Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Everyday I think about sitting down and writing a new blog post during nap time.  Then when that time comes, I either have a ton of stuff I have to get done while they are asleep or I am simply exhausted and relish the down time to myself.  I don't seem to have enough time to stay caught up on my blog reading either.  I apologize for not being a very active blogger lately!

Today I decided it was time for an update, so here's a mostly picture post of what we've been up to...

Last week, I took Ayden and Rylee to Thistledown Farm for an outting.  Someone had suggested it in a local mom's Facebook group.  They have a very cool hay maze with slides for kids, and goats for petting.  The best part was coming home with yummy peaches and blackberries.  Ayden and Rylee discovered that they REALLY love blackberries!

Checking out the flowers

Rylee has decided that she LOVES animals!
Ayden enjoyed petting the goats, but was really more interested in trying to eat their poop, so we didn't stay with the goats for very long.
Climbing up one of the tunnels in the hay maze.
Rylee was not a happy camper when it was time to leave!

Last Friday we had a wedding to go to.  It means so much to me to be invited to the weddings of the softball players I coached.  It was a beautiful wedding and Ayden and Rylee had a blast too!

My handsome boy!

My pretty little lady!

I couldn't decide which of the next two pictures I liked best of Rylee, so you get to see both!

I love how she has her chin resting on the frame.

But then, how can you resist her smile?

Lots of fun props to play with!

Ayden and Rylee are keeping us on our toes, that is FOR SURE!  They are into EVERYTHING!  It seems like they have taken their adventurous ways to a whole new level in the past few weeks.  

In the first three pictures here of Ayden, he got himself stuck hanging from these drawers.  I helped him get down and while I had my back turned texting these pictures to family, he found a way to actually climb all the way up.  He was SO proud of himself, which you can clearly see by that ornery smile in the bottom right picture!

We cannot keep Ayden out of the hall closet!
He's figured out how to open the fridge.  The refrigerator now has a very inconvenient lock on it.
He was trying to crawl through the underside of the chair and was mad that he couldn't.

While I was making dinner one night, I could NOT keep them off the kitchen table!

This was their reaction to being put in time out.
And then THIS happened yesterday!  Oh. Em. Gee!!!!

If I didn't already have grey hair, they surely would be giving it to me now.  I'm not sure I can survive all these mini heart attacks they give me on a daily basis.  It's a good thing they mix in lots of really cute moments like in the next picture.

Cuteness overload!
We are also still doing swimming lessons every night Monday-Thursday.  They both absolutely love being in the water and have so much fun!  It's exhausting going four days in a row, but so totally worth the time we get to spend together as a family.  I don't have any cute swim lesson pictures though :)


  1. OH, I get so EXCITED when there is a new post and to have a picture post full of so much cuteness and shenanigans!!! Just makes me smile!!!!! I loved hearing that Ayden didn't get to stay long as he was interested in a poop taste test!!!!!! These 2 are both so adorable in their own little way and I for one can't get enough of them!!!!! Lots of love and hugs, Auntie

    1. Love and hugs right back at ya!

    2. If ever I need a smile, I just have to scroll through your pictures and captions and smile taken care of!!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. So many cute photos! What nice adventures you have

    1. We do have lots of adventures with these two!

  3. Oh I can't get enough pictures of these two! So much fun!

    1. They are fun, and exhausting! Haha!

  4. I love love love seeing pictures of your little monkeys!! And I just adore Rylee's red polka dot dress!! ❤️

    1. Ditto Aubrey! I always seeing your adorable little ones too! Thank you!

  5. I love all your pictures. Your kids sure are making some really funny stories for you to tell then when they are all grown up!

  6. Oh boy- I thought that Izzy was a climber but wow! Maybe she does more of it at daycare when I can't see it (and also have heart attacks!). :-)