Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day in the Life...

I love reading these posts from others, so thought I'd try my hand at it as well.  Yesterday was a doozy. Here's my Day in the Life with Twins:

12:41am - Rylee wakes up in her crib.  I wait a few minutes to see if she will go back to sleep.
12:43 - I go potty
12:45 - Went and got Rylee and took her to the couch, where she usually will fall back to sleep.
1:10 - She wasn't going back to sleep and was starting to fuss so I tried to put her in the Pack n Play in the spare bedroom.  She then proceeded to start screaming.  She's got quite the temper.
1:25 - I went in and picked her up.  She didn't stop crying.
1:30 - I changed her diaper, just in case she had poopied.
1:35 - I decided to make her a bottle since nothing else was helping.
1:50 - After she finished her bottle and I burped her, I put her back in her crib, hoping she would go back to sleep and allow me to go back to bed.  I went to the couch to wait and see what would happen.
2:05 - Rylee started crying and wakes Ayden up.  I went in to get her and prayed Ayden would go back to sleep.  Back to the couch we go.  Ayden settled right back down, thank goodness.
2:09 - Rylee fell fast asleep, but now I was wide awake.
2:30 - I finally fell to sleep.
6:30am - Ayden woke up.  We are lucky that he is perfectly happy talking quietly to himself when he wakes up in the morning.
6:37 - Rylee woke up.  I am completely exhausted still, so continue to lay there.
6:50 - I finally got up and changed Rylee.  Tony went and got Ayden and changed his diaper.  He got the poopy one.  Yay me!
6:55 - I made their bottles, adding their vitamins.  I also put Rylee's Ranitidine in her bottle.  I then orally gave Rylee her Propanolol medication.
7:00 - They both drink their bottles, propped up on boppies and holding it by themselves.  I then took turns burping each of them.
7:15 - The babies were propped up on their boppies watching baby t.v.  I was on my phone catching up on Facebook.
7:30 - The babies play on the floor while I ate a bagel in the kitchen and got their morning cereal ready.

This is how I found them, laying next to each other and holding hands, when I came back into the living room.

7:50 - I put them in their high chairs and fed them their cereal.  They got 4 tbsp of multi-grain cereal mixed with formula and a big spoonful of applesauce.  They shared this.
8:01 - They practiced drinking from sippy cups while I unloaded the dishwasher and washed their bottles.
8:15 - Playtime on the floor
8:25 - Took Rylee to get dressed for the day and changed her diaper.
8:34 - Both babies were happy and content for the moment, playing on the floor, so I went and made their next bottles so they would be ready to go.
8:38 - Got Ayden dressed for the day.
8:45 - I read them a book.
8:54 - They got their next bottles.  I took turns burping them, but Ayden didn't burp right away.
9:09 - Put Rylee down for her nap.  She is now exclusively napping in the pnp.  Went back and finally got a burp from Ayden.
9:12 - Put Ayden down for a nap.
9:15 - Ayden was asleep.
9:18 - Rylee started crying.
9:33 - Rylee stopped crying.  Was she asleep?
9:35 - Went to check on Rylee.  Yes!  She was asleep!!!  Big sigh of relief.  I went and got myself dressed for the day and fixed my hair.  I made our bed, put a load of laundry in and folded the laundry that was left in the dryer from the day before.  I changed the wax in the Scentsy warmer because we had company coming over later.  I put clean blankets down on the floor in the living room.
10:15 - I sat down at the computer to write a blog post and look at Facebook.  I ate a bowl of ice cream.  (don't judge!)
11:01 - Ayden woke up but I let him be for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep.
11:07 - I went to get Ayden and changed his diaper.
11:10 - I finished my blog post while Ayden played next to me in the exersaucer.
11:40 - I made Ayden a bottle.
11:45 - He drank his bottle and I burped him.
11:59 - Rylee woke up.
12:00pm - I made Rylee's bottle
12:03 - I changed Rylee's diaper.  She drank her bottle and I burped her.
12:20 - The babies played on the floor while I did the dishes and put the laundry in the dryer.
12:45 - Changed Rylee's diaper.  I thought it was going to be a massive poopy diaper, but it was only a small little ball of turd.  I emptied the dirty diapers and took the bag to the garage.  I also replaced the liner in the garbage can we put their soiled diapers in.  Obviously.
12:48 - Playtime
1:14 - Changed Ayden's diaper
1:20 - Our company came over to visit.  This was one of my girlfriends that I've known since middle school and was roommates with in college, and her two kids who are 7 and 10 years old.  They LOVE playing with the babies.
2:20 - I made the next round of bottles.
2:28 - They both get their bottles and I take turns burping them.  Our company leaves.
2:44 - Ayden goes down for his afternoon nap.
2:48 - Rylee goes down for a nap.
2:55 - Ayden fell asleep.
2:57 - Rylee fell asleep.
3:01 - I finally ate lunch, leftover spaghetti.  I sit down at the computer to read Facebook and blogs while I'm eating.
3:44 - I heard Ayden wake up.  Darn it!  That was a short nap.  Sigh.
3:50 - I started washing bottles.  I had thought I would get more time to do that.  Their naps had been 1.5-2 hours lately.  Not this time!
3:56 - Ayden started fussing (I was hoping he'd go back to sleep) so I went to get him.  Changed his diaper and restocked the changing table station with diapers and wipes.
4:05 - Finished washing the bottles.  I "brushed" Ayden's teeth, then washed the little finger toothbrush too.
4:15 - Took pictures of a very smiley Ayden and sent them to Daddy.

4:25 - Ate a protein bar while Ayden continued playing on the floor.
4:34 - Made Ayden a bottle and gave it to him.  Heard Rylee wake up while I was burping Ayden.
4:55 - Made bottle for Rylee.
4:57 - Got Rylee up and changed her poopy diaper.
5:03 - Gave Rylee her second dose of Propanolol for the day and then fed/burped her.  Ayden played on the floor, then crawled over to me and tried to eat my knee.
5:20 - Got a bath ready for Ayden.
5:23 - Took Ayden in for his bath.  Left Rylee playing on the floor and hoped she would stay out of trouble. On our way to the bathroom after undressing Ayden, I peeked into the living room to make sure Rylee was doing good.  After Ayden's bath, I peeked around the corner again to check on Rylee.  She crawled around and played the whole time, but managed to stay on the blankets so I didn't have to clean spit up off the carpet.  Then went to put Ayden's pj's on.
5:39 - Got a bath ready for Rylee.
5:44 - Took Rylee in for her bath.  Peeked on Ayden just like I had for Rylee, but he stayed in the exact same place the entire time, playing with the toys hanging from the playmat.
6:03 - I put Ayden in the car (walker) and Rylee in the exersaucer in the kitchen to play while I cut up tomatoes, avocado, and lettuce for dinner.  I already had shredded chicken that I had made the previous week and froze/unthawed, and onions ready to go for chicken tacos.  I sang to the babies with the children's radio station I had playing on iTunes.
6:30 - Got bedtime bottles ready and put the second dose of Ranitidine in Rylee's bottle.
6:36 - Took the babies back to the living room to read a couple books.  They LOVE when I make animal sounds to go along with the books.  I'm glad nobody else can hear me.
6:44 - Tried to play and keep the babies distracted long enough for Tony to be able to see them when he got home from work.  Took baby and me selfies.

6:54 - Babies are done waiting.  It's time for bottles.
7:01 - Daddy's home!
7:05 - Tony and I each burp a baby and then they got a little snuggle time with Daddy.

7:15 - Put the babies to bed in their cribs and then we our ate chicken taco dinner.
7:24 - Rylee fell asleep.
7:38 - I got the mail and brought the garbage can up to the house from the curb.
7:40 - Time to relax and watch a little t.v.
7:58 - Ayden finally fell asleep, but with both feet hanging out of the crib, so I readjust him.
8:06 - I eat another bowl of ice cream (I said don't judge!) while I continue watching t.v.
8:15 - I turned the t.v. off and caught up on Facebook and Instagram.
8:47 - Took a shower.
9:12 - I'm was out of the shower and brushing my teeth when I heard Ayden start crying.  I continue about my business while Tony went in to comfort him and turn his glow seahorse on.  Tony also put Orejel on his gums.  It didn't work.
9:19 - Ayden was full on crying.  I picked him up and layed down with him in our bed.  He calmed down, but wasn't going to sleep.
9:36 - I put him back in his crib, hoping he was relaxed enough now to put himself back to sleep.
10:08 - We broke down and gave Ayden a 3oz bottle.  Put him back down in his crib, and it wasn't long before he was full on crying again.  We decided we were gonna have to let Ayden cry it out.
10:18 - Rylee woke up.  I got her and took her out to the living room, hoping she would fall back to sleep with me.
10:49 - She did finally fall asleep but it lasted only 10 minutes before Ayden's crying from the bedroom reached a new decibel and woke her up again.
11:32 - Ayden is STILL crying!  We decide to give him another 3oz bottle and some Tylenol.  Tony takes care of Ayden while I'm still trying to get Rylee to sleep.
11:45 - Ayden FINALLY goes to sleep!
11:48pm - I decide I'm going to have to give Rylee a bottle.  This is NOT a habit I am happy about getting back into.  I discover that Tony has somehow managed to use/dirty up all the bottle parts for only 2 bottles he's given Ayden???  So I ended up having to wash bottles.  Oh, and did I mention that I stubbed my toe on a bouncer chair on my way to the kitchen?  I was NOT a happy Momma.

It was just after midnight by the time I gave Rylee her bottle.  Once that was done, I tried to settle down with her on the couch.  I just wanted to go to sleep!!!!  She decided to still be fussy, and it didn't take me long before I said screw it and put her in the pnp in the spare bedroom to cry it out.  There was NO way I was putting her back in her crib to wake up Ayden again!  She actually was asleep by 12:23am.  Ahhhh.... I could go back to sleep in my OWN bed!

And guess what?  They both slept the rest of the night.  I heard Rylee start crying a little after 3:00am, but she was able to put herself back to sleep.  Ayden slept until 7:10 this morning and Rylee until 7:16.

*I'm not going back through to edit this like I usually do, so if there are typo's or it changes from past to present tense, please forgive me.  I'm tired.  lol


  1. I'm totally exhausted just reading this! I know how tired you must be. Months 4-7 were utterly exhausting for me for both kids. Hopefully they will both be sleeping thru the night soon and you'll be back to sleeping in your own bed every night. :-)

    1. Ayden usually DOES sleep through the night, but lately he's had a few bad days. Rylee....she varies. I usually get her at some point during the night, but she will go back to sleep. I haven't had to give her a bottle at night in a long time! Tony did over the weekend I was gone though, so I think that opened the door. I don't blame him though. He had to survive somehow!

  2. OMGOSH!!!! I'm exhausted reading your post and thinking, I may need to rest until I come up for a long week-end with all of you!! And afterwards, I will have to spend the next week resting! LOL I loved your post though with all the poopy stories, Ayden enjoying eating your knee and your animal noises that no one gets to hear!!! You have a very full active day but happy babies! Just look at the adorable pic of Ayden that you sent to Tony! And you can so tell that he is smiling right back at his Daddy and Miss Rylee is just taking it all in!!! A whole lot of love going on there!!! Love, Auntie

    1. This was a pretty unusual day. Hopefully they will sleep better while you are here!

  3. Wow what a long day! Thanks for sharing this with us, it's an interesting glimpse into your life :)

    1. This day was actually unusual. They normally sleep better!

  4. Wow you are a very busy momma!! You are super mom! I think it's so interesting to actually read a detailed day like this, it really tells how much you do each day.

  5. Whoa. And I thought my day was exhausting! Rylee really needs to work on sleeping through the night EVERY NIGHT for you!

    Do you have enough bottles to make enough for the entire day? Every morning I make all 5 of Izzy's bottles so that the only thing I have to do is put it under in some hot water when it is time for her to eat.

  6. So fun to see a day in your life! It's especially interesting to me because I have twins about the same age. I have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind. What level nipple do you use for their bottles? I noticed that your feeding time is a lot quicker than mine! And also, they both hold their bottles on the boppies all of the time? And when you put them down for naps, do they fuss/cry at first? Do you use cry it out method for naps? Or do they just fall asleep nicely on their own? Thanks!

    1. Good questions! They hold their own bottles on the boppies most of the time. Ayden sometimes needs help with his because he drops it, so I don't go far. With them being able to hold their own bottles, it has allowed us to keep them more in the same schedule. As long as both Hubby and I are home together at bedtime, we do each hold a baby then for their last bottle.

      We are still using level 1 nipples. Because we have such major spit up issues, I wouldn't want them to eat any faster. Also, they weren't getting enough ounces then with Rylee drinking 3.5 at a time and Ayden 4.5. We were trying to feed them less at a time, more often.

      For naps, Ayden goes down easily, but usually talks to himself for about 15-20 minutes before going to sleep. Rylee almost always cries for a bit before going to sleep, and yes, we try to let her cry it out for naps. However, the last two days she has boycotted morning naps altogether.

  7. Thanks so much for your response, Amber! I feel like I'm feeding my twins and trying to put them down for naps all day long! When I read your post, it seemed like you are way more efficient than I am. Thanks again.

  8. Yup. That sounds very much like our days. Enjoy these days where they stay nicely on their blankets where you left them. haha. We've had to section off a play area with baby gates in the living room. It's great to put them in there to play without fear of them getting into stuff they aren't supposed to and we can get stuff done while they are in there.
    I should do one of these. I'm curious to see our day all written down like that.