Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day in the Life: Summer 2015

I have been thinking it's almost time to do the summer edition of a Day in the Life.  I almost missed the deadline to do the link up with My Life in Transition, but I made it!

Tony: 42
Me: 40
Rylee: 18 months old
Ayden: 18 months old

5:23am - My MIL sends me a text.  The sound is turned off on my phone, but it's on vibrate and it wakes me up anyway.  Dammit.  I try to go back to sleep.

5:30 - Tony comes in the bedroom to put his workout clothes on.  He fell asleep watching t.v. on the couch last night.

5:43 - I decide I'm not going to be able to go back to sleep, so I respond to MIL's text.  I stayed in bed scrolling Facebook and took my Words with Friends turns.

6:30 - I can't believe Ayden and Rylee are still sleeping!!!  I also realize that neither of them cried out even once during the night, a first in quite some time.  I get up, pin my hair back, and go to the bathroom.

6:40 - I look out my bedroom window to see two deer munching away in my garden beds.  They run off when I lift the blinds.  So much for being able to eat this last round of strawberries!  Sigh.

6:47 - decide to get dressed.  I think this might be the only time in the last 18 months that I have had time to myself in the morning!  Usually, my alarm is one or both of the babies.

6:51 - Start to take pictures of shoes that Ayden and Rylee have grown out of so I can post them to a local Facebook for sale site.

6:54 - Picture taking is short lived.  Ayden wakes up.  I go in and open his curtains, remove his nightlight, and change his diaper.

7:00 - We sit down to read a book together, but Tony came home so there was hugs for Daddy instead.

7:05 - Tony goes in the bedroom to get ready for work.  I give Ayden his sippy cup of milk and we sit down to read again.

7:07 - Rylee wakes up.

7:10 - I go get Rylee, change her diaper, and give her a sippy cup of milk.  Ayden is walking around with the book, so then we all sit down to read it.

7:20 - They both get snack cups with Kix cereal.

7:38 - Tony leaves for work.  Rylee and Ayden are content playing by themselves for a bit, until I decide to take a picture of them.  Then I end up reading another book.

7:50 - I read Llama Llama Nighty-Night 5 times.  It is the new favorite book around here.

8:00 - Time for breakfast!  We have left over waffles from yesterday, ham, and blueberries.
Ayden decides his food doesn't need to stay on his plate and dumps it on his tray, throwing the plate on the floor.  While they are in their highchairs, I put a load of laundry in, take the clothes out of the dryer from the day before, finish loading the dishwasher and get it started.

8:29 - Get Ayden and Rylee cleaned up, as well as the floor.  Then I get them both dressed for the day, changing poopy diapers in the process.

8:55 - We put the clothes from the washer into the dryer.  They both love to help!  I set the wet clothes on the dryer door and they push it in.  Ayden's favorite part is slamming the dryer door shut!  Then we go into my bedroom where I fold the laundry I took out earlier and they proceed to destroy the room.

9:15 - We put their shoes on.  Then I sneak into the bathroom to pee in privacy.  I quickly brush my teeth and pull my hair into a ponytail.  I can hear Ayden and Rylee giggling and playing in the other room.

9:25 - I put Rylee's shoes on again, because of course she took them off while I was in the other room.  Then we load up in the stroller and head to the park to meet our twin friends.

As we leave, I get a text from the twin mom friend that we need to switch parks.  She got to the park we usually meet at and there were teenagers there smoking pot.  Lovely.  Things like this make me sad for the world we live in and scared for Ayden and Rylee's future.

9:34 - We arrive to the other park.  The other twins are only four months older than Ayden and Rylee.  It's so nice to have made new friends here!

They give me heart attacks climbing on the play structures!

Stealing snacks from the other twins

Exploring!  Ayden is carrying a stick across his shoulders.
10:45 - We load up in the stroller and walk back home.

10:56 - We arrive home and they play while I sit for a few minutes and check my email.

11:10 - Lunch time!  It's PB&J with peas on the side, along with milk.  Rylee eats most of her peas, but barely touches her sandwich.  I think she maybe took one bite.  Ayden ate a little bit of both, but a lot of it ended up on the floor.  It's usually Rylee that throws her food on the floor.  Apparently they've decided to switch it up today.  Exasperating.

11:40 - Clean up lunch.  I sing the alphabet song while cleaning up Rylee, hoping to distract her from screaming while I wipe her down.  It works when I terribly rap the alphabet. I change their diapers, and brush their teeth.  (I did wash my hands before brushing their teeth!)

12:00pm - Ayden and Rylee go down for nap.  I sit down to eat my own lunch, Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad.

12:08 - Rylee is screaming.  She's been doing a lot of that lately.  Ugh.  I check on her to make sure she hasn't pooped.  Nope.  So I cuddle her a few minutes and then put her back down.  Screaming continues, but thankfully is short lived.  Ayden is busy talking to himself. I sit down at the computer to balance my checkbook and pay bills.  Once I finish that, I log into blogger and start this post!  The deadline is tomorrow, so I've got to do it while I can in case they don't nap well!  Who knows how much time I will have tomorrow!

Finally crashed
12:43 - I think Ayden has finally fallen asleep too.  I'm not taking a chance of being wrong by going in to check on him and get a picture!  Usually they go to sleep easier than they did today for nap time.

1:45 - I eat a bowl of ice cream and sit down to catch up on Facebook, Instagram, and reading blogs.  Is it any wonder I haven't lost my baby weight???

2:00 - I hear Ayden start crying.  Crap.  So much for catching up on all my social media!  Phew.  He actually goes back to sleep.

2:33 - Ayden wakes up again.  This time he also wakes up Rylee.

2:45 - Apparently they aren't going back to sleep this time.  Nap time is officially over!

2:50 -  They get some veggie stix for snack.

Ayden decides he has to have Rylee's snack cup too, fighting ensues.  The veggie stix end up getting dumped all over the floor.  Ayden steps on one, turning it into crumbs.  I get out the dust buster and vacuum it up.  Ayden decides he doesn't like the sound for some reason today (he usually loves it and laughs!) and starts crying.  I give him hugs, then pull out my camera to take selfies to cheer him up.

From sad to happy in seconds!

Rylee has to get in on the selfie action as well.
3:17 - I get both their diapers changed and put on their shoes.

3:25 - I change Ayden's diaper again, because of course he had to poop in his fresh diaper I just put on him.  Never fails.

3:33 - I grab the diaper bag and my purse, then herd the two rugrats out of the house.  I throw Ayden in his car seat and shut his door.  Then I go round up Rylee who is trying to escape the yard.  I get her buckled into her car seat, then start the car to get the AC running.  Finally, I get Ayden buckled in and we are off to Eugene.

4:00 - I meet a gal who is interested in buying a pair of Rylee's shoes that she has grown out of.  Score!  I just made $11!

Adorable pink Robeez!

4:07 - Drive to the bank and make a deposit.  (Not for the $11.  haha!)

4:25 - Head back home.  We pass an accident on the way that appears to have happened just a few minutes prior.  We have to pull over 4 different times on the rest of the trip home for emergency vehicles responding to the accident.  Thankful for God's timing that didn't involve us in the accident.

4:45 - Pull into the driveway.  I have to put Rylee's shoes on once again so she can walk into the house, because of course she took them off in the car.  Get them both out of the car and attempt to get them into the house.

4:55 - Back in the house!  Rylee found a snack cup, which Ayden promptly steals from her.  I go in search of the other snack cup, but it's empty.  I get out the box of Kix and put more cereal in the snack cup.  Then I have to make a show of putting more Kix in the cup Ayden has, even though it already has some in it.  I can't put cereal in one and not the other!  Gasp!

He thinks it's pretty cool to be sitting on the toy kitchen.

After I turn the kitchen upright, Rylee thinks she needs to knock it over again.

5:15 - We have left over Chicken Enchilada Pasta for dinner, along with Avocado.  It only takes a few seconds before Rylee dumps her dinner off her plate and onto the tray.

I take Rylee's plate from her, then hurry to pack our bag for swim lessons.  I get changed into my suit and set Tony's swim trunks out for him.  When I get back to the kitchen, I find Ayden has dumped his plate on the floor.

5:38 - I start to get dinner cleaned up, mopping the floor, wiping down the trays and both kiddos.

5:45 - Tony gets home from work and grabs something to eat real quick.  Then he gets changed for swim lessons while I get Ayden and Rylee ready to leave.

5:55 - Load babies toddlers into the stroller and make the short walk to the pool.

6:03 - Arrive at the local pool and get Ayden and Rylee changed into swim diapers.  We've learned our lesson this last week that swim diapers don't absorb pee!  Ayden has soaked his stroller seat twice!  With it being such a short walk to the pool, it was super convenient to get them completely ready at home, but not so convenient when that involves soaking the stroller seat when they pee.  Soooo, now we put the swim diapers on at the pool.

6:10 - Swim class.  Ayden is a little fish!  Seriously.  This kid LOVES the water!  He would totally swim on his own if we would let him (and if he knew how!).  His favorite part is jumping into the pool.  Rylee likes being in the water, as long as she can hold on tight to one of us.  She tolerates being dunked and jumping in.  Her favorite part is taking the warm shower after swim lessons are over.

6:40 - We exit the pool, shower, put Ayden and Rylee in their pj's, and make the walk home.

Back home from the pool

7:15 - Ayden and Rylee go back in their high chairs for a snack.  This time they get a bowl of applesauce and half a graham cracker each.  They love using the spoons by themselves, but still need some assistance scooping up the applesauce.  I unload the dishwasher while Tony eats some ham and helps them navigate the spoons.

7:35 - I get Ayden and Rylee cleaned up.  Tony brushes Ayden's teeth and I brush Rylee's.

7:40 - It's storytime with Daddy while I get their rooms ready for bedtime, closing their curtains, plugging in the nightlight, and setting the temp for their air conditioners.

7:45 - We say bedtime prayers and give kisses goodnight.  Tony takes Rylee to her room, and I take Ayden to his.

7:48 - I go outside to water the garden beds and discover that the deer actually left a few strawberries!  I must have shooed them off before they had a chance to eat much.  Yay!

7:55 - Tony and I sit down to watch our new Netflix show.  We are on episode 4 of House of Cards.  We didn't really follow or understand the first episode, but now we are hooked!  Ayden and Rylee have actually gone to sleep without any crying tonight!

8:40 - Show is over.  Tony goes to play games on the computer and I Facebook and eat a few popsicles.

9:45 - I get the milk sippys ready for the morning and pick up all the toys.

10:00 - I check on the babies, and turn Rylee's AC off.

She ADORES those two little lovey blankets.


10:13 - I get a load of laundry ready to toss in the washer in the morning.  Then I jump in the shower, brush my teeth, put moose in my hair so it's not a frizzy ball of mess when I wake up, and put on facial moisterizer.

10:45 - I crawl into bed way too late!  I want to upload the rest of the pictures I took today to google+ so they'll be ready to go when I sit down and finish this post tomorrow during naptime.  Of course my phone is not cooperating, so I end up powering down my phone and having to turn it back on.  Finally, it works.

11:30 - Put my phone down and go to sleep.  Why am I such a night owl, when I know I have to get up early with Ayden and Rylee?  Ugh.


  1. Aw there little bed time pictures are so cute!! You are a busy momma that's for sure!

    1. They make my heart melt when I watch them sleeping. So precious and innocent! Thanks Amie!

  2. So nice you can walk to so many places. That must be nice! I can't believe how big they're getting!!

    1. I love being able to walk pretty much anywhere. It's a pretty small town, which makes it possible.

  3. Love reading your daily busy and joys with those 2 precious little people!!! LOVE all of the pictures, they are so adorable and they do keep you busy!!! Amazes me that you have time to write all of this and put it together!! Sending lots of hugs and love, Auntie

    1. I knew you'd like the pictures! It does take a lot of time to write document the day, but totally worth the memories and seeing how the day plays out!

  4. Your email isn't working, but I got the post---looks great! And your kids are so stinking adorable.

    1. Ugh. My email! I don't know how to fix that. I'm glad you got the post though! Thank you!

  5. Ha ha you are so busy! I love that you can walk to the pool. That's so cool!

    1. And here I thought this was actually a pretty mellow day! Haha!

  6. Love reading these!I still can't believe how much older Ayden looks with his hair cut!

  7. Love reading these!I still can't believe how much older Ayden looks with his hair cut!

  8. Love sleeping baby/toddler pictures! And love that you are so close to things that you can walk - I love neighborhoods like that.

  9. Hey love! I have missed you too. It looks like things are going well. I promise to blog more. I miss it. xoxox.

  10. Never a dull moment with those two, but it looks like such fun!

  11. What is it with taking shoes off? Izzy does this ALL.THE.TIME.

    When we go swimming we wait to change Izzy into a swim diaper until we get there, but I did read someone else's trick of putting a real diaper on over the swim diaper in case they pee on the walk over. Then the swim diaper is already on and you just have to take the real diaper off (and you could possibly use it again for the walk home). Just a thought. :-)

    1. Now that's a genius idea! Thanks for sharing!