Monday, February 1, 2016

Microblog Monday: Our First ER Trip

Yesterday we had our first trip to the ER for one of my munchkins.  Poor Rylee fell and bit her tongue.  While I was sitting on the toilet, Ayden and Rylee were climbing into the dry bathtub, something they've been doing successfully for months now.  We tried to stop them from doing this at first, but then once we knew they were actually proficient at climbing in, we just let them because it made it much easier to do our own business on the toilet!

Well, yesterday Rylee slipped and fell in.  She didn't even land hard or hit her head on anything.  I thought she was just being dramatic about falling, as she sometimes is.  And then I saw the blood.  Oops!  It was hard to get a good look in her mouth to determine how bad it really was, but it looked bad enough to warrant a visit to the aftercare hours at our pediatric clinic.

I took her there because I wanted to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER if possible, and because it's only a $25 copay.  Rylee wasn't very cooperative with letting the doctor look in her mouth, but with me and a nurse, she was finally able to determine that Rylee needed stitches.  Unfortunately, we had to go to the ER for that.

Once there, again Rylee wasn't very cooperative at opening her mouth for the doctor, but from what he did see, he wasn't going to do stitches.  He said they very rarely do sutures in the mouth.

While I'm very thankful that Rylee didn't have to be sedated and get stitches,  I'm pretty frustrated that we got sent to the ER unnecessarily and had to pay a $250 copay there, not to mention the extra 2.5 hours of our time spent.

Today, Rylee has been shockingly in good spirits and acting as if it doesn't bother her at all.  She is a tough little cookie.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be handling it near as well!  Her tongue actually looks a million times better in this picture than it did even just earlier this morning.  She got it pretty good.  Poor baby!

Please ignore my ugly tongue!
 It was the only way I could get Rylee to let me have a good look.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm glad she's okay! They definitely keep you on your toes! We have high co-pays, too, and I try to avoid the ER as well. Sometimes peace of mind is worth it, though.

    1. While I'm mad about having to pay the er copay, I'm also glad that I did take her in since it was bad enough for the first doc to think it needed stitches. I just wish peace of mind didn't cost so much! Lol

  2. Ouch!! Glad Rylee is doing okay today, but how annoying that they sent you to the ER.

  3. Just makes my heart ache to hear that this happened. And OUCH on the picture! Really sucks about the co-pay at the unnecessary ER visit. I so wish that doctors could work better together to stop these unnecessary visits because a quick phone call/send a picture would have stopped this visit by the sounds of it. Peace of mind though is priceless! Hugs to Miss Rylee, Auntie

  4. OW!!! And I'm sure I can't be the only one who read your title and thought it had to be Ayden, only to be shocked that it was Miss Rylee instead! Glad she's feeling better!

  5. OUCH! I cringed even before I got to the picture. It's good for people to be thorough, but that sucks that you had to pay $250 to be told that you didn't need to be there.

  6. Ouch! what a tough cookie she is

  7. Ow. Already commented on this in the group, but what a pain to not even need stitches. Glad she's ok though!