Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pregnancy Memory

I just finished reading Julia's weekly pregnancy post at My Life in Transition about her upcoming ultrasound and hopefully finding out the sex of their surprise baby #4. I smiled all while reading her post because, 1) I love her family, 2) it made me think of how my own pregnancy was, and 3) the post just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. When I read her words about how excited she is to find out the sex (in just 2 days!), I was completely taken back to the moment we found out the sex of our twins.

"I love finding out at the ultrasound so, so much."  Julia Goolia

I had ultrasounds with MFM (maternal fetal medicine) every four weeks. At our 16 week ultrasound, the technician was pretty sure that Baby B was a boy, and *guessed* Baby A was a girl but couldn't say for sure at that point. We went into the appointment not knowing if we would be able to find out at that point, knowing it still might be too early. We didn't let ourselves settle into the idea of knowing what we were having either way. We didn't even tell anybody we had a pretty good guess. We just weren't going to go there, because really, at that point we still barely believed we were even having babies! I didn't even say anything when I wrote the blog post about our 16 week anatomy scan! We wanted to know for SURE first.

I can remember very clearly what it was like laying on the table for the ultrasound. At 20 weeks pregnant, I was huge and it was uncomfortable. The appointments lasted forever, because it took almost a full hour for each baby. The technician was super nice and knew we were excited to find out the sex, so she looked for that right after checking the chambers of the heart first. Baby A wasn't very cooperative in showing her profile or getting in the right position for measurements, but she at least cooperated enough to see that she was a GIRL! I remember Tony crying when he heard those words. It was such a sweet moment. Baby B was confirmed to still be a boy.

I asked the tech if she was SURE, and she answered that the only way to know with 100% certainty is to give birth (lol), but she was pretty sure she was right. 

Tony didn't stay for the entire appointment since he had to get to work. I remember falling asleep several times throughout the rest of the appointment. Remember, I said they took forever? It was always so warm in the room, and I was so sleep deprived throughout my whole pregnancy. I always seemed to fall asleep easily during the day, but could never sleep at night.

Life's been crazy and pretty stressful lately, but it was so nice to take this trip down memory lane. I can now go to bed feeling all the warm and fuzzies. 


  1. Seriously, Julia is my favorite! I've followed her since she was pregnant with Truman and I love her writing style. I was so thrilled she was having #4 because at 44, I'm not having any more kids! Those ultrasounds were some of my best memories of being pregnant. We had the tech write down the sex of each baby on a note card and opened them at home. My husband really wanted a boy and when I opened my card and it read "GIRL", I was thrilled and then a little sad (for him). I looked at him with huge tears in my eyes and he had the biggest grin on his face. His card said "BOY". I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life! Thanks for the warm and fuzzies on this cold Wednesday morning!!

  2. AWWWWW!!! We find the warm and fuzzies in the most unlikely and BEST places at times! I'm glad you found yours with the help of your friend, Julia! Love and hugs, Auntie