Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day in the Life: Fall 2016

I've missed the last few DITL link ups with My Life in Transition due to moving. We seriously were moving during BOTH of the last two link ups.  How crazy is that?!!?? If you'd like to participate, you can click here for the link.  The deadline is October 16th.

This is our Day in the Life from Tuesday, October 4, 2016.  It was a doozy.

Tony: 43 years old
Me: 41  years old (but only for another few weeks)
Rylee: 2 years, 9 months
Ayden: 2 years, 9 months
The Girls (our twin friends): 3 years old

12:11am - Ayden starts fussing.  After a few minutes, I go in and cover him up.

12:22 - Rylee calls out "Mommy, Mommy!"  I take her to the bathroom but she doesn't pee. Her pull-up is wet, so she probably just woke up as she was peeing.  I get her back to bed.

12:25 - I lay back down on the couch, where I've been sleeping recently because I've had a bad cough.

12:35 - Rylee calls out again, saying she has to go potty. I take her in, but I'm not very happy about it since we JUST went through this routine. She trickles out a tiny bit and then I get her back to bed.

6:11 - I hear Ayden waking up.

6:25 - I hear Rylee stirring.  I go push their doors all the way open (they had been cracked open just a little) and say good morning.  I take Ayden's pull-up off. Rylee goes in to sit on the toilet, but has already peed in her pull-up.  We take it off.

Rylee repeats over and over "watch Mickey Mouse," until I get Mickey Mouse Clubhouse going on the t.v.  Then she repeats "milk" several times.  Each time, I answer her, saying "I'm working on it." I get the clean sippies out of the dishwasher and fill them half full with milk.  Once they have their milk cups in hand, the process starts over again with her asking for Kix cereal.  It's exasperating how she continues to ask/demand for these things until she finally has what she wants.

Watching Mickey Mouse, eating dry cereal.

Throughout all this, I'm watching Ayden grab his butt.  I know he has to poop and I try to get him to sit on the potty seat. He refuses and gets upset when I prompt him, so I let it go. I continue to keep an eye out for said poop though.

7:05- Tony comes out of the bedroom showered and dressed for work. He gives the kids a hug, makes his coffee, warms some turkey sausage and has a bowl of cereal. I take Ibuprofen for my headache.

7:25- Tony leaves for work. Ayden is still grabbing his butt. Then he sits on the potty seat and actually poops in the potty!!! Hallelujah! Today is the first time that ALL of the poop goes in the potty seat, and not half on the floor first.

7:35- I clean the potty seat.  I despise doing it, but we made progress this morning with not having to clean it off the floor and his fingers.  One step closer to the actual toilet!  Hooray!

7:57- Get breakfast ready, warming up the leftover oatmeal and turkey sausage.

8:05- Turn the t.v. off and get the kids to the table.  Rylee happily sits down, but Ayden throws a fit about it.  I finally just said, "fine. Don't eat." He sits on the couch and "reads" a book.

8:16- Rylee's taken only one bite of her sausage and refuses to eat her oatmeal.  She gets down.

8:20- They are both very whiny. They have colds, so I know they don't feel the greatest. I wipe their noses and we have some cuddle time on the floor, taking a few selfies. That always makes them feel better!

8:30- I warmed up some more sausage for myself. Rylee eats one and tries to take the other and give it to Ayden, who doesn't want it.  He is happily distracted by trying on one of his daddy's work shirts.  She gets seriously pissed at me because I have the nerve to eat the sausage she was trying to give him (that I had warmed up for ME).

Angry Rylee

"I'm Daddy!"

8:36- Ayden finally sits down to eat his oatmeal.

8:45- Get Ayden dressed. Then the three of us have a cuddle and tickle party.

8:50- They both want more sausage, so I warm some more up.

8:55- Get Rylee dressed and comb her hair.  Then I give them both some Hyland's Cold' n Mucus medicine.

I debate whether or not we should attend playgroup today, and decide we probably shouldn't because of the amount of snot I'm wiping and the coughing they are doing.  Also, Ayden isn't fully potty trained yet, so that makes me nervous. He does great while naked now, but hasn't mastered it with pants on yet.

9:02- Rylee finally sits down to eat her oatmeal. I get them both some juice (a tiny bit of prune juice mixed with mostly water). Rylee gets a half dose of Miralax in hers.

9:12- Ayden tries stealing Rylee's oatmeal.  I give it back to Rylee. Then I send a group text to a few friends from our Community Playgroup to let them know we aren't coming.

9:17- Rylee declares she is done with her oatmeal and asks for a refill of juice. I fill her cup with water (no more juice) and then wash both their hands and faces. After that, they play in the living room for a bit.

9:24- Rylee asks for me to dance with her, so we dance. I have to take a momentary time out to become a mommy mechanic and fix a tire on Ayden's UPS truck.

9:35- Rylee insists that she needs "pretties" in her hair. I do her hair and put a bow in it. While doing this, Ayden comes in without his pants on, which means that he peed in them. Rylee has to look at her pretty bow in the mirror. She also gives herself kisses in the mirror.

9:45- I go in search of Ayden's pants and to assess the mess. I find them in the dining room, along with a giant puddle covering half the floor (okay, maybe not quite half, but it was a lot). I get the paper towels and start cleaning it up. Ayden walks through the pee. I yell at him to stop and sit down where he was so he wouldn't continue tracking pee footprints any further! He cries because I yelled. I handle the accidents fine, but I don't handle the playing in it and making bigger messes very well at all. Everyone calms down and then I have Ayden help me wipe up the mess. Rylee gets mad because I won't let her help. I get it all wiped up, then carry Ayden to the bathroom to wash his hands and feet. I go back for his pants, only to find that they aren't very wet. He must have started peeing in them, took them off, and then finished on the floor. Sigh.  He's never done that before. Usually after piddling a little in his pants, he goes and finishes on the potty seat.  Not this time!

They play while I mop up the dining room. Then they fight over a toy. Ayden somehow hurts Rylee during this exchange and she cries. I ask Ayden if he hurt Rylee and he says yes. He sits in timeout and now they are both crying. I'm about to lose my mind.

Ayden apologizes to Rylee and they hug it out. Then they beg to watch t.v. I know they aren't feeling well, so I give in and turn on the Cars movie that Ayden asked for. Rylee wants Mickey Mouse, but I say no because she got to pick earlier when they first woke up.

10:23- Rylee gets her thumb stuck in a car, and I help her get it out.

10:25- They split a Kid's Clif Z bar and I eat a Zone bar.

10:30- Rylee asks for more snack, so I peel them a couple cutie oranges.

10:36- I empty the potty seat, get new pants out for Ayden and socks for both of them. Then I get myself dressed. I was going to wear a new pair of leggings, but find that I bought the wrong size and they don't fit. I find something else to wear, brush my teeth, and fix my messy bun.

10:50- Rylee tells me she peed on the couch. Great. This is her first accident in over a week. She hasn't even taken her wet pants off and doesn't seem to care. She proudly tells Ayden that she peed on the couch. This makes me pretty angry. I am grateful that I've had the couch cushions each covered with a trash bag and then a blanket thrown over the top, in preparation for any accidents during potty training. I cleaned up Rylee, and threw the blanket and other laundry in the wash. Then I wiped down the plastic covered couch cushion.

11:23- Finally take them outside to play for a little bit. Not as long as I'd hoped, but it's necessary for all of us since we didn't go to playgroup.

Getting their boots on

11:48- We're back inside.  I start making lunch. Ayden sets up his dinosaurs to say cheese and have their pictures taken.

12:05pm- I try to get Ayden to go potty before sitting down for lunch, but he refuses. He just wants to take his pants and socks off. Rylee goes potty though.

12:10- They finally sit down at the table for pb & j and green beans. Rylee coughs and accidentally drops her plate on the floor, scattering her green beans all over.

12:20- I hold their milk hostage until they eat their green beans. I win, they eat their green beans. They win, they get their milk.

12:25- Get them cleaned up. Ayden goes potty on the potty seat, but has bad aim and some accidentally goes on the floor. He says "sorry Mommy," while rubbing his foot back and forth through the pee. I get him and the pee cleaned up, then empty the potty seat.

12:30- Brush their teeth. Rylee goes poopy in the big potty. They both get pull-ups for nap time.

12:44- Get them both tucked into bed.

12:46- Rylee yells at me to come put her baby's hat back on.

12:48- Rylee starts crying for me to come fix her pillow (the case is coming off). I fix it, and then tell her I won't be coming back in again.

12:51- I hear Ayden out of bed. I go tuck him in again and sing to him. Although, I'm pretty certain it's a futile attempt because he hasn't napped in a full week, since the day we started potty training.

12:55- Take the clothes out of the dryer and transfer the load from the washer to the dryer. I fold the clean clothes.

1:00- Sit down with a giant bowl of Chocolate Brownie Thunder ice cream at the computer and wallow in my misery that Ayden won't nap anymore. I read through several reviews on a couple different sites, trying to decide where to buy Ayden and Rylee's Halloween costumes from.

1:45- Placed the order for their Chase and Marshall costumes (from Paw Patrol).

1:52- Got Ayden out of his room since he wasn't going to sleep, so I could get him dressed before the girls get here. He played while I tried to pick up a bit.

1:55- Ayden decides to "help" me do the dishes.

2:03- We run around the big island in between the living room and kitchen, playing chase.

2:17- Rylee wakes up. Get her to the potty, but she'd already peed in her pull-up. Take that off and get her pants back on.

2:23- Take the clothes out of the dryer and throw them on the bed. Then I put the clean blanket back on the couch.

2:25- Rylee needs some cuddles.

2:30- The girls are here to play.

2:39- Rylee requests I turn on music so they can have a dance party.

2:55- Ayden has a little pee accident in his pants. I try to get him to finish on the potty, but he doesn't. I put new shorts on him.

3:02- Snack time! Apple slices and string cheese.

Best of friends
3:10- I get them each a small cup of water. Ayden plays with his and spits it out on the floor. I give him a towel to clean it up.

3:18- Try to get Ayden to go potty, but he only sits for about 4 seconds. We then get his hands washed.

3:20- Wash the girls' hands.

3:23- Rylee finishes her apples, goes potty, and then washes her hands. Then they all play together. Ayden has a rough time sharing his toys today.

3:30- I put clothes in the dryer.

3:35- Ayden pees in his shorts and then refuses to sit on the potty. I put new shorts on him and clean up the floor.

3:40- We all read a book together.

3:55- The three girls have a potty party in the bathroom. When they are done, Ayden finally goes potty too.

4:03- We read Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop a few times, acting out the actions of hopping, jumping, stretching, clapping, etc.

4:10- I break out the Color Wonder markers and paper. They all want me to draw them dinosaurs.

4:20- I try to escape to the kitchen to start dinner.

4:28- They all decide they're done drawing.

4:38- Discover Ayden without shorts on again. He only dribbled a tiny bit in his shorts this time and he finished on the potty! Of course, he then played in the pee that accidentally got on the potty seat. He was mad when I made him wash his hands. Put new shorts on him.

4:43- Back to making dinner.

4:44- Break up a fight over a toy.

4:50- Ayden goes to time out.

4:59- They get a second small snack of veggie straws and raisins.

5:15- M arrives to pick up the girls.

5:21- They leave.

5:25- Dinner (Chicken Burrito Bowls) goes in the oven and I get rice cooking on the stove.  

5:33- Rylee has to go potty. I get back to the kitchen to find the rice boiling over.

5:42- The three of us have a tickle party.

5:48- I finish making dinner.

5:55- I tried to keep Rylee back from the oven, but she doesn't listen and burns her fingers (not bad.  It was a closed oven door, but it was enough to startle her and probably hurt a little). I run cold water over her fingers.

6:00- Ayden dribbles in his shorts just a tiny bit and he takes them off. He finishes going potty on the big potty.

6:03- Daddy's home! He puts a baseball shaped ice pack on her fingers, which brings on a meltdown because Ayden wants the baseball.

6:12- We all sit down for dinner. Ayden refuses to sit at the table at first, but he finally does. Only, he has to sit by Daddy instead of in his own chair.  We all LOVED the dinner. It was my first time making it.

6:25- Ayden and Rylee get applesauce and some milk. Tony cleans up the dishes and starts the dishwasher. I start putting dinner away.

6:35- They beg for a bath. Daddy takes over bath time duties while I take a toddler break. I fold the laundry and put it away, then continue putting away the dinner leftovers.

7:02- They are out of the bath and Tony gets their teeth brushed.

7:06- Time to pick up toys! Ayden fights doing this, so it really turns into a chore. Rylee pees on the floor. Tony cleans it up.

7:10- Story time with Daddy. Rylee picked Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

7:15- Ayden goes potty while Tony helps Rylee put on her nighttime pull-up. I get Ayden into his pull-up. We all say our bedtime prayers in Rylee's room. Then they give each other hugs and kisses, while tackling each other to the bed. I go tuck Ayden in while Tony tucks Rylee in. Then we switch and I say my good-nights to Rylee. She requests that I sing to her and then asks me to repeat the song several times.

7:22- I walk out of Rylee's room and start clearing out some cupboard space by removing the crib sheets that they no longer use. Tony figures out how to turn the temp down on our water heater, something that has needed done since we moved in here.

7:25- Rylee calls me in. It takes me a few minutes to understand that she is telling me that she spit up and it's all over her hands. We get her hands washed and I try to find whatever else she spit up on. Her precious lovey blanket that she HAS to have. I rinse the spit up off of it and explain that we need to wash it. I have her throw it in the washing machine so that she will hopefully understand that it's being washed. I clean spit up off her baby as best I can. I also find spit up on her quilt and pull the sheet off for safe measure. Then I take her potty again before tucking her back in bed.

7:32- Get the rest of the dirty laundry that can be washed with her bedding and get the load started.

7:40- I collapse on the couch to make notes for this blog post and to catch up on Facebook.

8:19- I go into Rylee's room again. She's been calling me pretty much since I left her room. I put her pillow case back on. She goes in to go potty, but she's stalling and doesn't really have to go. She gives Daddy kisses.

8:22- All tucked into bed again. I sit back down on the couch.

8:24- Rylee cries out like something is seriously wrong. I go in and all she wants is the damn fan turned on in her room. Exasperated, I turn it on and say goodnight again.

8:25- Back on the couch.

8:33- Rylee cries out for a tissue. I go in to help her blow her nose. She wants her lovey blanket and I explain that it is being washed. As soon as I leave her room, I go put it in the dryer. I fold the clothes that I had to take out of the dryer.

8:45- I think she's actually going to sleep now, so I go in and take my shower.

9:12- Do a little more kitchen clean up. Check dryer to see if everything's dry, but the lovey blanket is still pretty damp. I set the dryer for another 12 minutes, then sit down to edit pictures from the day and check all my Facebook notifications from the day.

9:50- Ayden starts crying. I wait a minute, but then go in. I make sure he's covered up and rub his back a few times. He settles down and goes back to sleep. Take Rylee's lovey blanket out of the dryer and take it in to her so it'll be there when she wakes up.

I guiltily grab a bowl of ice cream because it feels like the longest day ever. This is why I'm 50 lbs overweight!

11:00- Check on the kids one more time.

She squinted when the flash went off, but didn't wake up! Phew!

I remember I need to download the day's pics to the computer. My phone/computer is stupid and won't recognize any pictures I take for downloading, if I don't do it the same day. I sit down to do this, but then end up looking at all the pictures for way too long.

11:55- I finally go to bed!

*This seriously was the longest day ever to do a DITL of! If you actually read through the whole thing, I commend you.


  1. Replies
    1. Lol! It was the day that would never end.

  2. dude. I got tired reading it! (And I have two kids too! lol)
    also - I think all toddlers are wired to repeat. EVERYTHING. OVER AND OVER...

    1. I'm sure you've had your fair share of exhausting days too!

  3. Chuckled out loud over Just T's response to this!! Feel the same as Kate, EXHAUSTED!!!! And to think you started the day out with a headache and Ibuprofen!! Must have thankfully worked since you never mentioned a headache again! Yeah to Ayden for poop in the toilet! I hope that started a new trend!! The pictures are just precious and I love Rylee giving herself kisses in the mirror!!! But when you wrote "Daddy's home", I felt such relief for you as you now have back-up!!! You make a great team and you have adorable, exhausting little ones!!!!! Can't wait to see them!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  4. Just T has toddler twins as well. I know she can sympathize! Lol

  5. I'm impressed that Rylee calls out for you that she has to go potty in the middle of the night. Izzy is like a log and I swear we will be in pullups for a while.

    OMG so much pee cleanup throughout the day. So much laundry too. I'm so sorry lady. I hope that both kids get it soon.


    1. For sure it was a lot of pee that day! Ayden is doing MUCH better now, thank goodness. Still an occasional accident from both of them, but still much better.

  6. All the pee! Don't know how you survived that! Hopefully things have gotten better with the potty training since then. ;)

    1. They have gotten sooooo much better! Thank you!

  7. You deserve an award (and I don't blame you for that second bowl of ice cream at all). I'm exhausted from just reading about your day. Do know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - they will eventually get the whole potty training things. In the meantime, my thoughts are with you.