Friday, April 21, 2017

Day in the Life: Spring 2017

Once again, I'm cutting it close to the deadline to join Julia's DITL link up on her blog, My Life in Transition. For some reason, my computer suddenly decided tonight that it wouldn't recognize any new pics on my phone, so I had to download them from a round about way through iCloud instead.

Tony saw my scribbled notes yesterday, documenting our day and questioned what I was doing. Even though we've had the same conversation with past DITL posts, he still didn't quite get it. He teased me about how detailed I was. Eh, I don't care. I love these posts! I enjoy going back and reading the past DITL posts and comparing how much things have changed in such a short period of time. I also enjoy reading about how other people spend their days, too. It's fun to see similarities and also get new ideas from other mommy's.

Wednesday, April 19th

Tony: 44 years old
Me: 42 years old
Rylee: 3 years, 4 months old
Ayden: 3 years, 4 months old

This is how the day went down...

10:45pm the night before - fast asleep.

12:30am - Ayden wakes up crying. Turns out it's because he can't find his toy turtle. We find said turtle (on his pillow!) and he goes back to sleep. While I'm up anyway, I go in to see if Rylee needs to go potty. She does. After getting her tucked back into bed, I also go potty.

12:38 - Back in bed, but Tony is snoring. I nudge him a few times, but after about 10 minutes I decide to move out to the couch.

4:30 - Ayden cries out again. I wait to see if he will go back to sleep. Instead, he walks out with his blanket in hand and crawls onto the couch with me. I briefly think about putting him back in his own bed, but decide not to and we both go to sleep.

5:38 - Rylee wakes up fussing. I'm pretty sure she has to go potty and hope she will get up and go on her own, because I don't want to disturb Ayden, knowing he would never go back to sleep. Instead, she falls back to sleep.

6:10 - Tony's alarm goes off and it's the loudest I've ever heard it! He doesn't turn it off and I am blowing steam out my ears. Ayden starts stirring and is awake after 5 minutes of the alarm going off, but is content to just lay with me for a bit. The stupid alarm continues to sound for a full 15 minutes. How the F can he not hear his alarm!??!?

6:26 - I take Ayden into the bathroom to take his pull-up off and he goes potty. Then he goes into our bedroom and wake his daddy up. I hear Tony say, "you're the best alarm clock ever!" Ayden comes back out to the living room and I turn Super Why on Netflix for him to watch on the tv.

6:35 - Tony is still in bed. I go in and tell him his alarm went off 25 minutes ago! Then I went back out to the kitchen to get (watered down) juice for Ayden and a cup ready for Rylee when she wakes up. I discover Tony's phone sitting on the kitchen counter and realize why it had been so loud and why he never turned it off. Ugh.

I start making my notes of how the night went, knowing I planned for this to be the day I document my Day in the Life.

6:45 - I send Ayden in to tell his daddy to get out of bed. He finally gets up and jumps in the shower.

7:00 - Rylee wakes up. Tony's alarm goes off AGAIN!! I turn it off and then take Rylee in to go potty. She's still dry. Yay! Then I get both Ayden and Rylee some dry cereal. Rylee sucks down her juice in about 45 seconds and then I refill both their cups with water.

 7:25 - Tony leaves for work. Lots of handshakes, knuckles, and high fives get passed around before he heads out the door.

7:35 - Rylee spills her cereal on the floor. Ayden helps her pick it up by eating it, which she complains about.

7:40 - Ayden goes potty and I help him wash his hands. They both want more cereal, but I bribe them by saying I need to take a picture first.

They did NOT want me to take a picture. Ayden held his book up just to block me, the little stinker.
This was the best they'd let me get for my bribe.
7:45 - After getting them more cereal, I go to the garage to get bagels and a loaf of bread out of the freezer. Then I make our bed and put a load of dirty clothes in the washing machine. And I steal some Easter chocolate from the kids' egg hunt stash.

8:00 - I start making some scrambled eggs and cut up a mango.

8:10 - The tv gets turned off.

8:23 - While the kids sit down for breakfast, I clean up the kitchen. After they've eaten most of their food, I pour them some milk.

8:41 - They finish breakfast and I wipe their hands and faces clean. Then I get their dishes in the dishwasher. They run off to play and I take the clothes out of the dryer so that the fresh load can go in when it's done. I start folding the clothes, but have to take a break when motherhood calls and I need to go wipe a poopy bottom. I finish folding clothes and get the next load ready to go in. Every once in awhile I have to stop because I need to mediate toddler arguments.

There was a mountain of horse hair that needed to be picked off their clothes from riding Lucy on Easter. Rylee "helped" me do that.

Ayden "racing" around the house on his scooter.

Pretending that she is riding her horse, Lucy.

9:20 - The kids helped pick up the living room and I got the vacuum cleaner out.

My helper.

9:51 - Put the vacuum away and got us all dressed.

10:20 - I give Ayden and Rylee a kid's Clif ZBar for snack. While they eat that, I get the clothes out of the dryer and folded.

10:25 - I fill their water bottles and then get their hands and faces wiped clean.

They're about to outgrow this zebra! I mean, Lucy.

10:35 - Move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and hang up the wet clothes that need to air dry.

Ready to head out the door!

10:50 - We're all loaded in the car and ready to head to the library for story time.

10:52 - Arrive at the library. We live only a half mile from the library so usually we walk, but I have to run a few errands afterward today. We have time enough for just a few minutes in the children's section. Ayden picked a book for me to read to them. Usually they like to play with the toys instead, so this was a change.

11:00 - We go in the designated room for story time. Rylee is in full form and shouting out all the answers to the teacher's questions, and pointing out all the animals loudly that are in the book. Ayden goes back and forth between being enthused and then not thrilled to be there. The theme for the day is how plants/flowers grow, in honor of Earth day this weekend. Class always ends with a craft of some sort, and today's activity is planting seeds. Ayden and Rylee both really enjoy this part, although they really don't understand the concept of having to wait for the seeds to grow. They want their carrots now!

11:45 - We leave the library and I make a few stops around town to pay some bills.

12:05 - Arrive back home. We all go potty, wash our hands, and then sit down at the table for lunch. It's a very uninspired meal of hot dogs, applesauce, and milk for them. I'm not actually eating yet.

12:25 - They each get to pick one piece of Easter candy and they both choose a tootsie roll. They are mad when I bite each one into two pieces for them, which ends up being futile since they put both halves in their mouths at the same time anyway.

12:32 - Get them cleaned up from lunch.

12:35 - They reenact Dory searching for her parents with little Nemo and Dory "eggs" they got from an Easter egg hunt. Ayden gets his stuffed Hank to complete the reenactment. While they are busy with this, I put the clothes away that are still on my bed.

12:50 - I help them both get their teeth brushed, then let them play Dory and Nemo for a few more minutes.

1:00 - We say some prayers and sing a few songs together.

Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Dory's parents, and the toy turtle Ayden couldn't find in the middle of the night last night, are all going to sleep for nap time as well (according to Ayden).

1:10 - Both kids are tucked in bed for naps. Rylee goes to sleep within minutes. Ayden plays and sings loudly for a long time. I lay on the couch, playing on my phone and fight falling asleep myself.

1:40 - Ayden finally falls asleep. Hallelujah!

1:50 - I force myself to get up and reheat some leftover veggies. Then I get on the computer and check to see if any new houses have come on the market in Brookings. I spend way to much time doing this. Tony calls to give me a heads up that he's been asked to go on a mission trip. He'll be leaving Saturday and coming home on Wednesday. It's very short notice because they had someone back out at the last minute.

2:35 - I start working on a blog post that I had started a few days earlier. I had hoped to finish it during nap time, but now I'm not sure I'll have enough time.

3:37 - The kids still aren't awake, and it's waaaaaayy past time to get the kids up from nap. I still don't have the blog post done yet, but I really need to get them up if we have any hope of a decent bedtime. I wake Rylee first, then let her go in and wake Ayden up.

3:45 - They go out to the living room to wake up Nemo, Dory, and the turtle from their naps.

Ayden says he needs to go potty, so we go into the bathroom. I discover that he has already peed his pants. I clean him up and get him new pants and undies. I'm pretty sure he woke up dry, but I check his bed sheet just in case. Dry. I go back out to the living room, only to discover a puddle in the exact spot he was squatting in the above picture. WHY??? After months of no accidents? I am not a happy momma. I get the puddle cleaned up, then mop all the floors. They needed mopped anyway...

4:05 - I give them a G0-Gurt for a snack. This is a fairly new snack to them, so they need a little help eating them.

4:20 - Rylee is trying to tell me something she wants to do, but I cannot understand what it is she is wanting. She ends up having a meltdown. I tell her it's okay to be mad, but she needs to go to her bedroom until she can compose herself enough to talk to me in a big girl voice again without whining/crying.

4:30 - I finally figure out what she has been trying to tell me. She wants "animals on a paper." Meaning she wants ME to draw animals on her paper. This is a new request, which is why it took me awhile to figure out what she was telling me she wanted. We get the crayons out and draw/color for a bit. I draw them both some animals (I am not good at this). I help Ayden practice spelling and writing his name. Rylee colors in her Minnie Mouse coloring book.

It's a work in progress trying to get them to hold crayons/pencils the correct way.

He's drawing snakes.

She is really starting to love coloring, and doing it with purpose!

4:45 - Ayden goes back to playing with Dory and Nemo. Rylee continues coloring.

4:55 - I put another load of laundry in, and then get them a few animal crackers.

5:10 - We read the new Big Book of Big Dinosaurs that Ayden got for Easter. He LOVES this book! We have read it several times a day, every day since Sunday.

Matching their dinosaurs to the ones in the book.

5:30 - Start getting dinner ready. The kids decide they need to practice using their scissors, so now they are cutting up all the beautiful kidding! animals I drew them earlier. I take the garbage out while the leftovers are warming up.

5:40 - Ayden and Rylee go potty, then we all sit down for dinner. It's spaghetti, green beans, cottage cheese, and milk.

6:00 - They both pick one piece of Easter candy and I give them their vitamins. I work on doing the dishes while they eat their candy and vitamins.

6:10 - I get them cleaned up and they are off to play.

6:11 - Tony pulls into the driveway. He eats dinner really quick, then plays hide and seek with the kids. I take the opportunity to sneak off to our bedroom and be on Facebook for a few minutes.

6:30 - It's time to pick up the toys. Tony gives them a bath while I rotate the laundry, fold the clean clothes I just took out of the dryer, and put them away.

7:00 - Baths are done. I help Rylee get her pj's on and comb her hair. Tony gets Ayden in his pj's.

7:05 - I help the kids get their teeth brushed.

7:10 - Bedtime stories.

Ayden is not pictured because he is on the floor looking at his dinosaur book again. 

7:25 - The kids both go potty again. We all say bedtime prayers together, and then Rylee and Ayden do their crazy nighttime routine of chasing each other and wrestling around. Then Tony and I each say our goodnight's to each of them individually.

7:40 - Both kids are tucked in. We sit down to talk about Tony going on the mission trip, possibly moving to Brookings, and the kids.

7:55 - Rylee hollers out that she has to go potty. Tony takes her in to go potty. When she's done, she has to come out and give me kisses goodnight.

8:15 - Rylee hollers again, this time saying she has to go big poopy. She goes potty, but no poop. Get her tucked back in bed.

8:20 - Again, she says she has to go big poopy. She has lots of gas, but no poopy. I know she's not just playing games and stalling bedtime. The poor girl still just has some constipation issues.

I can still hear Ayden in his room singing, but he falls asleep shortly after.

8:45 - I take Rylee potty again, and get her tucked back in bed once again, telling her this is the last time.

8:50 - I get changed into pj's and put the clean towels away that are still sitting on our bed.

9:00 - I steal a few more pieces of Easter candy, and then sit down to finally finish my blog post about our trip to Brookings.

11:25 - Finally finish the blog post!! I'm hungry again, so I toast a bagel and sit back down at the computer to eat it and read a blog post from one of my favorite blogger friends, Risa at Risa Kerslake Writes.

12:08am - I turn the computer off and go to bed after checking on the kids. I know it's way to lateeeee!!!!


  1. That is one long day, my dear!!! You have to remember to take care of yourself here!!!! I loved reading about Tony's alarm!!! Need one of those alarms that they show on fb once in a while that shakes the whole bed!!! Your children have the most fascinating and developed imaginations!! So much fun to read and to see in person!!!! Take care of you while you are busy taking care of your precious family!!! Sending lots of love and hugs, Auntie

    1. Yes! He needs one of those alarms that shakes the bed. Lol. As long as I'm not in the bed when it goes off. Haha. And I am fortunate that Tony lets me have some free time to recharge every once in awhile. It's just been awhile since we've had the opportunity!

    2. I guess that would be important that you wouldn't have to be in bed when the shaking alarm went off!!!!! What a rude awakening that would be!!! The 2 of you make a great team!!!

  2. I'm honored that you would read a post of mine at 11:30 at night. Bah ha ha!!! Olivia would be so jealous of that riding horse. When I first saw those, I immediately thought of how much I would have died to have a horse like that.

    And omg. That alarm. Chris has done that same thing, and now relies on the vibration from his Fitbit to wake him instead. Win win. I'm so jealous of their long naps. The best I get out of Olivia is 1.5 hours, with the very, very rare instance of a 3 hour one.

    1. Wait. Fitbits have an alarm option???? I never knew that!

  3. I love re-reading my DITL posts because as the kids age, I think about how much has changed!!

    You got a lot done while trying to wrangle two three yr olds! I would kill my husband if his alarm went off for that long.

    Izzy has the same book about dinosaurs and likes it, but certainly not as much as Ayden does!