Friday, November 20, 2015

Split Family Weekend

Whelp, Ayden and I are home by ourselves this weekend and Tony and Rylee made the trip to Washington to spend with the in-laws.  It's a little lot strange to only have one baby here.

I mentioned in my last post that Ayden had a viral fever earlier in the week.  His fever broke Wednesday night, but he was still a very cranky toddler for most of Thursday.  When I took him to the pediatrician Wednesday for the fever, she noted that his eyes looked a little red and they were watery, but it wasn't a concern.  I just assumed it was from lack of sleep.  The poor kid was exhausted!  Yesterday I noticed him rubbing his eyes quite a bit, but silly me, I still thought it was because he was tired.  Not only hadn't he been sleeping very good at night, he also wasn't getting very long naps.  He was just miserable.

By last night, his his eyes weren't just red around the lids, but his left eye had gotten pretty bloodshot and I suspected he might have pink eye.  I texted a picture to my sister and she agreed.  Crap.  Tony and I decided that if he woke up this morning and it was still bloodshot, that I needed to get him into the doctor before we headed out of town.

Excuse the messy face!  It was dinner time.  lol

I called the advice nurse first this morning, just on the off chance that she would maybe think I didn't need to bring him in.  Once she heard we were headed out of town and we'd be around other kids over the weekend, she thought we should definitely be seen today.  So off to the doctor we went, hi ho hi ho hi ho.

The ped concurred that he has pink eye, but there was no way of knowing for sure if it is bacterial or viral.  Considering he just got over his viral fever, there's a strong possibility that this is from the same virus.  If it was bacterial, she thought with a few doses of eye drops, that we would be fine and there'd be low risk of transferring it to anyone else.  Besides that, it's just pink eye.  While contagious and inconvenient, it's not like it's some serious disease that we'd be sharing.  However, with it possibly being viral, there's nothing we could do that would prevent sharing the virus.  While the rest of the family was willing to take the chance of getting pink eye by itself, nobody wants the risk of spending a few days in bed sick with a high fever.

We decided Tony and Rylee should still make the trip as planned, because for some miraculous reason Rylee (knock on wood) managed to steer clear of catching Ayden's virus. Tony took a partial day off work today for the road trip, and they were both gone by 2:30. My eyes have felt pretty itchy all day today, but I don't know if that's from looking at Ayden's red eye and being sympathetic, or if it means I'm also getting pink eye.  We'll see.

Ayden got to sit at the big table tonight with me for dinner.

I think it will be good for all of us to have some one on one time this weekend, but it is so weird!!!!  It almost feels lonely not having Rylee around and listening to them fight over toys. I miss her sweet hugs that she frequently shares throughout the day.  I'm curious how she and Tony will do tonight.  I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) being able to sleep all night without having to co-sleep with her the last few hours.  While I absolutely adore those cuddles and I know someday I will miss them, I am soooooo excited at the prospect of sleeping in my own bed All. Night. Long.  Please, please, please Ayden.

This is the first time Ayden and Rylee will be separated for more than a few hours.  It will be interesting to see how they react to not seeing each other for a few days, especially for Ayden.  I think it'll be easier for Rylee because she's not at home in her normal routine and she is surrounded by cousins and other family to distract her.  I won't be surprised if Ayden goes looking for Rylee in the morning, trying to open her bedroom door.  They each do that sometimes if one of them wakes up before the other in the morning or at nap time.  They always want to go wake up the one still sleeping.

I'm looking forward to my one on one time this weekend, but I'm also a little sad being away from Rylee.  It will be fun to see how they respond to seeing each other again come Sunday, when Tony and Rylee arrive back home.  I could be wrong, but I'm expecting a sweet reunion.


  1. I hope your eyes are feeling better this morning and youve managed to avoid pink eye! Also, I hope you were able to sleep allllllll night last night all by yourself! Please be sure to have your camera ready for Sundays reunion! <3 <3

  2. I love the fact that we all want to share in the sweet reunion of coming back home!!! It's such an emotional turmoil of being a Mommy, time alone, one on one, not being together, oy, the roller coaster!!! I sure hope you aren't getting pink eye!! I know it's just inconvenient but who needs it!! And it does spread easily! So impressed that Rylee didn't get it!!! Enjoy, tomorrow will be here soon and all will be back to normal again!!!! And there will be sweet hugs!! Sending loads of love and hugs today, Auntie.

  3. How did the weekend go? How are both of you feeling?

    1. Everyone is healthy, thank goodness. Ayden was exceptionally cranky and clingy all weekend, which was hard, and even more so when they got home. No great reunion of the twins! Now we are all back to normal today. Thanks for asking!