Thursday, July 25, 2013

Word is Getting Out

Hubby and I spent 4th of July weekend with his brother and his family, who live about 2.5 hours away from us.  That was our only weekend off from softball that we have had all summer and we took advantage of it by spending time with all of our nieces and nephews.

It was a bit of an awkward weekend for me.  The kids always LOVE to climb up their Auntie Amber and then flip over when they get to the top.  Well, for reasons unbeknownst to them, I had to say no to this favorite activity of theirs.  I told them they were getting too big and it's hard for me to do it now.  I also turned down jumping on the trampoline.  It was difficult to explain to a 3 and a 5 year old why I wouldn't participate in these fun things with them, but we managed to make it through the weekend without having to spill the beans about our pregnancy.

Last week, at 10w, 2d we decided it was time to tell Hubby's parents.  I printed off pictures from our weekend trip (pics of their grandkids), and pictures from our last ultrasound.  We went out to see them after work.  After visiting for a bit, I handed my MIL a stack of pictures and said "here's some pictures from our trip and of your grandkids."  Innocent enough.  She is always giving me pictures, so I was returning the favor.

MIL flipped through the pics, and we talked about the trip as she did.  It seemed like it took forever for her to get the the u/s pics, but when she did, she paused.  Then she asked "what is this?"

I responded, "those are your other grandkids."
MIL:  "What?!!?!"
Me: "Those are your other grandkids."
Hubby:  "We're pregnant and we are having twins."

She jumped up out of her chair.  She literally jumped up and down, holding the pictures to her chest and screamed, "we're having a baby?"

Me, holding up two fingers:  "Two."
MIL:  "We're having a baby?"
Me:  "Two."
MIL:  "We're having a baby?"  (still jumping up and down)
Hubby and Me, laughing:  "We are having TWO babies."

More laughing, more jumping, and a few tears.

FIL:  "How did this happen?"

LOL!  So we explained how we had two frozen embryos left from when my sister donated her eggs to us, but we had chosen to keep that news to ourselves because of our previous loss.  It's just easier going through the process without everyone knowing and asking questions along the way.  We also explained that we didn't want to broadcast the news yet, just wanted to tell a few people for now, until we make it to the second trimester.

That night, we also went over to tell Hubby's Grandpa.  His Grandpa is probably the most religious, kindest, gentlest man I know.  He's been praying for us for a long time.  He didn't believe us at first, asking "is this for real?"  We explained that it was, but he still had to ask if we were joking.  After reassuring him multiple times that we wouldn't joke about something like this, he finally believed us.  Before we left, he said a prayer for us.  I love that man and am so glad that we had the opportunity to share that moment.  I'm sad that I won't be able to do the same with my own Grandpa, as he passed away last summer.

We called Hubby's brother that night to share the news.  His brother said that our weekend with them made a lot more sense now, haha!  They were confused as to why I was not playing with the girls like I usually do! 

We also called one of Hubby's Aunts.  We wanted to be able to share the news with her ourselves, and we knew that his mom wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret from her.  Like his Grandpa, she didn't believe us at first.  We had to convince her it was for real, and then she just sobbed.  She cried and cried and cried.  It was a pretty special night.

This last weekend, we went over to my Mom's and told her.  I did the same thing, printing pictures of my niece and nephews (her grandkids), and included pictures from the u/s.  I handed her the pictures and said, "here's some pictures of your grandkids."  She flipped through them, admiring how cute the kids are, and then when she got to the u/s pics she said, "what's this?"

Me:  "Those are your other grandkids."
Mom:  "But there's two."
Me:  "Yep."
Mom:  "Well.  Who's are they?"
Me, laughing:  "Mine."
Mom:  "Really?!!?  Oh, I just love you!!"

Hubby and I are convinced she thought they were pics from my sister's u/s, as she is pregnant and due in September, with just one baby.  That is why she was confused about why there were two in the picture.

This past weekend, we also had to tell our softball team and parents.  I really wasn't comfortable doing this yet, but a few of them had figured it out.  One dad came up to me, gave me a big old hug and asked how I was doing.  He's never given me a hug before!  Then the next day, a mom came up to me with a BIG grin on her face, gave me a hug and asked how I was doing.  It was very awkward since they didn't come right out and tell me they knew, but I KNEW that they knew because of different conversations.  Soooooooo, we decided that we better just announce our big news before more people started talking.  It was actually a very cool moment with lots of congratulations and excitement. 

And then we absolutely swore them to secrecy.  They cannot tell ANYONE!  I said they can't tell so and so, because then that person might tell their mom and then her mom might say something on Facebook.  One of the player's dads sometimes works with Hubby's uncle, who sometimes works with my uncle.  They can't tell ANYONE!

We leave this Saturday for Nationals.  Our softball team qualified for the ASA/USA National Tournament in Sunnyvale, CA.  We have plans to tell the rest of our families when we get back from California.

I have my first appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) on the Tuesday after we get back, August 6th.  I will officially be in the second trimester then.  I know for sure they will be doing a lengthy u/s during that appointment.  If all goes well, I will feel much more comfortable telling the world at that point.  I still don't want it plastered on Facebook, but it will be time to at least tell the rest of our family.  I also don't think I will be able to keep it a secret for very long now anyway.  My belly is going to start giving it away!


  1. Awwww, Amber! I know your story and I have tears running down my face. I am just so happy for you two and everyone else involved. We have been waiting as impatiently as the two of you for this to happen. Grandpa is smiling down on you. So sorry he isn't here to give you a hug too as he would have been thrilled!!!!
    And twins, Grandma is going to pee her special panties!!! Love, hugs and prayers! Auntie
    PS: Good luck at Nationals and have fun! And have fun sharing the news with everyone else!!!
    Happy days!!!

    1. PS: Give Grandma a red headed baby and she really will pee her special panties!!

  2. Love this! Congratulations, Amber! What special moments... long awaited moments.

    Good luck at nationals!


  3. I'm so glad you are starting to spread the news...I won't have to keep it in much longer. I am surprised mom didn't say something when I saw her though, I thought she was a little weird! I am so excited for you and T...and to be pregnant with you (at least for a bit)! Lots of love, Sis

  4. This is so sweet ... brought tears to my eyes! Your family's excitement is contagious. Good luck with your tournament and then with your appointment; looking forward to a super update from you next week. I'm so happy for you, Amber.

  5. What a great way to share the news! Have a great trip next week. The weather has been fantastic down here.

  6. :) My heart is so happy for you!!

  7. So wonderful sharing your news - I'm so happy for you!

  8. Love how you told the grandparents!!! I am so exited for you :)

  9. This is such wonderful news!! I love hearing their responses, such a blessing :) I am so happy for you!

  10. AW Sharing the news is so much fun!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

  11. Damn you Amber! This post totally made me cry and I DON"T cry! I am so beyond happy for you and I know that moment you were able to share this news gave you so much happiness. You are going to be an amazing mom and then you can be a human jungle gym for your children and nieces/nephews!

  12. That sounds so special! I love everything about this post. :)

  13. Crying happy tears for you over here! What a fun way to tell the grandparents. I bet your team is over the moon for you and having a secret like that is kind of fun too :) I'm praying that all goes well at the next ultrasound....I have a feeling it will and it will be amazing to see them again! Hugs and love!

  14. So wonderful :) Those must have been amazing moments for you!!

  15. Yep, I cried 3 times in this post. I'm just so happy for you!!

  16. so glad that you had a great time telling everyone! love their reactions!!

  17. Hoping it was twice as nice to announce the twins! I just wanted to thank you for all the time to take to comment on my blog!

  18. This post made me smile. I am so excited for you.

  19. What an incredible feeling. So happy for you!!

  20. Thanks for your sweet comment on my guest post at No Good Eggs. I've enjoyed reading your story. Congrats on your twins!!! That is amazing news. I love the way you used the photos to share the news.

    In regards to facebook - when I was pregnant we had shared the news with friends and family but were not ready to go totally public on FB. I disabled comments on my wall for month or so to prevent any accidental well wishes.