! Good for you for doing that.

    1. I've kind of become addicted to Consignments sales! It is a lot of work, but I feel justified in spending money on new clothes for Ayden and Rylee this way! Good luck to you as you sort through stuff and prepare for your new little one. Eeek! So exciting!

  2. Sounds like a lot of (shit)crap going on at your house!! I am positive that you are tired but it will be so worth it to be back "home" again and close to those you love although you are leaving a special family behind too. At least this time you probably won't unpack as much as you did this time as you know it's short term and better things are coming your way to make it all worthwhile!!! Have fun and good luck at the consignment sale!!! See you soon!!! I'll bring cinnamon rolls!!!

  3. Wow, you are so busy! I'm so happy you still find time to update us :)