Monday, September 26, 2016

Microblog Monday: More Change

Life always seems to be changing, as we travel through the different stages of raising babies-turned-toddlers.  I've learned that there is never a dull moment when raising kids. Once you get settled into one stage, the next one comes flying at you.  I have no expectations of that part ever changing!

Yesterday, we converted Rylee's bed to a big girl bed.  I cannot even begin to adequately describe how awesome it was to witness her excitement when she saw it.  When she first walked in and saw it, he mouth popped open in awe.  She said over and over, "my bed!" while rubbing the Minnie Mouse comforter on top.  I wish I had gotten that initial reaction on video, but all I got was blurry pictures instead.

The picture sucks, but it's the best one I got of her walking into the room and seeing her big girl bed for the very first time.

She was SOoooooo excited!

Unfortunately, it took her almost 2.5 hours to actually go to sleep last night.  The good news is that she didn't get out of her bed and play, but she had several trips to go potty and cried for me numerous times.  After 45 minutes of the same thing tonight, I finally just went in and laid down in the extra twin bed we have in her room.  She was then out within 15 minutes. Last night, she ended up rolling out of bed 4 times.  Her bed is so close to the ground that I'm not worrying about her getting hurt, but she was not happy when she woke up each time on the floor.  The first time she fell out of bed, she rolled out right as I walked into the room to check on her.  She just cuddled up on the floor and stayed asleep.  Let's hope tonight she manages to stay in bed a little better.

Right after she rolled out of bed the first time.

Tomorrow, we venture into the land of potty training again.  This time, I'm tackling both kids.  I'm hoping that Rylee picks it up very easily and just starts using the toilet again after our little hiatus.  I'm fully expecting lots of accidents from Ayden at least the first day.  I'm hoping that I am mentally prepared enough to stay calm for accidents from either one of them.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll both surprise me and be rock star potty-ers!  That should totally be a word.  lol

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  1. I just think it's so cute her rolling out of bed like that and falling back asleep. Good luck with the potty training! Maybe they will surprise you!

    1. She is pretty cute!

      Rylee was pretty much potty trained months ago, but recently had a rebellion against it. A short break did us both wonders and she has picked it right back up. The first two days were a bit rough with Ayden, but today, on day 3, he's finally got it down!

  2. I sending good thoughts for rockstar potty-ing.

    That is too cute -- the picture of her on the floor. I have to tell you that the twins are 12 and I still go in and move them towards the center of their bed at least two or three times a week. They fall asleep right on the edge, and I'm always worried they'll tumble out if they roll over.

    1. I love that you still go in and check on them!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Rylee sitting on her bed with her little hands folded!!! And those curls lying on the floor!!! That girl is just such a cutie!!!! I hope you all can win this potty training and have little rock star potty-ers in no time at all!!!!! You have a very precious family and I so enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the stories and CAN NOT WAIT to come up and get some up close time with all of you!!!!! Love & hugs, Auntie

  4. YEAH!!!!! I just read the comments and Rylee has rocked it and Ayden is there too!!!!!! SUPER STARS and OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!