Saturday, July 30, 2016

All About Ayden: The 2.5 version

Technically, Ayden and Rylee turned 2.5 last month.  I'm just well overdue writing this post!  Ayden, Ayden, Ayden.  This post is all about this handsome little dude of mine.

Ayden has grown a full 2 inches in the last 6 months, so is 37 inches tall and falls in at 75% on the growth chart (a full 10% more than at his 2 year well check up!).  He weighs 34 lbs and is at 88% on the chart.  The doctor didn't seem too concerned at his weight, but did ask if he was eating a balanced diet and asked what type of milk he drinks (2%).  She was pleased that they don't drink a lot of juice (only a couple times/week).  The thing is, this kid doesn't carry a lot of extra fat on him, but he does feel like a ton of bricks when you pick him up!  I guess the best way to describe it is that he's just thick.  He has a cousin that is the same way.

Ayden is wearing size 6 diapers.  We'll be tackling potty training with him in September.  We have a big road trip coming up and we'll be gone for a week.  Between moving and that trip, I decided to wait.  I don't think potty training is going to be an easy fete with him, so why make it harder by throwing a 12 hour (one way) road trip, where we'll be away from home and Daddy for a full 8 days?  We'll wait.

He's in size 3T tops, but is actually starting to wear some 4T.  He has a long torso, so he usually ends up outgrowing his shirts length wise.  He's wearing size 2T bottoms, but is starting to wear some 3T now too.  He's in a size 8 shoe.

Ayden has always been a climber, but he's really starting to become so much more athletic. Just recently he has mastered some of the park playground equipment.  He's really quite impressive actually!  He used to make me soooo nervous just climbing up the steps on playground structures, but now he's taking on the climbing walls successfully!  He's also started climbing trees.

He's so proud of himself!
Something he just started doing a few days ago is hanging from a monkey bar and then dropping to the ground, landing on his feet. He was at least a foot off the ground!  He asked to do it over and over again. He still needed help reaching the bar.  His mommy's good for something, lol!  The kid has no fear, I tell ya.  However, that doesn't mean he doesn't still get into his fair share of predicaments.

He was legitimately stuck in this chair! 
Besides climbing, I'd say Ayden's next favorite activity is pushing his dump truck around everywhere.  He's got a truck inside and another for outside, and he pushes them both everywhere.  This often results in skinned up knees when we are outside, when he gets going too fast and the truck gets away from him, but yet he still continues to do it.  In addition to his dump trucks, he "drives" all his other cars/trucks all over the house, all over the walls and furniture.

Ayden loves to play in water, but he HATES with a passion to get wet from a sprinkler or a shower, sprayed with a hose, or to be splashed.  If he's not getting wet on his terms, then he is not a happy camper.  We are currently taking swim lessons (parent/tot class).  He absolutely loves to go to the pool.  He's very good at climbing both in and out of the pool, but is currently not a fan of jumping in (a change from last summer).  He's good a blowing bubbles and listening to the fishies (ear in the water), but greatly dislikes having his head under water.

He's also a bug kid.  He loves to terrorize ants and beatles by chasing them around and catching them (repeatedly).  The poor bugs don't usually survive (I'm not really sad about that).  He points out all butterflies, flies, and bees, but doesn't actually really get the difference between them unless he's pointing them out in a book.

"Look Mommy!  A bug!"
Ayden is still behind in the communication department.  However, he is definitely improving!  He does talk a lot and has many words, but he doesn't necessarily put a lot of words together for short sentences yet, which he should be by this point.  With that said though, he LOVES to count.  That is how we get him to pick up all his cars and trucks, by counting them as he puts them away.  He randomly will count various things all the time.  He also can recognize and name colors now.  One of the things he says all of the time is "of course."  That is often his answer when you ask him to do something.

Me: "Ayden, it's time to eat breakfast."
Him: "Of course, Mommy."

Me: "Ayden, let's put your shoes on."
Him: "Of course!"

Me: "It's time to put your cars away."
Him: "Of course."

You get the idea.

He has a very soft voice and doesn't talk very loud at all.  He's quite a little cuddle bug and loves to be held and hugged.  He is most definitely a momma's boy, which can be very difficult sometimes.  Hard on me, because I sometimes never get a break.  Hard on daddy, because he wants to be able to comfort him too.  Ayden loves his daddy and will snuggle up with him sometimes, but if he's in a mood at all, I'm the only person he wants.

Speaking of moods....  That is our biggest struggle with Ayden.  He whines.  He whines a lot.  A LOT!!!!  There are days that he spends the majority of the time whining/crying/screaming about something or other for hours.  He is not very good at not getting his way.  If he can't play with something he wants (such as another kid's bike/ball/toy), he throws a major temper tantrum.  We have to make sure he doesn't get too hungry ever, because that's when it gets really bad.  And if he's tired AND hungry, oh milanta.  It's exhausting and it's my biggest struggle as a mother to keep my patience.  I know people could say it's a normal 2 year old thing, but he takes it beyond that normal range.  We are hoping it's a phase.  (Please let it be a phase!)  We are hoping that as he continues to learn how to talk, that the whining will subside.  We constantly try to encourage him to use his words rather than the whining/crying.

Okay, more favorites.  Ayden loves Nemo and Dory, anything with Mickey Mouse and friends, and Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.  His favorite book is Llama Llama Hoppity Hop and What a Wonderful World.  He likes the first because it's action based (jumping, stretching, clapping, etc.) and the second because I sing it to them (and so far they don't hate my singing voice, haha!).  Ayden also really loves hanging out at his grandparent's farm, where they get to see a pig named Peppa, a horse, and several cows.  They love to explore the property, ride on the tractors, and ride the zip line their Grandpa rigged up.

Ayden, the cow whisperer

Even though we sometimes often struggle with Ayden whining and throwing temper tantrums, when he is smiling and having fun, he lights up our world.  He has the best smile and he is so gosh darn cute when he is happy!  It is amazing to watch him learn new things, and especially rewarding when we get to see how proud he is of himself when he accomplishes something.


  1. I love that he's a climber. And that he likes Llama llama books ;) Red Pajama is my favorite book to read to Olivia. I love that you do these updates, because they are going to love reading this when they are older. :)

  2. I agree with Risa, your children are so going to enjoy reading their story when they are grown and you are going to enjoy reading the memories at that point!!!! You enjoy them now which is obvious in person watching the interaction and is obvious in your blog but it will be on such a different level when they are grown up and you are reading your story again!! I just love being able to stay in touch through these blogs and get to know these 2 little people better that have captured my heart!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your love and these beautiful pictures!!!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

  3. Amber, I am seeing my future in this post. Jack is such an active boy - bugs, trucks, climbing...this is our life already! Oh and the whining!! Please help me and let me know how you deal with this. I know communication is part of the problem (Jack is only 16 months and only has about 30 words, so there's a pretty big gap between what he wants and what he can tell me). Love reading these posts!

    1. Wow! Ayden didn't even have 5 words at 18 months, so I'd say Jack is doing great and will be talking in full sentences before you know it! As for how I deal with the whining, I don't. lol At least not very well.