Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Trip to The Park

We have found three parks in our new little town of Veneta, Oregon.  Two are very close and only a couple blocks away, in opposite directions from each other.  We have also found another one that is quite a bit further away, but still within walking distance.  Both times we have gone to this further-away-park, we have been the only ones there.  The playground is perfect in that it is fairly small and I love that there isn't a whole bunch of other kids running around, making it easier for me to keep track of Ayden and Rylee.  This has made for a perfect scenario to take the babies by myself.   Although I do see it becoming more and more of a challenge...

This little play structure is perfect for entertaining toddlers.  At least for a few minutes anyway, before they were off exploring other things...


Ayden LOVES sticks and will carry them around until he finds the next perfect stick.  
Or rock, or pine cone, or mushroom...

The BIGGER the better!

Rylee thought this big stick was pretty cool too and had to check it out once Ayden moved on to the next best thing.

Ayden wasn't content with staying in the playground section.

Where brother goes, she must follow...

Maybe it's just me, but I think she has the cutest little butt!  heehee

This trip came to an end fairly quickly once Rylee learned how to climb onto the play structure (gasp!) and Ayden kept trying to leave.  I couldn't chase Ayden down the sidewalk and watch Rylee to make sure she didn't fall OFF the play structure at the same time!  I absolutely love Ayden's adventurous spirit and how he has to check everything out, but he doesn't know boundaries yet.  Rylee still is happy to stay in basically one spot and explore, but Ayden is constantly on the move.  Maybe that is why his one and only word to date is "go, go, go!"  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to take them to the park by myself if Ayden continues to be a runner and only gets faster.


  1. I know the story but STILL ENJOY reading about my favorite little family!!!! LOVE the pictures!!! They just melt my heart always!!! They are sure lucky to have you for a Mom and you to have such adorable little people!!! Sending oodles of hugs and love your way always!! Auntie

  2. They are so adorable! I too, have a slight obsession with baby butts!

  3. They sure are adorable and look like they have fun personalities! Who knew sticks could be so entertaining? Mad props to you for taking them to the park alone! What cuties :)

  4. Aw I love this!! I can't believe they are old enough to be able to go play on a play!