Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter Recap

On one of our trips to the library when we were in Brookings, I read a book to Rylee called Honey Bunny Funnybunny. I also mentioned something about the Easter bunny coming that weekend, which she didn't think much about at the time. Then when we checked out of our hotel, the gal at the front desk asked the kids if they were going to get to see the Easter bunny and if it would be coming to their house. Rylee really latched on the idea of the Easter bunny after that and started asking when the Easter bunny would be coming.

We made it a point to take the kids to the local Easter egg hunt, specifically because the Easter bunny would be there. When Rylee saw the Easter bunny roll in on a firetruck, she started jumping up and down, pointing, and screaming, "the Easter bunny is here! The Easter bunny! Mommy, look! The Easter bunny!" She was beyond adorable!!!! Ayden thought it was pretty cool too, but Rylee's reaction was like it was the best thing that she'd ever seen in her (short) life.

The Easter bunny had just arrived.

So excited to meet the Easter bunny.


After the egg hunt, we went to my sister's to celebrate Easter with my family. Normally, we do it on actual Easter Sunday, but this year my brother wouldn't have his kids that day, so we did it a day early. We hadn't had all the cousins together for a very long time. It was so much fun watching them play together!

My favorite picture from the day

Hunting eggs

All the cousins, plus a friend of my oldest niece.

With my brother, my mom, and Sis.

My family!

From there, we headed to the in-laws house. Tony's brother, wife, and kids would be spending the night there as well. I think Grandma and Grandpa's house is pretty much Ayden and Rylee's favorite place in the entire world. They got to see the cows, pet the pigs, and best of all, see their horse Lucy.

Grandpa showing them how to feed grass to Lucy with an open palm.

Bil and family didn't arrive until 7:30, so the kids didn't get to bed until really late. They had so much fun playing with their cousins! Because of the late bedtime and no nap, the next day ended up being a bit rough, especially for Ayden. It was still a fun day though. We just had to fun between the meltdowns. lol

We all went to church together, and then went back out to the farm to have a brunch with a few other family members that joined us. The highlight was the kids getting to ride Lucy.

Easter Sunday

Going out to round up Lucy for a ride.

They didn't want to leave their grandparent's house that afternoon. Rylee was upset because she wanted to ride Lucy again, and cried because she didn't understand why Lucy couldn't come home with us. I convinced them it was a good idea to go home so we could see if the Easter bunny had come to our house. On the way home, they were still upset that we couldn't have stayed at the grandparents. We talked about how we had to go home so we could eat dinner and sleep in our own beds. Rylee asked if the Easter bunny would be joining us for dinner! We explained that the Easter bunny probably wouldn't still be at our house, but he (she?) might have left a surprise for them. Before we had left home Saturday, I had set out their Easter baskets so they'd be ready for the kids when we got home.

It was so fun to see how excited they got over their Easter baskets! A week later, they are still talking about each item they got:

"The bucket that the Easter bunny brought me."
"The Easter bunny gave me this book!"
"The Easter bunny brought me these bubbles!"
"The Easter bunny gave me these slippers, and Santa gave me this water bottle."

We had our last Easter party the Tuesday after, at our Community Playgroup. This was egg hunt #3, so the kids racked up quite a bit of Easter candy! That is not good news for Tony and I, as we are the ones that end up eating most of it! The kids are very good about getting only one piece of Easter candy at a time every once in awhile after meals.

Digging into the goods.


  1. OMGosh!!! I love all these pictures!!! Such special memories you are creating for these 2!!! It's so great that they get to have a special bond with their grandparents and enjoy country life!!! As close to perfection in a life as one can get in my opinion within your family unit!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

    1. They definitely do enjoy spending time with the grandparents on the farm!

  2. Eeeeks! They are seriously getting so grown up! Looks like they had a ton of fun!