Thursday, August 11, 2016

Things They Say

I included a few things these two say on their individual posts, but I want to be sure to document some of the other things as well.  I have not been good about filling out their baby books at all, so this blog is pretty much it for remembering all the little things.  They continue to surprise me daily with things that come out of their little mouths.

Things they both say:

"Look!  It's a (cow, sheep, airplane, garbage truck....)."  Today, Ayden pointed to the sky and said "Look!  It's a rocket!"  It was a plane so high up you could barely see it, but you could see the white trails behind it.  Once he pointed it out, Rylee looked up and called it a rocket too.  I don't even know where they learned the word rocket!

"Ready, set, go!"

"I'm (she's) a princess."  If Rylee is wearing a dress, she's a princess.  If a baby doll is wearing a dress, it's a princess.  If somebody else is wearing a dress, she's a princess.  They were obsessed with a little girl at the park a few weeks ago that was wearing a dress and a bow in her hair.  They wanted to follow the "princess" around everywhere!

Things Rylee says:

"I'm gonna get you, Aynen (how she pronounces his name)," as they play chase around the house.

"Good night, Mommy."

"I luff (love) you, (Mommy, Daddy),"  complete with hand gestures, pointing to her eye, heart, and then at you.

"Daddy's at work."

Here recently, Rylee has become an independent little sassy pants.  She often says, "Let me do it!"  Which of course requires patience on our part because it makes things take 10 times longer.  (climbing into her car seat, climbing into her chair at the table, buckling her car seat, tightening the straps on her car seat, getting dressed and undressed.

My last post was about Rylee's regression with potty training.  Well, yesterday she went into the bathroom and I followed her in shortly after to see what she was doing and to help wipe.  She was sitting on her little potty.  When I came in she pointed to the door and said, "Go play, Mommy!"  lol!  Okay then!  I left and let her go about her business.  Hallelujah!  She went potty all on her own for a change!

Today, as she was getting into her car seat she told me to "step back, Mommy!  No.  Step back."  She is absolutely insistent on buckling herself in these days, which of course, I can't let her completely do by herself yet, so it's a battle.

She is ALWAYS pointing out her owies, "I got owie."

If someone coughs, she asks if you are okay.  If she coughs, she will tell you SHE is okay.  If you ask her if she's okay, her response is "thank you."

She says "excuse me" if she has the hick ups, burps, or farts.  She also says "excuse me" if someone else does it.

She has always struggled a bit with constipation, so pooping doesn't always happen easily.  When she has to poop, she sits on the potty and whispers "I can do it!"  Like she's giving herself a little pep talk.  It's actually pretty funny and cute.  Thank goodness it never seems to be painful for her.

Things Ayden says:

His list isn't quite so extensive, because he's still behind in his communication.  He does have a lot to say and talks a lot, but his stories are still mostly gibberish.  However, he is getting pretty good at saying individual words and is starting to put more words together finally.  His voice is very soft and quiet, unless he's mad.  Then look out!

In his individual post, I wrote about how he says "of course" a lot.  He also responds with "okaaayyy" a lot.  That's his general answer to things these days.  He says it all drawn out like, so it's pretty cute and funny.

He asks if you are okay.  "You okay, mommy?"

He will bring a book to you and ask you to read it, "read, book?"  He separates his words with a pause a lot of the time.

When he's hungry, he says "eat, dinner?" or "eat, snack?"

He often will bring you something and say, "here go, Mommy." or "here go, Ry-yee."

If he bonks his head against something, he will rub the spot and say, "bonk, head?"  He often makes things sound like a question.

Sometimes when he's getting into some kind of trouble and he gets caught, he will say "sorry, Mommy."  He'll also say that if he bumps into you, or you bump into him and he sounds so incredibly sweet with his soft voice.

I know there are other things they say, but these are the most common and the ones I can remember at the moment.  It's so fun to hear the new things that come out of their mouths. Sometimes it's pretty hard not to laugh, even though you probably shouldn't, like with Miss Rylee's sassafras lately.


  1. This is just the cutest!!! I can't wait to hear Bowen start saying stuff like this.

    1. It is so fun! I can't wait to read about the things Bowen will say :)

  2. These two! I absolutely adore them! I wish you lived closer so I can just witness this cuteness! Raisins up the nose and all!

  3. I loved this blog!!! How cute, sweet and funny they are!!!! And the pictures!!! Overload on cuteness!!! Loved Rylee's self pep talk to poop!!!!!! Counting down the days until I get to finally come visit again!! Praying nothing prevents me as I've missed all of you!!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  4. I can't believe how big they are!