Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm a sahm, yet somehow life always seems to be a little bit crazy.  Why is it that I can never get anything done?  Hmmm....

Last week I sat down to write a blog post, but every single time I would log onto the internet and get started, the site would crash within a few minutes.  I tried several times and got the same result every single time.  I finally broke down and got the name of a highly recommended computer guy and took our computer in to get serviced.  When I picked up the computer, I asked him how bad it was.  He said that normally when people bring in their computers, there's usually about 200-300 malware programs/files.  We had 1278!!!! Ummm, yeah.  We knew it was something that needed to be done, and I finally decided to buck up and take the time to deal with it, resulting in no posts last week.  Then Tuesday I sat down to write a post again, but for some reason the internet wasn't working.  Sigh.  But, here I am!

We had a nice, but crazy Thanksgiving.  We hosted my family at our house.  The kids outnumbered the adults.  Mayhem!  I love when the cousins can get together and play, but out of the seven kids that were here, six of them are age 5 or under.  Let's just say that the boys really feed off of each other and get themselves worked into a point of major rough housing and semi destruction, in addition to not being able to listen very well.  We also have a horrible kitchen in terms of space, which makes it impossible for even just two people to work in there at the same time.  With that said, it was still a major blessing to spend time with family and to enjoy the fact that we have so many kiddos, even if they make us want to pull our hair out.

Thanksgiving 2012
Oh, the difference 3 years makes!
Nathanial age 4, Adilyn age 2, Steven age 5.5, Urijah almost 5, Ayden almost 2, Eliana age 10, Rylee almost 2.

On Sunday, Tony and I had planned to take Adyen and Rylee to get pictures with Santa Claus.  We put them down for naps early, got them all dressed up and loaded into the car after naps, missed our exit to the mall so had to turn around and go back, and as we were about to pull into the parking lot, Rylee puked ALL OVER herself and her car seat.

Tony: "Is she puking?"
Me:  "Yes.  There will be no pics with Santa today."

That is the second time she has puked while on our way to get pictures taken.  I'm wondering if she has an aversion....  We'll try again this weekend.

In other news, Ayden continues his adventurous climbing ways.  Seriously, nothing is safe at our house.

He was after the leftover sausage links from breakfast.

Rylee got her first haircut yesterday!  There's a gal that attends the same Community Playgroup that we go to and she is a hairdresser.  She does it out of her home, so it was perfect for us to go to her house and then have a little play date at the same time.  She has a daughter that is just a few months older than Rylee and Ayden.  I've been (im)patiently waiting for Rylee's hair to grow so I can put it in cute little ponytails.  In the past few weeks, it really has taken off and grown quite a bit, but it's so fine that it is impossible to put a ponytail in.  It was starting to get a really shabby look to it.  Tony made the observation that she had some great Elvis sideburns going and I commented about how she could be on That 70's show!  So it was time for a trim, in the hopes that it will really help her hair finally take off.  She sat really great in the chair for all of about a minute and a half for her haircut, and then she was over it already!  She was ready to get down and play!  So then the gal just followed her around with scissors in hand and took a little snip every opportunity she had. That way Rylee could play and she still got her haircut.

Don't let the picture deceive you.  She really didn't sit still for long!
Once we got home, I started getting lunch ready and Ayden had a complete meltdown.  I thought he was just hungry, in addition to it being almost nap time, but he didn't even remotely touch his food or take a drink of his milk.  Turned out, he had a fever that apparently came on rather suddenly!  He was a hot mess.  Funny thing is that he was perfectly fine once he woke up from nap.  It was a very short lived fever, but one that also hit again in the middle of the night for another couple hours.  Then he was perfectly fine once again this morning.  Strange.

Miss Rylee took awhile to finally go to sleep for nap today.  When I went in to check on her, I found that she had thrown all of her blankets, bunny, and glow seahorse out of her crib.  Oh, and her shirt!!  Silly girl!

So that's what has been happening in our neck of the woods.  Life may be crazy and drive me insane a lot of the time, but there's also so many blessings.  Oh!  And did I mention that in just 20 days, we will have TWO year olds????  Eeeek!

*Please excuse any typos that may be in this post.  Ayden has just woken up from his nap so I have no chance to proof read, but want to get this posted!


  1. I so enjoy reading about life in your household and seeing pictures (even if I've seen them before) of these 2 ADORABLE little ones!!! Oh my, what a difference 3 years can make in size and numbers!!! That was a cute picture to see!!! So glad that all is going relatively well! EWWW on Rylee puking and I sure hope she does better on your next Santa picture taking trip! I guess there will always be "Chard Claus"!!!! Love and hugs!!!! Auntie

  2. We had our first throw up experience last night and it was no fun but a few hours later he was fine. Not sure what caused it though. Hopefully you'll get those photos with Santa!

  3. Why are you so surprised that you are a SAHM and can't get anything done? You have twin (almost) 2 year olds silly!

    Izzy has not only been throwing her stuffed animals out of her crib during her nap but taking ALL of her clothes (and diaper sometimes) off. Usually we can catch her on the monitor but she has started to do it at daycare too! Hopefully this is a short phase...