Sunday, December 20, 2015

A 2nd Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Ayden and Rylee's second birthday.  Geesh.  I can't believe they will be TWO already on the 23rd.  The saying, "the days are long but the years are short" really is so true.

We ended up with a small gathering at our house with Tony's family.  I was disappointed that none of my family was able to attend.  My sister and her husband had already purchased tickets for a Holiday Express train ride for their family, so they couldn't come.  Don't even ask me about my mom.  She was going to come, but then she wasn't, but then she changed her mind and was going to come, and then the day of, she called to say she wasn't coming after all.  I knew she wouldn't couldn't come if she had to drive herself, because she would have been going home in the dark and she can't drive at night.  She's also afraid to drive here by herself because we live so far away.  I get it.  I understand why they all couldn't come, but that doesn't mean I wasn't sad that none of them were here.  So we ended up with a small group of Tony's side of the family, which included his parents, grandpa, a few aunts and uncles, and two of Tony's grown cousins.

It seemed kind of funny to me that we were having a 2 year old birthday party, and Ayden and Rylee were the only kids here!  To be fair, part of that reason is that we didn't invite any of their little friends, so it only would have been cousins (which they have a lot of!)  Instead, we invited both sets of their twin friends to join us on their actual birthday this Wednesday, to join us at the trampoline park, Get Air, for lots of jumping fun!  We are looking forward to that!

Despite not having a large turnout to their party, Ayden and Rylee had a fantastic time and truly, that is all that matters!  Rylee entertained everyone by giving high fives and asking "are you kay?" every time someone coughed.  Cutest thing ever!  Ayden entertained everyone with his constant activity and getting into everything.

Ayden dumped the presents out and then climbed in and out of this tote a dozen times.  He thought it was the best thing ever!

An uncle helping Rylee figure out her new ABC singing Elmo

I got a very simple cake from Costco and just had them write Happy Birthday with no decorations, so that I could add the two Elmo birthday candles.  They were much cleaner cake eaters this year than last year!  haha  Ayden took a bite of the cake and decided he wasn't much of a cake eater, so he just played with his piece instead.  Rylee actually liked the cake and took several bites, but has a lot more self control than her momma and left a lot behind.  The problem with having a Costco cake and a small turnout for the party?  Lots of cake left over.  I have eaten way too much cake....

Snuggling with Daddy and playing with their new Magna Doodles.

Only three more days and we will have TWO year olds!!!!  Eeeek!


  1. I'm so sorry that none of our family showed up! I know it's disappointing to you/me but let the fact that the kids had a GREAT TIME override all of the potentially bad stuff. I make this PROMISE to you that I will be up one day for their party and looking forward to that day!!! I love sharing every moment with all of you, wish it could be more but so very grateful for the pictures, even if I see them 100's of times!!! They are always enjoyed!!!! And you will have a blast celebrating their special day with their special friends in 3 more days!!!! And then they are TWO!!!! Just makes me smile more!!! Love and hugs always, Auntie

  2. Happy birthday Ayden and Rylee! The good news is that they are so young that they won't remember that no one on your side couldn't make their party (that's part of the reason we did such a small party this year for Izzy).

    The trampoline park sounds awesome!

  3. I love the pics. It looks they had a great party.

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