Monday, August 8, 2016

Microblog Monday: Regression

Rylee's been at this whole potty training business for 3 months now.  She was doing really good.  She still had a few piddle accidents here and there, where she'd start in her panties but then finish on the potty, but it was manageable.  In the last week, however, she has regressed so much that it's like we are almost back to square one.  She's had a few full on pee accidents and she piddles almost Every. Single. Time now.  The exception is if I make her go potty, which I feel like I'm having to do way too much.  If I try to wait it out and let her go on her own, she pees her pants.  I softly prompt her, reminding her that potty goes in the toilet/potty seat, but that isn't doing any good at all.

I am so frustrated.  The good news is that poop is always in the toilet.  Thank God for that.

The plan is to start potty training Ayden shortly after we get back from our trip in a few weeks.  The original thought was that Rylee would be pretty much fully trained by then.  I'm sooooo dreading having to deal with potty training both of them together.  The amount of laundry I'm doing daily is already out of control.  Ugh.

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  1. This is one of those moments where having kids is not always easy!!! Hang in there!!! Miss Rylee will get back on that potty again and hopefully Ayden will fly through this time and not hose down the cabinets this time!!!!! Poop in the toilet is a big blessing to count though!!!! Good luck and thank you for entertaining us again!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  2. Ugh, that is so frustrating, but she'll get it back together. Maybe training Ayden will prompt her