Tuesday, May 16, 2017

And Just Like That...

The owners put this house up for sale last Thursday. The first showing was on Friday, and there was at least four more over the weekend. We were out of town, so they were able to show it at will. When we got home, there was four different business cards left on the kitchen counter from different realtors.

Sunday night I got a message that there was another showing scheduled for the next day at 5:45pm. Great. Right in the middle of dinner time. So I planned to make PB&J sandwiches and just take the kids to the park instead of actually cooking dinner.

I've been following a real estate app on my phone for the past several weeks that keeps me notified of new listings in the area, when sales are pending, and when sales go through. At 4:00pm, I got a notification that our house was now pending. Instant stress headache! I sent the owner a text saying congratulations, and asked if we still had to vacate for the scheduled 5:45 showing. She responded that she wasn't sure, but we should still plan to be gone just in case.

Of course the kids didn't mind going to the park! They gobbled down their sandwiches and played their little hearts out.

So here we are, we have exactly 45 days left in this house and we have no idea where we are going. We still don't know if the VA thing will be going through for the Brookings office. It could be a week, or it could be 3 more months before they give an answer. At this point, we are leaning heavily toward just staying put in the town we are in. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of houses on the market to choose from. The houses that are ones we would be interested in are flying off the market in a matter of days.

I mean, seriously, this house was listed on Thursday and they got an offer on it already on Monday. Just like that, we will be homeless in 45 days.


  1. Oh, Amber! I am so sorry to hear this and know the amount of stress that you all must be facing. Please let me know where I can help and be of the most help if any to you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that this will somehow work out and sooooooon so that you know which road your life is heading down. Limbo is not fun! Love you, Auntie

  2. Any extended stay hotels you could stay out until you hear about Brookings? Google short term rentals in your area - maybe you can find a house to stay at while owners are gone for the summer. Worst case, any friends or family to stay with??

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  4. Oh boy. This adds a bit of stress to things, huh? Maybe you could find a short term rental in your area? How frustrating!

  5. This is so stressful. I'm so sorry. I really hope you guys find something unexpected that you love really soon. *hugs*

  6. I hope it works out! Don't shoulder all of the stress yourself. Have your husband help, and it won't be as stressful. When we were looking for a rental a few months ago, I let my husband worry about it/work on it. I just couldn't. It worked out fine. Good luck.