Monday, October 13, 2014

Random Facts About Me

I know it's #MicroBlogMonday, but this is my 200th post, so I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate.  Here's a list of 50 random facts about me:

  1.  I am 39 years old, but only for 5 more days
  2. I have a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science
  3. I minored in Public Health
  4. I graduated from Oregon State University, but attended Western Oregon State University for 3 years before transferring
  5. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball
  6. I played one year of softball in college
  7. I started coaching softball at 19 years old
  8. I coached for 20 years before retiring to have my babies
  9. I was a Head Varsity Coach for 10 years
  10. We made it to the state playoffs 9 out of 10 years that I was Head Coach, making it as far as the State Semi Finals twice and even won a State Championship
  11. I sold PartyLite candles for 8 years.
  12. I was actually pretty good at it and earned 4 all expense paid vacations to: the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, and a Caribbean Cruise to  St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Curacua, and Aruba
  13. I am shy and feel awkward in most social situations
  14. But somehow I am very good at giving speeches and entertaining large groups of people
  15. I hate to feel dumb, but do quite often
  16. I am terrible at math
  17. But I am good at reading and writing
  18. Tony and I have a goal of seeing all 50 states together in our lifetime. So far we have been to Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama.
  19.  I have no problem sharing my opinion or saying what I think about something, but I hate confrontation.
  20. I like junk food WAY too much
  21. I always wanted to be able to say I've done a Marathon, and 5 years ago I did complete the Portland Marathon and could cross that off my bucket list
  22. I don't actually have a bucket list, other than the mental one in my head
  23. I love shopping by myself, but feel awkward when others are with me
  24. I was 17 when I started college because I have a late birthday
  25. I met Tony during orientation week of college my freshman year
  26. We were playing volleyball when we met and I thought he was nice because he talked to me
  27. We dated for 5 years before we got married
  28. We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in September
  29. It took us 14+ years of ttc before we finally got our babies
  30. My sister was our egg donor
  31. We have 4 nieces and 3 nephews, and my brother has another on the way
  32. My sister, my brother, and Tony's brother all had children before us, even though we are the oldest grandchildren in both our families
  33. I have never so much as smoked a cigarette, let alone experimented with any drugs
  34. Because my mom is a (recovered) drug addict and my dad is an alcoholic, I learned early on what I did NOT want in my own life
  35. You could say I'm a goody two shoes
  36. Except for all the t-peeing I did in high school.  My friends and I were pros
  37. I also had sex in high school, so that might knock me off the goody two shoes status
  38. I hate spiders
  39. The thought of my kids getting lice and having to deal with that scares me to death!
  40. I had lice in the 4th grade and it scarred me for life
  41. My hair is naturally curly, but strangely has two textures.  It's kinky curly and very course in the back and underneath, but the hair on top is mostly just wavy and not as course
  42. I got a perm my freshman year of high school
  43. My hair was so big that it did not fit in the school picture and my nickname that year was Afro
  44. I don't wear make up
  45. But I did go through the ugly blue and green eye shadow and mascara stage in middle school. 
    Do you remember the colored mascara???
  46. I played the clarinet in middle school and started to learn the saxophone, but by high school I was too cool for that (Not!)
  47. I am unfortunately just a step down from being a hoarder
  48. Not really, but my spare bedroom would indicate otherwise, as well as the clutter around our house
  49. I love to read. I'm a big romantic. Give me a good love story any day. But I also like to read biographies, mysteries...just about anything.  I actually haven't read a book in a very long time though, now that I have babies
  50. I also love to go to the movies. There is nothing like watching a movie in the theater and being able to escape into someone else's life or story for a few hours. Sometimes when I am upset, I will go to the movies by myself just to get away. Then I hope I don't run into someone I know because I don't want them to think I'm some kind of loner going to the movies all by myself.  This is another thing I haven't done since having my babies!  Although I most definitely am not complaining.

 Well, there you go!  50 random facts about me!  Hope you still like me :)  lol


  1. I love your list and especially # 43!

    1. Haha! I suppose I should clarify that having an afro was NOT my goal! I just wanted the kinky curly all over, but that's not what I got! lol

  2. You have a room waiting for you if you ever want to visit Mississippi!

  3. I am totally with you on #13. No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to change it...ugh! It's always great to get to know more about my bloggy friends :)

    1. It's amazing how many people feel awkward in social settings, even though others never seem to see us that way!

  4. This was a fun list! We played the same sports in high school. I've won one state championship as a coach, and we were runner up another time - but wow it sounds like you have a great coaching record!

    1. Your coaching record is right up there with mine!

  5. I STILL LIKE YOU AND LOVE YOU MOST DEFINITELY!!!! I couldn't be prouder of you and enjoyed your list. Fun to compare our differences and our similarities and definitely enjoyed where there are almost contradictions in what you like and don't like #13 and 14! I am with you all the way on 13 but you loose me on 14!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

    1. #13 and #14 are definitely contradictions. I don't really understand how I can be so awkward in social situations, yet somehow be good at entertaining on a stage. It's a conundrum! Love you too!

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  7. Happy early birthday! And who DOESN'T like junk food too much? I don't want to be friends with that person.

    1. Thank you! As a former personal trainer, I actually know a few non junk food eaters. I don't know how they do it!

  8. I love this post!!!! So fun reading random facts about other ppl... I felt like I was reading about you in US Magazine :)

  9. So much fun! We have a lot of things in common, too!

    1. I would love to know which ones we have in common??

    2. 13, 14, 15. 17 (but I like math, too), 19, 20!!!, 31 (7 nieces and nephews- 5 girls, 2 boys), 33 (unless you count the exposure I had at a Bruce Springsteen concert when I was in 8th grade), 34 (alcoholism in the family has led me to not even drink), 35, 37 (with my husband, so...), 38!!!!, 39/40 (scarred myself. ugh. had a best friend who gave them to me FOUR times.), 44, and 48,

      Whew. I told you we have a lot in common. :) I think the biggest difference is your love for sports. I am SO not a sporty/athletic kind of person. lol

    3. And I've been to Cancun, Bahamas, and have taken a cruise to St. Thomas and St. Lucia. I did not win them, though. :) Paid for some and tagged along on one of Isaac's work trips.

  10. Love this post and may borrow this idea sometime.

    1. Steal away! I love reading posts like this!

  11. Cute post! Happy almost birthday!

    I also was 17 when I started college and was actually the youngest person in my class. I hate shopping with other people too!

    1. Thanks! There were actually a few that were younger than me. I had one friend with a December birthday, and another gal's birthday wasn't until February!

  12. Happy birthday (soon)!! It was fun getting to know you better. I totally hear you on #13 &14. My the exact opposite! ₩

    1. Thank you! My husband can talk up a storm with ANYONE, but absolutely is terrified of giving speeches!

  13. So many things I want to comment on but I'll pick these - so proud of your mom for being clean and sober. And did you like Atlantis Bahamas? Thinking about going there (someday).

    1. My mom has been clean and sober now for about 19 years, so she really is doing great, but all those bad years definitely took a tole on her body.

      We LOVED Atlantis!!! It was pretty spectacular and I would HIGHLY recommend it!!!

  14. Right there with you on #13, but not 14. I am somehow even more awkward on a stage or giving a speech. And #34 -I also stayed away from drugs because my dad had a drug and alcohol problem.
    Also, my husband and I plan to take the girls to every state capital when they are older. It will take us several trips over a few years, but we have always planned on doing that when we had kids (my husband did it when he was a kid and I have always had a "goal" of going to all the states)